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High Speed photography 101 - Restoring Awesomeness to Art

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http://twitter.com/#!/SmarterYoutube High speed photography isn't quite as difficult as one might think. It may be accomplished simply with a flash and a camera ...


Pennywhistle Productions Artistic Balistic High Speed photography Bullet Photographs HiViz Harold Edgerton Muzzle Flash huge great big long large steep lofty giant flying aerial grand alpine teeny tiny lowly upset little minute small short humble ground low mean down sober soft weak stiff unusual rich sharp strong dear special costly lavish stupid poor calm normal bland mild cheap common serious noble leading chief ruling capital arch grave extreme crucial eminent exalted minor elated excited joyful merry psyched pumped bouncy drunk stoned tipsy doped potted tanked treble acute piping rank loud putrid rancid smelly aloft atop beyond high on high on top of over overhead raised superior upon elevated high-reaching in the clouds montane mountainous rangy snowcapped soaring towering assertive audacious bold brazen certain cocksure collected complacent composed confident cool gung ho gutsy imperturbable overconfident poised positive puffed up pumped up pushy rosy sanguine secure self-assured self-confident self-possessed sure unflappable unhesitating upbeat awkward beefy colossal cumbersome cumbrous enormous gross heavy hefty hulking immense mammoth massive ponderous substantial unhandy unmanageable unwieldy voluminous weighty airy animated blithe bright bucked buoyant cheery chipper chirpy contented effervescent enlivening enthusiastic full of pep gay glad gladsome good-humored good-natured hearty hilarious hopeful in good spirits in high spirits jaunty jocund jolly lighthearted lively optimistic peppy perky pleasant roseate snappy sparkling sprightly sunny sunny side up vivacious winsome zappy zingy zippy bet on brave convinced counting on courageous dauntless depending on expectant expecting fearless having faith in intrepid presuming presumptuous racked satisfied self-reliant self-sufficient trusting unafraid undaunted uppity valiant above assured bulky cheerful agility pace lick clip headway snap hustle gait hurry rush rustle breeze haste steam urgency apathy delay rest fly advance promote run help ride zoom further hasten boost quicken urge assist bomb gallop tear spring flash impel career race whiz sail aid barrel belt gear up go fast walk retard slow cease block hinder prevent halt stop hurt check accelerate achieve bring forward come forward conquer continue ahead continue on dispatch drive elevate forge ahead gain ground get ahead get green light get there get with it go ahead go forth go forward go great guns go places go to town launch make headway make the scene march move on move onward move up press on proceed progress propel push ahead push on send forward skyrocket speed step forward storm alertness avidity briskness cheerfulness eagerness enthusiasm expedition fervor gaiety hilarity joyousness promptitude quickness readiness sprightliness willingness zeal STP analeptic benny crank crystal dexy pep pill stimulant tab upper alacrity expeditiousness fleetness legerity promptness rapidity speediness swiftness velocity vivacity bird-dog charge chivy course drive away expel follow go after hound hunt run down seek shag take off after track track down trail chase dart dash gush pursue scamper scoot scurry stream surge tumble amphetamine celerity Speed design arts beaux arts ceramics drawing graphic arts painting photography sculpture visual arts Photography 101 10-1 repair recover rescue rebuild revive renovate replace build up renew improve retouch revivify recall heal refresh update redeem cure mend touch up reimpose reerect win back ruin harm hurt kill break return abating allaying alleviating analeptic assuaging consolatory consoling curing encouraging freeing health-giving heart-warming inspiriting invigorating lightening mitigating reassuring refreshing relieving remedying restoring revitalizing revivifying softening solacing soothing succoring sustaining tranquilizing upholding warming acceptable agreeable comforting congenial delectable delicious delightful desirable favorable good gratifying pleasant pleasurable pleasureful rejuvenating renewing restful restorative satisfactory satisfying welcome bracing cooling different energizing exhilarating fresh novel original stimulating thirst-quenching unique acknowledgment answer appearance arrival coming entrance entry homecoming occurrence reaction reappearance rebound recoil recoiling recompense recompensing recovery recrudescence recurrence reestablishment reinstatement rejoinder reoccurrence replacement repossession restitution restoration retreat reversion revisitation answering bringing back giving back repayment replying responding absolve clarify clean clear depurgate disinfect expurgate launder lustrate purge purify refine restore rinse sanitize scour scrub sterilize grateful returning cleanse awesomeness Awesomeness craft mastery trade knack method lack science want unskill guile deceit design painting molding portrayal imitation carving modeling shaping sculpting sketching ability achievement act art attainment bringing about capability carrying out completion conclusion consummation coup deed effecting effort execution exploit feat finish fulfillment performance production proficiency realization skill stroke talent triumph business career day gig dodge employment gig handicraft hang life's work lifework line metier mission métier nine-to-five occupation play province pursuit racket rat race slot swindle vocation walk of life work artwork oil picture piece portrait still life watercolor adequacy aptitude capacity competence cunning effectiveness efficacy efficiency facility faculty means might potency potential potentiality power qualification qualifiedness wherewithal adeptness adroitness artistry cleverness dexterity expertness ingenuity know-how technique artfulness artifice cageyness canniness contrivance craftiness disingenuity duplicity foxiness ruse shrewdness slyness stratagem strategy subterfuge subtlety trickery wiles wiliness accomplishment calling canvas Art aight okay sure yes cool sweet awesome straight coo sounds good for sure right on frank zappa drawing beautiful unique trash paint music poetry dance theatre creation concept visual fine art briggsy turder prize crayola pretentious arse piece penny whistle Penny whistles Pennywhistle blowjob blumpkin fellatio defecation shit nob willy wang norman whistle bearing creation assembly giving return yielding making staging ruin taking ability achievement act art attainment bringing about capability carrying out completion conclusion consummation coup deed effecting effort execution exploit feat finish fulfillment performance production proficiency realization skill stroke talent triumph accomplishment acquirement acquisition actualization conquest contrivance effectuation enactment encompassment hit masterpiece success tour de force victory assiduity augmenting continuance continuing continuity duration endurance enduring extension furtherance going on increase increasing line maintaining perpetuating perpetuation persisting postscript preservation preserving producing prolongation prolonging propagation protracting protraction sequel succession supplement sustaining sustenance tenacity conception constitution establishment formation formulation foundation generation genesis imagination inception institution laying down nascency nativity origination procreation setting up siring brainchild chef-d'oeuvre concept handiwork magnum opus opus piece pièce de résistance work work of genius Broadway boards climax comedy dramatic art dramatization dramaturgy farce footlights histrionic art melodrama play scene show show business showmanship stage show stagecraft tear-jerker theater theatricals thespian art tragedy vehicle continuation drama fine grand ideal poetic ugly artful arty crafty gifted artistic creative gorgeous inventive adorning advancing beautifying beneficial broadening civilizing constructive corrective developmental dignifying disciplining edifying educative elevating ennobling enriching expanding glorifying helpful humane humanizing influential inspirational instructive learned liberal liberalizing nurturing ornamenting polishing promoting raising refined refining regenerative socializing stimulating uplifting widening affected appropriate apt aristocratic august chic choice classic clever comely courtly cultivated cultured dainty delicate dignified effective exquisite fancy fashionable genteel graceful handsome ingenious luxurious majestic modish neat nice noble opulent ornamented ornate ostentatious overdone polished rare recherché rich select simple stately stuffy stylish stylized sumptuous superior turgid well-bred alive allusive articulate brilliant colorful demonstrative dramatic eloquent emphatic energetic forcible graphic indicative lively masterly meaningful mobile moving passionate pathetic pictorial picturesque poignant pointed pregnant representative responsive revelatory showy significant silver-tongued spirited stirring striking strong suggestive sympathetic tender thoughtful touching understanding vivid warm adroit aesthetic balletic beautiful becoming controlled curvaceous decorative dexterous easy elastic elegant fair flowing harmonious limber lissome lithe natural nimble pleasing pliant poised practiced pretty rhythmic seemly shapely skilled slender smooth springy statuesque supple symmetrical tasteful trim willowy avant-garde blue-sky brain wave breaking ground dreamy enterprising extravagant fanciful fantastic fertile fictive high-flown inspired offbeat original originative pie-in-the-sky poetical productive quixotic romantic utopian visionary way out whimsical cultural expressive imaginative ball shot slug round cap bolt lead dose ammo armament bomb buckshot bullet cannonball cartridge charge chemical confetti explosive fuse grenade gunpowder iron rations materiel missile munition napalm powder rocket shell shrapnel torpedo accelerate barrel be quick beeline bestir breeze burst bustle dash dig in drive expedite fleet flit fly get a move on go like lightning goad haste hasten hurry up hustle jog lose no time make haste make short work of make time make tracks nip push quicken race rip roll run rush sally scoot scurry shake a leg smoke speed speed up spur step on gas step on it turn on steam urge whirl whish whisk whiz zip ammunition arrow bat bird dart pellet projectile stealth trajectile discharge load lob throw flick flutter hurry shoot sweep tear whip wipe Bullet bullets image print shot mug slide snap blowup photo pic pix Kodak pinup shoot capture picture turn get lens record film copy roll take X-ray fail lose Photostat Xerox archetype carbon carbon copy cast clone counterfeit counterpart ditto ectype effigy ersatz facsimile forgery hard copy impersonation impression imprint likeness microfiche mimeograph miniature mirror model offprint parallel pattern photocopy photograph portrait reflection replica replication representation reprint reproduction rubbings similarity simulacrum simulation study tracing transcript transcription type put in the can adornment cartoon decoration depiction design engraving etching figure frontispiece halftone line drawing painting plate sketch snapshot tailpiece vignette angel appearance carved figure chip off old block dead ringer double drawing equal equivalent form icon idol illustration match similitude simulacre spitting image statue mural outlook panorama prospect scene scenery view vista affinity agreement alikeness analogousness analogy comparableness comparison conformity delineation equality equivalence guise identicalness identity knock-off lookalike parallelism resemblance sameness semblance simile uniformity landscape Photograph Harold harold Harolds Harold... leader round thoughtful insightful godly king army leader chief big kohuna master deep wow dramatic exciting nasty awesome cute sweet harld snowglobes hareld haroldd hard wrap gag cage stifle censor choke muffle stop squash shush cork hush curb still check ice dry up aid allow free help bill mandible muzzle neb nib nozzle pecker proboscis projection prow snout adhere attach bandage border chain cinch clamp connect constrict cover dress edge encase enchain enfetter fetter finish fix fold furl glue hamper handcuff hem hitch hitch on hobble hook on hook up lace lap lash leash manacle moor paste peg down pin pin down pinion put together restrain restrict rope shackle stick strap swathe tack on tether tie tie up trammel trim truss unite yoke abstain bit bottle up box in bridle bring to screeching halt clog constrain contain control cook cool down cool off deny entrammel hinder hog-tie hold back hold down hold in impede inhibit keep lid on keep tight rein on moderate refrain rein in retard scrub send up subdue suppress tame withhold dummy up hold one's tongue hush up mute put the lid on quash say nothing shut up sit on soft-pedal squelch attenuate batter blunt damage debilitate disarm disenable disqualify enervate enfeeble exhaust hamstring handicap harm hock hogtie hurt immobilize impair incapacitate invalidate kibosh knock out maim mangle mar mutilate paralyze prostrate put out of action render incapable ruin sabotage sap shatter shoot down spoil take out throw monkey wrench in total unbrace undermine unfit unstrengthen weaken wreck balk cork up deaden demur garrote keep the lid on obstruct quiet repress shut down shy stumble tape up throttle tongue-tie beak bind debrief disable Muzzle glare beam burst flare gleam sparkle flame blaze glimmer glint spark ray glitter vision glow streak shine dazzle quiver glisten stream twinkle imprint impulse glance luster dullness darkness show jiffy shake trice splash swank sign display hiding blink light slow walk dull fly flit zoom dart dash race bolt hide pause cover Mayday SOS alert bell blast buzzer call caution clock cry drum flap flash forewarning gong high sign horn nod scramble scream shout signal siren squeal tip tip off tocsin trumpet warning whistle wink yell catch consider contemplate descry discern distinguish earmark eye eyeball feast one's eyes lay eyes on note notice observe perceive regard scan see spot spy survey view watch witness bent bigotry chauvinism disposition favoritism head-set illiberality inclination intolerance leaning mind trip mind-set narrowmindedness one-sidedness penchant preconception predilection predisposition preference prejudice prepossession proclivity proneness propensity spin standpoint tendency tilt turn unfairness viewpoint eruption flare-up fury outbreak outburst rush storm burst out coruscate explode fire flicker fulgurate illuminate illumine incandesce jet radiate scintillate shimmer bat flutter nictate nictitate squint alarm behold bias Flash
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