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Hilary Knight on women’s team boycott ‘USA Hockey didn’t take us seriously

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On Wednesday morning, members of the USA women’s national hockey team made a splash when they announced that they would not be participating in the 2017 World Championships later this month unless they received “equitable support” from USA Hockey.Considering the 2017 Worlds tournament is being hosted by the United States (in Michigan) and the American team has made the gold medal game every year since the competition’s inaugural event in 1990, that’s a pretty big deal for women’s hockey.For the national squad to come together and agree to sit out their biggest competitive event on the calendar this year, the relationship between the team and the program had to be seriously strained.In their uniform statement released to the public on Wednesday, the women’s team asks for “fair treatment from USA Hockey” in areas such as compensation, equipment, youth team development, travel expenses and accommodations, and more.After that announcement, FOX Sports spoke to Hilary Knight, two-time Olympic silver medalist and one of the more notable and outspoken American stars on the current roster, to get her extended thoughts on the situation and where they’ll go from here.How long has this been seen as an issue for your group? Was there a tipping point or was it a gradual frustration that just finally hit this point?These issues have been talked about for probably over 10 years now. The former players tried to do something about it before but came up to a couple of roadblocks. Now, we’ve assembled a group that’s unified enough to carry on for what we’re asking for, which is equitable support.We tried to negotiate this out for the last 14 months and USA Hockey didn’t take us seriously. Recently, especially, we haven’t made any progress in our negotiations so we’re putting our foot down.The World Championship is on home soil and it means a lot to the players and the organization. They need to come up with a suitable solution for both of us.Considering this year’s event is being held in the U.S., you’re reigning champs and the women’s team has never not been in the final, was that looked at as a little bit of extra leverage?We’re hoping so. They responded earlier saying they’re going to put together a team anyways and how much they paid us and stuff. I think their response was a bit inaccurate and dishonest, at best. We’ll see what happens. I’m hoping we can make strides and change the sport for us but also the future generations.But definitely [sitting out] a world event here at home, as the No. 1 seed, is a pretty big statement. I think that speaks volumes to our group — how passionate we are, how strong we’re going to stand. We trained for this event. For us to say “this is a great opportunity — we’re competing on a world stage, we prepared for this, but we might not be playing in this because of the way we’ve been treated” – it just speaks volumes to what we’re trying to accomplish.When did the boycott become a legitimate possibility and how hard of a decision was that to make?Last week, to be honest. We were hoping it wouldn’t come down to that. USA Hockey did not want to make any advances on progressing our negotiations and taking us seriously, so unfortunately it came down to this.We announced this publicly [Wednesday] but we were talking it over for a long time internally. We asked what if it did come down to this, are we willing to hold out from World Championships? Are we willing to hold out from other world tournaments? The answer was yes, and unanimously.As one of the more high-profile female athletes in the program, how much has the wage issue been a burden for you personally? And where do you think it would need to get to for a solution?#HilaryKnight #wcw #TeamUSA #LenaDunham #WomanCrushWednesday #WheresWallace #USAwomenshockey #USAHockey #USA #sexy #Olympics


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