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Holly Holm loses inaugural UFC women's featherweight title fight after dubious non-call by ref

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Referee Todd Anderson’s controversial decision not to take a point from Germaine de Randamie during her bout Saturday at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn against Holly Holm led directly to the Dutch woman capturing the first women’s featherweight title in the main event of UFC 208.Tags:UFC 208 live updates from the Barclays Centre as Holly Holm faces ...UFC 208 results: Germaine de Randamie beats Holly Holm in foul Twitter reacts to Germaine de Randamie's title-winning victory over ...UFC 208 results: Germaine de Randamie tops Holly Holm to win UFC ...A Controversial Night For Holly Holm And Anderson Silva At UFC 208UFC 208 Holly Holm vs Germaine de Randamie: Live updates, results ...UFC 208: Germaine de Randamie defeats Holly Holm in controversial ..UFC 208 Holly Holm vs Germaine de Randamie LIVE: Latest from the ..UFC 208 results: Germaine de Randamie beats Holly Holm by ... Holly Holm vs. Germaine De Randamie live round-by-round coverage ...Holly Holm vs. Germaine De Randamie live round-by-round coverage UFC 208 fight card primer: Holly Holm vs. Germaine de Randamie Holly Holm vs. Germaine de Randamie | Weigh-In | UFC ON FOX ... UFC 208 results: Every fight from New York card as Holly Holm faces .UFC 208 Holly Holm Vs. Germaine De Randamie Live: Results ... Holly Holm vs. Germaine de Randamie Full Fight « Fullmmavideos Germaine de Randamie stops Holly Holm as boos fill Barclays | New ...UFC 208 results: Germaine de Randamie def. Holly Holm | SI.com UFC 208: Germaine de Randamie beats Holly Holm, while Anderson ...UFC 208 Results: Germaine de Randamie defeats Holly Holm ... Holly Holm vs Germaine de Randamie Full Fight UFC 208 Part 2 MMA ..UFC 208 Results: Holly Holm vs. Germaine de Randamie | Heavy.com Germaine De Randamie edges Holly Holm to become UFC's ...


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