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Hoover crime rate

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barbarity horror inhumanity monstrosity savagery good behavior pleasantry burglary break-in breaking and entering heist housebreaking larceny owl job pilferage prowl robbery safecracking second-story work sting theft thieving carnage annihilation blitz blood blood and guts blood bath bloodshed butchery extermination gore havoc hecatomb holocaust homicide killing liquidation manslaughter mass murder murder offing rapine search and destroy shambles slaughter taking out warfare wasting peace Crime Grade Digger C.R.I.M.E. amount estimate percentage quota standard comparison degree progression relation relationship relative scale weight whole figure price tax cost toll tariff duty hire charge tab allowance valuation dues quotation price tag pace flow time dash tread clip gallop tempo gait motion hop measure velocity spurt movement inaction count appraise consider grade evaluate regard rank assess score determine peg deem calculate fix assay reckon valuate tag apprise value admire pigeonhole 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