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How often do YOU wash your towels?

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How often do YOU wash your towels?Scientist reveals the stomach-churning reasons you need to clean them after three uses Towels are normally a key part of ...


according to what after what precedent by means of by virtue of what by what means by what method by whose help from what source through what agency through what medium to what degree whence whereby wherewith by which how through which at which point in what respect where cause motive mystery proof wherein why H.O.W. 'how' How HOW what when hot mom milf woman older fat cow heffer howw hoow hell hooww howe church temple synagogue mosque house of worship generally much regularly repeatedly usually oftentimes ofttimes a number of times again and again many a time over and over recurrently time after time time and again infrequently rarely seldom circadian common commonplace constantly cyclic day after day day by day day-to-day diurnal everyday from day to day often once a day once daily ordinary per diem periodic quotidian regular routine as a rule at regular intervals at short intervals at times by ordinary customarily every now and then habitually in many instances in quick succession intermittently many times not infrequently not seldom oft ordinarily periodically spasmodically successively thick and fast very often above all almost entirely chiefly essentially for the most part frequently largely most often on the whole overall particularly predominantly primarily principally a great deal considerably decidedly eminently exceedingly exceptionally extremely highly hugely indeed notably surpassingly time and time again very again as is the custom as is usual as usual by and large commonly consistently in the main mainly more often than not mostly naturally normally now and again now and then occasionally once and again per usual sometimes typically daily at night rare different uncommon irregular nocturnal nightly infrequent extraordinary unusual abnormal variable not much uncommonly little never routinely Often [often grammar pronunciation adverb ferequency] adverbs frequency come here often hello potato You you yous bear wildfire forest fire trees smokey urbandictionary urban dictionary web surfing sex more than one many lot plural her cleaning shampoo washing ablution bathe cleansing rinse scrub shower dirty clothes collision cross-purposes dead heat deadlock even money showdown standoff wash dip douche gargle scrubbing soak soaking soaping sponging tub buff clean paint polish sweep whisk wipe absterge bath blot brush cauterize clarify cleanse clear the decks clear up deodorize depurate deterge disinfect do up dredge dust edulcorate elutriate erase expunge expurgate flush hackle launder lave mop neaten pick pick up purge purify rake rasp refine rout out sanitize scald scour scrape shake out soap sponge spruce up sterilize straighten up swab tidy up vacuum winnow undulation rush swell flow surge eddy gush murmur swirl spurt heave roll lapping swishing ebb and flow layer coat overlay coating stain film suffusion drench moisten hose float douse wet shine bubble immerse lap slosh imbue brush up wash up starch clean up do the dishes do the laundry fresh up freshen up take a bath take a shower dirty ignore dehydrate dry stick convince endure carry weight hold up be acceptable be plausible be reasonable bear scrutiny hold water stand up Mexican standoff brushed spend soil foul defile adulterate ruin pollute corrupt worsen cleaned Wash a wash call it a wash draw cancel wack trashy beat up ugly washed burn dvd copy piracy pirate trailers fawning kiss-ass sucky ingratiating grovelling wasteman hot gigs sn1 your Your YOUR you'r misspelling you're noob you are lazy there their they are grammar grammar nazi idiot retard spelling nazi asshat fucktard asshole sponge squeegee swab sweeper absorb liquid duster anhydrate bake blot concentrate condense dehumidify dehydrate deplete desiccate drain empty evaporate exhaust exsiccate freeze-dry harden kiln mummify parch scorch sear shrivel soak up stale torrefy towel wilt wipe wither wizen cloth doily moist towelette serviette clean clean off clear dry dust erase mop obliterate remove rub take away wash napkin dirty expand dampen fill water moisten grow wet soak bloom
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