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How to organize, add and multiply matrices - Bill Shillito

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View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/how-to-organize-add-and-multiply-matrices-bill-shillito When you're working on a problem with lots of numbers, as in ...


matrix \The Matrix\ matrices \multiply matrices\ \add math mathematics \subtract \divide \Bill Shillito\ TED-Ed \TED Ed\ TEDEducation \The Leading Sheep Studios\ \David Bernal\ whereby whence wherewith cause how motive mystery proof by which through which at which point in what respect where why wherein H.O.W. 'how' HOW How run form set up create regulate fashion frame shape mold tabulate compose group fit codify dispose adjust combine adapt classify tailor range settle marshal line up see to ruin mix up break upset unfit differ move accord allocate arrange clarify conclude conform coordinate doctor fiddle with fine-tune fix up grade methodize modify organize reconcile sort standardize straighten systematize tally align array class clear the decks file police police up position put in good shape put in order put to rights rank spruce spruce up tidy whip into shape agree to blueprint chart come to terms compromise concert construct contrive decide design determine devise direct draft establish get act together get ready hammer out a deal harmonize iron out lay out make a connection make ready manage map out negotiate prepare project promote provide pull a wire pull things together quarterback resolve schedule scheme set stage shape up work out work out a deal display exhibit parade set show bespeak bill charter engage enroll enter hire make reservation order pencil in preengage procure program reserve sew up accumulate amalgamate assemble compact concenter condense consolidate converge focus gather incorporate integrate rationalize streamline unify book centralize Organize count sum tally tot tote cast total guess deduct lessen reduce remove reply boost annex hike affix tag pad spike ante parlay append cue in run up halt add appear with be connected belong to characterize co-occur coexist coincide with come with complete follow go together happen with join with occur with supplement take place with combine connect couple interconnect join link unite bind fasten glue hitch on paste put on rivet slap on subjoin tack tack on tag on augment beef up build up deepen develop elaborate enlarge exaggerate expand expatiate extend flesh out heighten hike up inflate intensify jack up lengthen magnify pyramid raise soup up strengthen stretch swell widen adhere fix hitch up hook on hook up latch onto make fast prefix secure stick tie ADHD hyperactiveness hyperactivity short attention span accompany adjoin amplify attach ADD A.D.D dyslexia autism asperger&39;s syndrome math asperger&39;s behavior personality disorder also moreover additionally again along along with and as well as well as besides conjointly further furthermore in conjunction with in like manner including likewise more more than that on top of over and above plus still to boot together with too withal added aggrandized amassed another augmented bounteous deeper else enhanced exceeding expanded extended extra farther fresh heavier higher in addition increased innumerable larger major massed new numerous other spare supplementary too many wider And? AND breed boost cube raise mount rise add hide slump lower drop fall break the bank develop elevate enlarge get fat get rich grade grow hit pay dirt hit the jackpot improve magnify make a killing make out multiply pan out prefer prosper strike gold strike it rich thrive upgrade uplift acclaim applaud augment beef up commend dignify distinguish ennoble expand extend glorify heighten hike hike up honor hype increase intensify jack up jump parlay praise add to aggrandize amplify build build up compound enhance inflate pad piggyback progress reinforce strengthen sweeten swell tag on afford bring bring about cause effect engender father generate get give rise to occasion procreate produce progenerate propagate reproduce result in sire put up diverge diversify divide fork part proliferate ramify separate spread out advance beget branch off form cast grid forge model mold womb result effect end brand dent depression dint fingerprint footprint hollow impress imprint indentation mark matrix outline pattern print sign spoor stamp stamping trace track vestige cavity character class description design die frame image impression kind lot nature shape sort type Matrix note debt check statement knock invoice IOU damage chit score tab reckoning bad news coin program card agenda notice placard poster roster handout leaflet flyer listing affiche act draft buck dollar skin nib neb render figure reckon record debit solicit chase dun bone announce post book balance bill books charge computation cuff grunt inventory ledger register report tally amendment announcement clause code commitment decree edict enactment judgment law measure order ordinance resolution statute subpoena summons verdict warrant writ acquaint advance advise apprise ballyhoo beat the drum for blazon boost build up circularize communicate declare disclose display divulge drum endorse exhibit expose flaunt get on soapbox for hard sell herald hype inform make a pitch make known notify pitch plug press agent proclaim promote promulgate puff push put on the map reveal show soft sell splash sponsor spot tout uncover unmask blurb broadcast circular classified ad commercial communication declaration endorsement exhibition literature notification proclamation promotion promulgation propaganda publication publicity squib throwaway want ad addendum adjunct alteration attachment clarification codicil modification motion revision rider suggestion supplement mandible muzzle nozzle pecker proboscis projection prow snout account advertise advertisement beak Bill bills balla sexy strong tough hot sports eyes peacemaker go to guy awesome humor non-judgmental bil dollars ben 100 a hundred hundred a bill two bills three bills 1 bill 2 bills 3 bills phill still Shillito form cast grid forge model mold womb result effect end brand dent depression dint fingerprint footprint hollow impress imprint indentation mark matrix outline pattern print sign spoor stamp stamping trace track vestige cavity character class description design die frame image impression kind lot nature shape sort type Matrix boy guy sir son gent Mr. girl beau papa swain uncle woman brother father fellow gentleman grandfather husband boyfriend nephew spouse male man analytical scientific measurable numerical algebraic division addition calculus geometry algebra figures numbers decrease reduction algorithmic arithmetical computative geometrical math trigonometric calculation multiplication subtraction trigonometry mathematical mathematics Math easy hard time wasting rape die math algebra figures numbers decrease reduction general education history language liberal studies literature mathematics philosophy science trivium and quadrivium liberal arts Mathematics top main noted best arch first least extra minor last low final beforehand earlier early foremost forward in front in the forefront in the lead leading previously prior avant-garde breakthrough cutting-edge excellent exceptional extreme higher late leading-edge liberal precocious progressive radical state-of-the-art unconventional advanced advancing ahead along ante antecedently at an advantage at the head before fore forwards in the foreground onward onwards precedent precedently preceding previous progressing to the fore accomplished champion chief consummate expert finished greatest head highest major master preeminent premier primary outstanding red-letter A-1 ace bad beyond compare boss capital choicest cool culminating finest first-class first-rate incomparable inimitable matchless nonpareil number 1 optimum out-of-sight paramount peerless perfect premium prime primo principal sans pareil second to none super superlative supreme terrific tops tough transcendent unequaled unparalleled unrivaled unsurpassed advance banner Leading gloom vapor darkness fog smoke puff smog mist veil steam pother murk frost overcast smother scud haze nebula billow dimness rack film brume haziness pea soup woolpack light follower bourgeois yes man emulator Babbit fowl herd swine cattle flock horses beasts hogs pigs cows fact guide lead doyen flunky lackey minion pawn puppet stooge toady doormat fawner fogginess mare's tail nebulosity obscurity ol' buttermilk sky sheep thunderhead brick in a wall conventionalist one of the herd rubber stamp traditionalist animals domestic farm animals livestock forerunner apple-polisher ass-kisser assenter bootlicker brownnose camp follower flatterer groveler kowtower sycophant underling cloud conformist stock bellwether
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