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How We Got Here | Scott Pruitt, Anti-Environmental EPA Administrator | January 2017

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according to what after what precedent by means of by virtue of what by what means by what method by whose help from what source through what agency through what medium to what degree whence whereby wherewith by which how through which wherein at which point in what respect where why cause motive mystery proof we did it joe H.O.W. 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delight mollify appease aid göt we did it joe got gots Göt GOT attendant attending hither present available hereabouts hitherto in this direction on board on deck on hand on this spot on-the-spot within reach there herein here in this in view of this included within close toward this aforementioned already stated previously mentioned that the indicated the present Here we did it joe scoot scout scatty scat sector scooter sect sickout sort cot escort skit sot socket scoots scour scouts sooty ascot scatter scotch scutter snotty spotty surcoat cost coat cote scow soot scob slot soft spot scad scud scant scats scold sock to sack out suck to sur coat Scott we did it joe purity parity pretty purist putt fruity prat print bruit fruit prate pride pried prude pirouette proud pursuit pity puritan putty pit prior to put rut pray to priest profit pout purest riot rite writ per unit sprite put to pour out writ to pro fit Pruitt we did it joe pruitt adverse gloomy pessimistic unfavorable weak 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embittered hard inhospitable malevolent malicious malignant militant nasty ornery pugnacious rancorous scrappy sour surly unfriendly unkind unpropitious unsociable viperous virulent vitriolic warlike disapproving ill-disposed oppugnant unwelcoming nice pleasant resentful inconsistent reverse converse antipodal diametric discrepant incongruous polar antipodean paradoxical agin antithetic negating no go reconcilable consistent confirming same equal reconciled agreeing consonant harmonious contradictory discordant nonconformist refractory dissident contumacious froward headstrong insubordinate intractable nonconforming obstinate perverse rebellious recalcitrant restive stubborn unruly wayward wrongheaded contrariant correspondent concordant obliging like homogeneous alike accommodating conforming contrasting obverse impeding hindering corroborating concurring corresponding gentle sympathetic warm hot welcoming wonderful helpful hospitable competitor candidate foe player challenger 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it joe EPA authority bureaucrat chief commander controller custodian dean director executive head inspector judge leader manager minister officer official organizer superintendent supervisor CEO president ambassador boss captain chair chairperson consul exec governor mayor overseer premier producer front office head honcho head person person upstairs prez employee follower worker administrant administrator bishop abba angel archer berretta cap cleric coadjutor diocesan metropolitan miter mitre patriarch pontiff pope prelate priest primate suffragan big cheese big gun big person chieftain dominator employer foreperson helmer honcho owner person in charge taskperson top dog wheel bosses civil servant desk-jockey functionary office-holder pencil-pusher politician public servant chairman chairwoman introducer moderator monitor presider principal prolocutor speaker spokesman toastmaster Administrator we did it joe canary annuary laniary jaunty jury quinary granary gantry binary canard denary manure penury senary quandary canonry gingery gunnery bi nary de nary January we did it joe 2017 we did it joe
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