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I am the Very Model of an Ex-Lieutenant General - John Lithgow's Satire of Michael Flynn

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affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense histrionical the Pseudocoup The actual appropriate authentic bare bona fide correct especial express genuine ideal identical indubitable mere model perfect plain precise pure right same selfsame sheer simple special sure-enough true undoubted unqualified unquestionable veritable very same inexact decidedly particularly absolutely awfully profoundly excessively remarkably certainly deeply wonderfully pretty incredibly eminently uncommonly truly highly extremely extraordinarily terribly exceedingly greatly unusually acutely amply considerably dearly emphatically extensively largely notably positively powerfully substantially vastly surprisingly noticeably astonishingly exaggeratedly indispensably pressingly prodigiously superlatively surpassingly indefinite 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commode can W.C. potty garderobe pot johnny sandbox litter box john John Pseudocoup litigious litheness lethargies liturgies logos lathes lethes lieges lithic laths lathers lighthouse loathes loges luges thugs liquors lanugos like is like so lodges lotharios looks longs lungs leathers lagers ledges thicks warthogs let hook like this log house banter caricature irony mockery parody sarcasm skit spoof wit burlesque lampoon pasquinade persiflage put-on raillery squib takeoff travesty witticism causticity lampoonery play-on send-up seriousness burly farce mock pastiche peep show revue satire strip vaudeville cartoon distortion imitation libel mimicry ridicule sham solemnity flattery praise animation comic strip drawing representation sketch comedy ball camp comic drama comicality comicalness drollery drollness facetiousness field day fun fun and games funnies funniness gag show high camp high time hilarity hoopla humor humorousness interlude jesting joking light entertainment 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marl much mingle morale moocher misshape much as shale churl mucho music hall shawl richly mach mall maul macule middle mizzle myel marcher chill macho shall mess hall mis shape Michael Pseudocoup flan fling flown felon fly flung flunk flying felony fallen feline filing fillin flank flans flyer fly by fall in fall on fell in fell on fill in Flynn Pseudocoup flynn
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