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I can't breathe I cant breathe can't cant Cant Can't cants cannot unable inability incapable commbank commonwealth bank andy lark what is can't mental block shouldn't charlie sheen winning bi-winning happen just do it nike cunt cool cat impossible can'ts breathing gasp animation eupnea exhalation expiration gulp inhalation inspiration insufflation pant wheeze blast breath breeze draft heavens ozone puff sky stratosphere troposphere ventilation waft whiff wind zephyr breather breathing room breathing spell breathing time air airflow current flurry gust emanation vapor actuality being continuance continuation duration endurance entity essence hand one is dealt individuality journey lifing permanence perseverance presence rat race real world reality something subsistence survival the big game world ardor backbone boldness bounce brio character complexion courage dash dauntlessness disposition earnestness energy enterprise enthusiasm esprit fire force frame of mind gameness grit guts heart sigh smell odor aroma flutter flatus faint breeze blow pause instant second rest moment breathing space ten streak murmur trace whisper undertone suspicion shade touch soupçon lot information existence end death abstract ginger timidity dullness powerlessness indifference coolness coldness apathy lethargy inactivity idleness weakness fear cowardice Breath breathe uneducated grammar spelling cigarette toke loosey british hipster bad good scary life living throat fart stank breth dental denial minty chill calm chillax smelly mank jank the look htc HTC phone winmo microsoft mobile android thc weed mary jane lol happy cock sex party guy hunting predator vs. prey hunt that cunt dick slayer hard to get bros love sluts slut cut earth gravel lava metal rubble slab bedrock boulder cobblestone crag crust lodge mass mineral ore pebble promontory quarry reef shelf slag beat churn concuss convulse disturb rock rouse stir toss breastwork bulwark citadel defense fortification fortress mainstay parapet prop protection stronghold support tower of strength balloon belly bloat bounce bulge ebb and flow heave pitch puff up ripple rise and fall rise up roll swell undulate wave strength cornerstone anchor Rock of Gibraltar shake shock jolt swing sway billow quiver move agitate jiggle quake jounce wobble lurch vibrate falter totter tremble jog quaver reel oscillate stagger careen push and pull roll about hold steady stay stabilize calm remain tranquilize soothe quiet lull agitating bastion weakness weak spot shrink billowed billowing Rock rocks friend awesome naynee cool wheels guy seduce girl fail loser not working ascend clamber go up mount rise scale soar top escalade escalate ape up decline decrease descend drop fall lower slump dismount go down retreat aggressive anxious ardent aspiring avid ball of fire bent upon climbing come on come on strong designing desirous determined driving eager eager beaver earnest energetic enterprising enthusiastic fireball get up and go go-getter goal-oriented hard ball high-reaching hopeful hungry industrious inspired intent longing power-loving purposeful pushing pushy resourceful self-starting sharp soaring striving thirsty vaulting zealous ascent escalating flying mounting rising scaling towering ascendance ascending ascension clambering climb lift spring take off clinging growing along the ground horizontal procumbent prostrate recumbent reptant reptilian serpentine spreading stoloniferous trailing vermicular vinelike alpinism bouldering mountaineering rock climbing advancing changing evolving going jumping motile movable nomadic portable progressing roaming roving running shifting traversing unfixed unstable unsteadfast unsteady walking ambitious easy unenthusiastic facile unassuming satisfied fulfilled content lethargic declension lowering descent creeping upright standing vertical mountain climbing moving fixed stationary permanent immobile unmoving unexciting unemotional Climbing rocks trad leading rope ropes extreme sports basic constructive essential fundamental implicit implied in all but name in conduct in effect in practice indirect potential practical pragmatic tacit unacknowledged actual authentic real computerized electronic high-tech mechanized robotic virtual accurate certain complete constant contained definite entire firm fixed full implicative inarticulate inevitable inferential inferred latent steadfast taken for granted total undeclared understood unexpressed unhesitating unqualified unquestioned unreserved unsaid unshakable unspoken unuttered wholehearted wordless applied both feet on the ground businesslike commonsensical doable down-to-earth efficient empirical experimental factual feasible functional handy hard-boiled in action in operation matter-of-fact nuts and bolts operative orderly possible practicable rational reasonable sane sensible serviceable sober solid sound systematic unidealistic unromantic usable utile utilitarian workable workaday working apparent apparently fake mock near nominal partly pretended pseudo- seeming seemingly semi- sham so-called supposedly synthetic would-be cyber by hand analog manual physical specific explicit stated untrustworthy disloyal expressed unfinished needy incomplete irresolute indefinite changeable more practical untrained unproficient unserviceable unworkable unattainable impossible unreasonable unskilled unseasoned inexperienced incapable worthless useless unlikely unfeasible impractical excited inefficient unsound unrealistic irrational quasi whole Virtuals Virtual pen-pals friends relationship networking social games gamez game gam kilat existence matter phenomenon real world realism sensibility truth absoluteness actuality authenticity being certainty concreteness corporeality deed entity genuineness materiality object palpability perceptibility presence realness solidity substance substantiality substantive tangibility validity verisimilitude verity bottom line brass tacks how things are like it is name of the game nuts and bolts way of it abstract concept falseness idea belief fantasy hypothesis imagination theory achievement actualization attainment fact materialization reality straight stuff what it is animation journey life living subsistence vitality world basis conclusion core crux determination essence fiber final decision fundamentals income key point last word loss main idea main point main thing meat and potatoes net nitty-gritty point profit sum and substance whole story consequence foregone conclusion inevitable result sure thing surety accomplishment act action adventure ballgame big idea bit byplay cause commission crusade enterprise exploit feat follow through game performance plan quest securing stunt thing tour de force winning failure lie forfeit inanimate deadness questionableness uncertainty hesitation doubt ambiguity rest stoppage repose idleness cessation inertia inactivity inaction deeds Reality real life shit bullshit retarded crap henry drugs alcohol hallucination bold disposed dogged eager gallant hardy heroic inclined interested persevering prepared ready spirited courageous dauntless desirous fearless intrepid nervy persistent plucky resolute spunky unafraid unflinching up for valiant valorous afraid apathetic cowardly disinterested fearful meek timid unconcerned unprepared unready unwilling weak able capable cautious disinclined working agreeable biddable consenting game obedient activity agility alacrity alertness animation bag ballgame big idea bit business bustle commotion dash deal energy enterprise flurry force functioning going happening haste hoopla hopper in the works industry life liveliness motion movement occupation operation plan power process proposition racket reaction response rush scene spirit stir stunt trip turmoil vigor vim vitality vivacity act avocation deed endeavor entertainment hobby job labor pastime project scheme task undertaking venture work zoo cipher logograph athletic event athletics sports event injured lame deformed incapacitated disabled maimed bad crippled ailing walking healthy play sport adventure jest amusement proceeding lark frolic festivity merrymaking merriment diversion pursuit line distraction recreation romp joke fun sports profession surrender passiveness inactivity contest tournament competition meeting round match meat quarry fowl fish kill victim prey chase ravin wild animals stratagem ploy strategy hoax derision design tactic butt device prank practical joke object of ridicule acquiescent action rest unemployment yielding peace harmony slowness dullness question stoppage inertia cessation indolence stiffness weakness stillness repose quiet calmness calm apathy lethargy laziness inaction idleness activities sluggishness immobility hate vocation anagram athletic contest Game g.a.m.e player mack square pimp game related no game gameless game goofy seduction spit female art of seduction the game you lose lose failure break down decline fall abort backslide blunder deteriorate fizzle flop flounder fold founder miscarry miss slip back wrong horse be defeated be demoted be found lacking be in vain be ruined come to naught come to nothing fall flat fall short fall through go astray go down go down swinging go downhill go up in smoke go wrong hit bottom hit the skids lose control lose out lose status meet with disaster miss the boat play into run aground turn out badly ascend go up rise accomplish achieve build correct develop do well succeed capture complete deliver earn finish gain merit obtain procure prosper reach win arrest break off call it quits call off check cut off drop end fail halt interrupt knock it off lay off nullify scrap scratch scrub terminate break conk out function go on the blink improperly jam malfunction not work stall stop running backlash boomerang bounce back disappoint rebound recoil ricochet spring back goof bypass condone connive cushion discount disregard forget neglect omit overlook overpass pass by slight turn a blind eye ignore fault blink desert funk back out let down pay attention regard attend respect remember close crash default dishonor repudiate go under defalcate overdraw be cleaned out be in arrears be taken to the cleaners become insolvent close down drop a bundle go bankrupt go belly up go broke go bust go into Chapter 11 go out of business go to the wall lose big bear start continue begin create commence keep act up (malfunction) acting up backfire blew save come arrive come in be aware prevent Fail FAIL! flail fale phail fial wrong internet loser moron lowlife douche newb n00b pass stupid success douche bag annoying useless failure failbox douchebag asshole overused exhale inhale sigh expire fan gasp gulp insufflate pant puff respire scent sniff snore snort wheeze draw in open the floodgates use lungs hide secret abide act be alive breathe continue endure go on have being have place hold inhabit last live move obtain persist prevail remain rest stand stay subsist survive buffet drive flap flow flutter heave huff inflate pump ruffle rush stream swell swirl waft wave whiff whirl whisk whisper whistle infuse inject imbue transfuse instill impart confide express articulate say murmur utter voice conceal halt die quit give up leave depart stop pass lose idle forsake reject refuse discontinue cease are been blew save succeed do well come arrive shrink contract come in compress retard blow Breathe talent relax calm calm down breathing breath beathe air oxygen dangerous cry rave techno breathe alternative dance big beat smoke burn weed grass i can't breathe I cant breathe choke hold suffocate staten island police brutality nypd gardener i cant breathe ferguson black police cop nigger deceit dishonesty humbug hypocrisy insincerity pomposity pretense pretentiousness sanctimoniousness sanctimony show affected piety hypocriticalness lip service pecksniffery pharisaicalness pious platitudes sham holiness frankness honesty openness reality sincerity truth truthfulness standard cant dialect idiom lingo parlance patois slang terminology vernacular vocabulary bend camber incline pitch slant slope angle cross oblique argot doublespeak fuzzword jargon mediaspeak phraseology policyspeak diction language patter bevel recline grade tilt rise list tip careen heel straighten bank spend level disburse even banked bias justness impartiality fairness buzzword buzzwords can't Cant Can't cants cannot unable inability incapable commbank commonwealth bank andy lark what is can't mental block shouldn't charlie sheen winning bi-winning happen just do it nike cunt cool cat impossible can'ts
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