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I love how relaxed Rogan and Blaine where durring their interview. Really an amazing back and forth!

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And's Blaine bonerjams blaine location locus point position site situation spot station loci locality place stage where unemployment dullness bluntness whole personality points bearings direction footing latitude locale longitude post seat setting whereabouts situations Where bonerjams their bonerjams The IRS Their absolutely actually certainly easily genuinely honestly indeed legitimately literally surely truly undoubtedly unquestionably well admittedly as a matter of fact assuredly authentically beyond doubt categorically de facto for real in actuality in effect in fact in point of fact in reality indubitably no ifs ands or buts nothing else but of course positively precisely unmistakably verily doubtfully dubiously indefinite questionably come hell or high water conclusively decidedly decisively definitely doubtless exactly for sure no strings attached on the button on the money on the nose really right on straight out sure as can be sure as hell sure enough sure thing the very thing unambiguously unconditionally incomplete questionable not sure doubtful uncertain partially in truth veritably very actual existing real tangible bloody by all means clearly determinedly distinctly downright emphatically flat out for a fact in spades no catch no holds barred no mistake powerful right strongly sure terribly terrifically unequivocally almost certainly beyond question by far doubtlessly far and away indisputably no doubt plainly probably undeniably difficultly indefinitely essentially approximately at heart at the heart of centrally characteristically chiefly determinately factually fundamentally importantly in essence indispensably inherently intimately intrinsically materially more or less so naturally necessarily originally permanently primarily principally quite radically significantly substantially typically virtually vitally on the surface apparently superficially really ???? bonerjams Really Really? awesome fascinating incredible marvelous prodigious shocking stunning surprising unbelievable wonderful bad believable credible insignificant ordinary plausible poor astonishing amazing astounding bewildering breathtaking extraordinary impressive miraculous spectacular staggering startling striking stupefying stupendous wondrous expected dull homely normal unimpressive ugly boring usual awe-inspiring grand majestic mind-blowing remarkable unexciting blah exciting hair-raising heart-stirring heart-stopping magnificent moving overwhelming spine-tingling thrilling disgusting empyreal beautiful celestial elevated empyrean ethereal exalted fabulous heavenly inspiring lofty supernal uplifting bizarre boss curious exceptional fab fantastic flash gnarly heavy inconceivable odd off beaten path out of the ordinary outstanding particular peculiar phenomenal rare singular special strange terrific uncommon unfamiliar unheard-of unimaginable unique unprecedented unthinkable unusual unwonted weird wicked general regular inferior average plain familiar conventional common customary standard unimportant similar like indifferent worthless unexceptional unremarkable typical commonplace eye-popping Amazing bonerjams backward behind final following hind posterior rear rearward tail aback abaft aft after astern back of hindmost in the wake of rearmost beginning first front preceding future past delayed former overdue previous elapsed present current reverse extremity backside stern tail end tailpiece hindquarters back end far end hindpart assist finance uphold advocate favor encourage sponsor endorse underwrite abet champion angel subsidize stake countenance grubstake second bankroll sustain sanction boost ally abide by go to bat for side with give a boost give a leg up give a lift stand behind stick by stick up for go forward advance halt discourage oppose hurt dissuade prevent refuse disapprove protest thwart hinder withdraw repulse backtrack retire recede retract repel regress retreat fall back turn tail drive back forge meet attract back condone egg on goad incite instigate prod promote provoke spur support urge stop resist obstruct impede frustrate deter counter reject abetted abetting about around in reverse round accompaniment back-up background backing harmony instrument part bonerjams backs
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