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I read 100 self-help books. Here’s what I learned…

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gather interpret know learn refer to scan see study translate view apprehend comprehend construe decipher discover glance perceive peruse skim unravel bury oneself in dip into flip through go over go through leaf through make out pore over scratch the surface forget ignore misinterpret misunderstand neglect overlook lose miss write announce deliver display explain hold recite say show speak utter affirm assert declaim expound indicate mark paraphrase pronounce record register render restate abandon be quiet conceal hide withhold deny appraise adjudge apprize assay assess audit calculate check check out deem evaluate examine eye figure figure in figure out gauge guesstimate have one's number inspect look over peg price rate read review set at size survey take account of valuate value appraises adjudges assays assesses audits calculates checks checks out deems evaluates examines eyes figures figures out gauges guesstimates has one's number inspects looks over pegs prices rates reads reviews sets at sizes surveys takes account of valuates values neglects ignores appraising adjudging assaying assessing auditing calculating checking checking out deeming evaluating examining eyeing figuring figuring out gauging guesstimating having one's number inspecting looking over pegging pricing rating reading reviewing setting at sizing surveying taking account of valuating valuing neglecting ignoring appreciate acknowledge be aware of be cognizant of be conscious of catch the drift dig fathom grasp realize recognize savvy see daylight sympathize with understand mistake criticize decrease depreciate disparage disregard lose value appreciates acknowledges apprehends catches the drift comprehends digs fathoms grasps is aware of is cognizant of is conscious of knows perceives realizes recognizes savvies sees daylight sympathizes with understands is critical not gets loses value depreciates overlooks criticizes misinterprets misses decreases disregards disparages mistakes misunderstands absorb accept believe catch conceive digest get get the picture have imagine sense think exclude fail ascetic automatic autogenous automatous autonomic autonomous endogenous narcissistic narcistic subjective other character ego identity individuality myself person personality egocentrism individual individualization narcissism personal psyche substantive identical oneself own proprium selfhood being entity essence essentia essentiality marrow quintessence self soul spirit substance texture abstract deadness inanimate self-admiration self-pride selfdom egos characters self-admirations self-prides selfdoms selves circumstances coherence distinctiveness existence identification integrity ipseity name oneness particularity selfness singleness singularity status uniqueness difference dissimilarity opposition body child creature dude human being man material matter mortal number party personage singleton somebody something stuff type unit woman nothing nothingness one group individualism advice aid benefit comfort cooperation guidance hand service support use assist avail balm corrective cure lift maintenance nourishment remedy succor sustenance utility helping hand blockage encumbrance handicap hindrance hurt injury obstruction prevention disease check counteraction harm management ownership stop worker abettor adjutant aide ally assistant attendant auxiliary collaborator colleague deputy domestic helper helpmate mate partner representative servant subsidiary supporter ancilla right-hand person antagonist boss enemy manager opponent back bolster boost cooperate encourage further maintain promote push save serve stimulate abet accommodate advocate ballyhoo befriend cheer endorse hype intercede patronize plug prop puff relieve sanction second sustain uphold be of use buck up do a favor do a service do one's part go to bat for go with lend a hand open doors root for see through stand by stick up for stump for take under one's wing work for block condemn delay depress discourage dissuade halt hinder impede neglect obstruct prevent refuse undermine conceal disapprove frustrate hide ignore oppose protest counteract decrease injure worsen alleviate ease facilitate restore revive treat ameliorate amend attend better doctor heal meliorate mitigate nourish palliate destroy increase accuse blame accessory accent addition adjunct adornment appendage appendix appliance appurtenance attachment component decoration extension extra frill help supplement trim trimming lessening reduction subtraction principal afford arrange bow convenience defer favor furnish gratify humor indulge oblige pamper please provide settle submit suit supply yield take annoy confuse deny disappoint displease distress disturb fight mix up reject thwart trouble upset withhold worry bar disarrange limit turn away turn out accommodates accords accustoms adapts adjusts agrees attunes bends over backwards complies composes conforms coordinates corresponds don't makes waves don't rocks the boat fits goes by the book goes with the flow harmonizes integrates makes consistent modifies plays the game proportions reconciles settles shapes up suits tailor-makes tailors tunes unsuits stops bars turns out turns away declines upsets disagrees opposes mismatches fights differs unfits prevents obstructs limits impedes hinders frustrates blocks rejects denies refuses disorders disarranges advantage ascendancy asset assistance authority blessing boon break choice dominance edge eminence expediency gain good gratification hold improvement influence interest lead leeway leg up leverage luck mastery odds position power pre-eminence precedence preference prestige prevalence profit protection recognition resources return starting superiority supremacy upper hand wealth disadvantage disapproval disfavor impotence incapacity inferiority loss waste weakness bad fortune bad luck misfortune drawback obstacle restriction advantages aids assets authorities blessings boons breaks choices comforts conveniences edges eminences expediencies favors gains goods gratifications helps holds improvements influences interests leads leg-ups positions powers preferences profits protections recognitions returns sanctions startings superiorities supports upper hands utilities handicaps bad fortunes wastes subservience restrictions obstacles drawbacks misfortunes bad lucks obstructions hindrances blockages disadvantages injuries losses weaknesses incapacities admonition advisement advocacy bum steer caution charge consultation counsel directions dissuasion encouragement exhortation forewarning information injunction input instruction judgment lesson news opinion persuasion prescription proposal proposition recommendation steer suggestion teaching telltale tidings tip tip-off two cents' worth view warning word word to the wise discouragement ignorance question opposition betrayal deceit deception falsehood lie misinformation misrepresentation
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