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I Should Replace Bill Maher, But I'd Get Fired (Viewer Questions) - Redacted Tonight

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will be going to shall allow be compelled to be forced to be up to become consider enjoy entertain experience fall on feel know leave let meet with must need ought permit put up with rest with see should suffer sustain think about tolerate undergo may kill want stop halt keep hold neglect forget exclude lack disallow refuse deny reject ignore have had has hast hath having Should better fucking dinner bitch ability beer change follow oust recover reinstate restore succeed supplant supply take over take over from alter compensate displace mend patch reconstitute recoup redeem redress reestablish refund regain reimburse repay restitute retrieve ring shift sub substitute supersede back up fill in front for give back outplace pinch hit for put back ring in sit in stand in stand in lieu of step into shoes of swap places take out hold keep precede break damage deprive forfeit lose penalize remain take worsen leave alone accommodate adapt adjust alternate commute convert diminish diverge diversify evolve fluctuate make innovations make over merge metamorphose moderate modify modulate mutate naturalize recondition redo reduce reform regenerate remake remodel renovate reorganize replace resolve restyle revolutionize shape tamper with temper transfigure transform translate transmute transpose turn vacillate vary veer warp absolve boot out bounce bump bust can cashier disburden discard disencumber dispense eject excuse exempt expel fire freeze out give one notice kick out lay off let go let off let one go let out lock out nix privilege from relieve remove ride out on rail run out of town show the door spare terminate unload banish cut out deport depose dethrone discharge discrown disenthrone dismiss disthrone exile expatriate relegate sack take the place of transport uncrown unmake usurp confuse derange disarrange disarray discompose disorganize distort foul up interfere jumble louse up mess up mix up move muddle tamper unsettle upset continue stay extend expand persist ruin destroy preserve stagnate increase grow changes load engage employ delegate assign retain owe dam imprison detain condemn blame hire leave accept allow welcome disturb locate arrange clear up fix compose order sort soothe reassure quiet pacify comfort calm appease organize disturbs Replace replacement crappy ipod lost downgrade check debt note statement IOU chit damage invoice knock reckoning score tab bad news itemized account request for payment statement of indebtedness coin bill debenture balance book books charge computation cuff grunt inventory ledger record register report tally balance due liability unpaid bill receivable amendment announcement clause code commitment decree edict enactment judgment law measure order ordinance resolution statute subpoena summons verdict warrant writ program card agenda handbill notice placard schedule poster roster handout leaflet syllabus catalogue flyer advertisement bulletin listing playbill affiche proposal act draft projected law proposed act buck certificate dollar currency skin greenback long green bank note projection nib neb pecker mandible render figure reckon debit solicit chase dun bone draw upon put the arm on put the bite on put the squeeze on announce post give advance notice account account payable account receivable accounts rest suspension stoppage repose quiet inertia inactivity idleness cessation bills Bill 100 a hundred hundred a bill two bills three bills 1 bill 2 bills 3 bills hot sports eyes peacemaker go to guy awesome humor non-judgmental balla sexy strong tough sweet billy william bil dollars ben Maher Mahers maher mahers rule ruling awesome enormous stubborn thrill intentions amazing man crazy engineer drink smart act mayer mayher smartt shark fish bowl ferocious badass although however nevertheless on the other hand still though yet aside from bar barring beside but except excepting excluding exclusive of in addition to other than outside of over and above save without apart from besides if not lacking leaving out minus not for omitting rejecting saving short of with the exception of leaving aside not counting restricting ruling out alone completely entirely one and only only singularly solely wholly after all all the same anyhow be that as it may despite for all that howbeit in spite of nonetheless notwithstanding per contra withal without regard to at most no more than nothing but plainly simply disregarding not including passing over inclusive of exclusively unrestricted unlimited partially incompletely just indefinitely But by the way don't hate me well umm grammar lies friend bud buddy hello buy the way i love you but but buy me but hate me grammer love heartbreak hurt pain jerk I'd track new track unreleased song unreleased track music producers music producer edm contraction would had should shortened abbreviation bimbo idiot stupid dumb retarded bring draw earn gain grab have land make obtain pick up pull realize receive score take win access accomplish acquire 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urge wheedle prompt coax compel influence beg pressure persuade press provoke sway bring around argue into prevail upon talk into win over leave alone hinder carry move satisfy gratify excite inspire entertain bias amuse impress strike arouse predispose bend touch affect stir stimulate stir up bore upset tire quiet lull annoy frustrate disappoint anger sire breed procreate propagate beget generate kill try aggravate exasperate peeve bother burn vex nettle pique rile irk gall bug put out rub the wrong way help make happy delight mollify appease aid abscond endure abide arrive appear continue face stay strengthen join remain wait absorb dissipate distract vomit spew exude emit eject disperse disagree decline demur repudiate renounce dispute blackball discard deny accepting open retain hold keep forget bear wonder question start begin unseal imprison detain create unsettle commence achieved Get 4chan 7chan 12chan failget modget anonymous git sod lancashire manchester fuck off vancouver gett gut hookup hotter better relations bro joke the get nuff joke acquired check success yes bam burned alight baked burning glowing heated kindling scorched smoking smoldering ablaze afire aflame incandescent on fire set on fire aroused bad crazed demoniac demoniacal devilish diabolic diabolical fiendish fired frantic frenetic frenzied hellish impious infernal insane inspired mad maniacal manic possessed satanic serpentine unhallowed violent wicked axed canned ejected expelled freed furloughed laid-off let go ousted recalled released replaced sacked sent away sent home baking boiling broiling burnt cooked fiery fried hot parched scalding scorching sizzling toasted carried away divine ecstatic exalted guided touched transported uplifted absorbed affected attentive attracted awakened biased caught drawn eat sleep and breathe engrossed enticed excited fascinated gone hooked implicated impressed inspirited intent into involved keen lured moved obsessed occupied on the case open partial partisan predisposed prejudiced responsive roused sold stimulated stirred struck sympathetic taken dismissed demonic good moral godlike angelic sane discharged frozen calm cool cold peaceful freezing interested incurious fair unmoved unenthusiastic apathetic unbiased impartial inattentive disinterested bored ignorant uninterested indifferent unconcerned uncaring more interested Fired Fi Red get the boot get the axe terminated pink-slipped. sent packing severed break up dump split up divorce fire fuking tired fungry james stinkwell layed off unemployed adjusted amended improved updated altered changed edited fixed overhauled rectified redone reworked rewritten kept redacted revised expurgate edit redact bowdlerize rearrange compose prepare arrange censor choose publish compile annotate adapt assemble analyze select alter revise delete trim rehash excise rectify feature polish regulate check style cut doctor fine-tune condense butcher emend rephrase draft correct tighten finish scrub prescribe report amplify discard proofread assign massage go over make up put together set up strike out blue-pencil boil down fly speck recalibrate write over keep indulge spoil separate disturb worsen ruin disorder disorganize scatter disperse disarrange retouch amend better right improve touch up emendate make mistake injure harm damage [Redacted] Redacted secret hide disappear drunk wasted blacked-out hammered shots smashed blitzed alcohol intoxicated Tonight tonight
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