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ICYMI: Baggage bot, sea plastics become fashion and more

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Get all of the links to today's stories right here: http://www.engadget.com/2016/06/08/icymi-baggage-bot-sea-plastics-become-fashion-and-more/ Today on In ...


engadget; technology; consumer tech; aol; gadgets; science; gear; engadgetvideo Engadget @AOLoriginals aoloriginals ICYMI InCaseYouMissedIt Adidas PharellWilliams BEAM ISS space GenevaAirport Leo Robot robots robotbaggagehandler NorthPacificOcean Garbageheap PARLEY seagarbage upcycle recycle gillnets recycledshoes ZeroElectricityAirCooler GrameenIntel reducereuserecycle equipment gear luggage paraphernalia accoutrements bags belongings effects impedimenta overnighter parcels slough suitcases things tote trappings carry-on fortnighter tote bag two-suiter briefcase attaché bag baggage case dispatch folder portfolio valise carry on overnight bag satchel suitcase basket bin box cabinet caddy caisson canister capsule carton cartridge casing casket chamber chassis chest coffer cover covering crate crating crib drawer envelope grip holder integument jacket receptacle scabbard sheath shell trunk wallet wrapper wrapping clothes attire bedclothes casual clothing costume dress duds formal garb 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cuff surplus cash cash disapproval disbelief disclaimer discredit dishonor disregard disrespect ill repute credit come develop into grow into turn into convert incline mature metamorphose shift wax alter to assume form of be converted to be reduced to be reformed be remodeled be transformed into change into come to be emerge as eventually be pass into ripen into turn out remain stagnate belong to accord adorn agree augment display embellish enrich fit flatter garnish grace harmonize heighten match ornament suit be appropriate go together go with make handsome set off decrease disagree hurt mar oppose refuse withhold amount aggregate approach approximate be equivalent to be tantamount to become check with come to correspond effect extend grow mean number purport reach rival sum tally total touch depart fail leave lessen shrink subtract amounted aggregated approached approximated became came to checked with corresponded developed into effected extended grew matched meant numbered 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place property quality scene semblance sense spirit surroundings taste tone instant jiffy little while minute moment second tick cat cougar wildcat griffin lioness puma felis leo simba lion Aquarius Aries Cancer Capricorn Gemini horoscope sign Libra Pisces Sagittarius Scorpio Taurus Virgo zodiac sign sign of the zodiac leo automation cyborg bionic person mechanical person machine agent automaton clone drudge grind laborer mechanical puppet robot zombie automation cyborg bionic person mechanical person confab conference consult conversation debate discussion huddle palaver talk quiet silence arbitrate adjudge adjudicate adjust bring to terms come to school come to terms conciliate decide determine hammer out a deal interpose intervene judge make a deal mediate meet halfway negotiate parley pass judgment placate play ball reconcile referee settle smooth soothe step in straighten out strike happy medium trade off umpire work out a deal ignore agitate confuse hesitate upset worry 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back injure abandon forfeit repurpose reuse dispose retook converted reassumed reclaimed reconditioned recovered recycled redeemed regenerated remodeled reoccupied repossessed rescued restored salvaged took back lost injured harmed
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