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IGP: Overwhelming publicity hindering police probe into Pastor Koh abduction

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JOHOR BARU: No fresh leads have surfaced in the case involving the abduction of Pastor Raymond Koh Keng Joo.http://www.nst.com.my/news/2017/03/22...----------------------------------www.nst.com.my :: www.facebook.com/nstonline :: www.twitter.com/NST_Online :: www.instagram.com/nstonline


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municipality place port apple borough burg conurbation megalopolis boom town metropolitan area urban place urbs city cities polis Polis VSA Poli
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  IGP: Stalemate in probe into Pastor Koh abduction   IGP on pastor abduction frenzy: "Shut your bloody mouth!"   Police uncover new lead on Pastor Koh's abduction   No leads in Pastor Raymond Koh's abduction   Selangor cops set up task force to investigate pastor's abduction   CCTV footage captures pastor Raymond Koh's abduction   20/3: Stalemate in probe into Pastor Koh's abduction   Cops uncover lead on Pastor Koh's abduction   Suspect detained over missing pastor case   Stop politicising Pastor Koh's abduction - IGP   Peter Chong breaks silence on his disappearance   CCTV footage captures pastor Raymond Koh's abduction   CCTV shows Pastor Koh's abduction happened in seconds   Pastor's family has no idea where footage of abduction comes from   Police looking at all angles in case of missing activist   Day 200: Pastor’s wife wishes IGP ‘happy retirement’   Man held over pastor's abduction after demanding RM30,000 ransom   Suspect nabbed over pastor’s abduction   IGP: Leave matters to the police   Pastor Koh's family believes he's still alive   'Pastor Koh is a good person'   Police make first arrest in pastor's kidnapping case   Wife prays for abducted pastor's safe return   Koh's Family: Police don't have any updates for us   Pastor Raymond Koh: Polis akan panggil Peter Chong   IGP addresses concern on revealing arrest in pastor's case   CCTV footage shows abduction of Pastor Raymond Koh   Pastor's wife appeals to authorities for a thorough investigation   Uber driver claims trial to extorting RM30k from family of missing Pastor Koh   IGP: Speculation may lead to the danger of Pastor Koh's life   IGP: Speculation may endanger pastor Koh's life   KiniFlash - 23 May: 100 days since pastor's disappearance   Cops arrest 18 over kidnapping of housewife   IGP: Pastor Koh's abduction may be linked to group in southern Thailand   Solidarity vigil for the missing four   Vigil held for abducted pastor Raymond Koh   Hundreds hold candlelight vigil for missing pastor   IGP: Police won’t interfere in US probe into 1MDB   IGP: Police won’t interfere in U.S. probe into 1MDB   IGP : police won't interfere in US probe into 1MDB   Group in southern Thailand may have links to Pastor Koh's abduction, says IGP   Fokus Hari Ini 8 Malam: Dalang kehilangan Pastor dan standard bebas rabies   Penculik Raymond Koh ada rangkaian di Selatan Thailand   Kehilangan Pastor Raymond Koh kes jenayah   Pastor Raymond dipercayai diculik dalang penyeludupan manusia   Uber driver charged with extortion in Pastor Koh’s case   IGP: Peter Chong wasted our time   Dzulkefly: People going missing very disturbing   IGP: Police have completed 1MDB probe   Bukit Aman awaiting Thai police response on Peter Chong's abduction claims   IGP: Police probe on 1MDB completed   Spanish police probe possible child abduction   Live from Police HQ - The Pulse on JoyNews (2-6-17)   NEWS Perhimpunanbulanan IGP PeterChong PastorRaymond 170412   IGP: Police investigating video of man attacking dog   IGP: Missing activist Peter Chong spotted entering Thailand   Publisiti ganggu siasatan kes culik Pastor Raymond   Please release Pastor Koh, pleads wife   MACC chief: IGP will be called if needed in racketeering case   Addressing Security Concerns - The Pulse on JoyNews (22-6-17)   Malaysian Lawyers Express Concern over Mysterious Disappearances   1MDB案调查完成 总警长:报告已呈总检察署   IGP reminds press to be sensitive following controversial Nanyang cartoon   Police Service Image - The Pulse on JoyNews Today (8-6-17)   Connecticut car chase suspect knew alleged abduction victim   Q&A on missing MH370 flight with IGP (3:00pm, 11/3/2014)   Romans 13: Does It Mean Christians Can't Be Libertarians?   IGP: Turkish man arrested, not “abducted”   IGP: Use social media to keep cops in check   IGP: Don't go to Syria, jihad against crime in Malaysia   Police Open Criminal Investigation Amid Cincinnati Zoo Gorilla Incident   Cuppa News: Tues , 21 Feb 2017   Civil societies form Caged to monitor forced disappearances   Grand Prairie police release sketch in attempted abduction   'Appeal to me if not happy with Kedah cops' decision on debate'

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