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ISS 2.0: Why the next space station could orbit the moon.

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ISS 2.0: Why the next space station could orbit the moon.The International Space Ship Working Group to discuss possible designs for the next outpost of humanity in space. Dominating the night sky, Earth's natural satellite is often the first target to catch the eye of budding astronomers, and now the moon's call is serving the most important space powers in the world.The five space agencies responsible for building the ISS International Space Station met last month in Tsukuba, home of the Japanese space agency JAXA, to decide what comes after the aging of the ISS. The discussions advanced an evolving plan to build a lunar space station, settling into a tentative orbit and paving the way for finalized plans that could arrive in late 2017 or early 2018.But friction remains the ultimate goal of the season: It will be the successor to the ISS a real lunar space station or a spaceport on the way to Mars.With the dismantling of the ISS provisionally scheduled for 2024, the ISWG Working Group, composed of US, Russian, Japanese, European and Canadian space agencies, is looking at the next phase of human space exploration.This year's meeting extends the work done last year in Houston, when the team made a series of non-binding recommendations regarding technical details that will likely serve as a basis for future proposals. Compared with the ISS, a space station that orbits Around the Moon has a greater scientific potential and the opportunity to test the technologies needed for deep space missions, but poses important challenges.Much of the research done aboard the current ISS focuses on the condition known as microgravity, arising from the spacecraft that is in a constant state of free fall. A lunar station could carry out similar studies of microgravity and health phenomena of astronauts, with the added benefit of lunar proximity, making the moon an additional target for study.#SpaceSpace #ElSalvador #orbit #video #supercool #NASA #Mundial2014 #ISS #espacio #espaciopuerto #orbitalunar #cientificos #investigadores #ISWG #esploracionespacial #marte


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