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In 1918, the U.S. Government Nationalized America's Telegraph Industry. It Was Run by the Post Office.

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1918 WAP affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense the histrionical The WAP America Columbia Land of Liberty New World US of A USA land of opportunity the States U.S.A. United States U.S. WAP authority law ministry politics power regime rule state union Washington bureaucracy command control direction domination dominion empire execution executive governance guidance influence jurisdiction patronage polity predominance presidency regency regimentation regulation restraint sovereignty statecraft superintendence superiority supervision supremacy sway Uncle Sam political practice powers-that-be the feds inferiority opposition powerlessness submission subservience weakness anarchy chaos coup insurrection lawlessness mutiny revolt revolution administering agency application charge conduct conducting directing dispensation disposition distribution enforcement governing government handling legislation order organization overseeing oversight performance policy provision running strategy surveillance ascendancy authorization beef clout credit edge esteem force goods guts juice jump leg up license mastery might might and main permission permit pizzazz pow powerhouse prerogative prestige punch right say say-so steam strength strong arm stuff upper hand warrant weight what it takes whip hand word zap administration beadledom city hall civil service directorate management officialdom officials powers that be red tape regulatory commission the Establishment the system advisers assembly assistants brain trust bureau committee council counselors department heads governing body kitchen cabinet official family ability absolutism aplomb coercion compulsion constraint despotism expertise expertism expertness grasp grip hold know-how leadership primacy royalty skill strings tyranny neglect failure mismanagement disregard ignorance inefficiency disorganization authorities break breach subordination prohibition disadvantage lethargy lack cabinet recall countermand release freedom revocation reversal contradiction inability WAP Government associate club communalize consort entertain fraternize hobnob join league mingle mix chum with get about get around get together go out hang around with hang out keep company make advances make the rounds pal around run with tie up with disagree disassociate disconnect disjoin dissociate divide separate sever america americas summons buzzer cable cablegram call flash radiogram report signal telex wire coded message telegraphic message teletype air announce be on the air beam circulate colorcast communicate get out go on the air go on the airwaves put on the air radio radiograph relay send show simulcast telecast telegraph telephone televise transmit adumbrate anticipate augur calculate call the turn conclude conjecture demonstrate determine divine dope out estimate figure figure out foresee foretell gather gauge in the cards infer plan portend predetermine presage prognosticate prophesy reason see it coming soothsay surmise be in the wind betoken bode forebode hint imply omen predict prefigure promise shadow suggest telegram coil line strand thread message envision forecast think vaticinate guess read presume judge suppose croak be afraid call it crystal-ball divine forespeak have a hunch hazard a guess make book psych out see coming see handwriting on wall size up disbelieve misunderstand measure ignore secret keep quiet be quiet receive keep hide withhold suppress conceal bottle up broadcast start begin doubt foreshadow dissuade admonish apprise alarm tip flag advise alert tip off forbode give fair warning give the high sign premonish put on guard put one wise wave a red flag forewarn forecasting foreshadowed foreshadowing abide act breathe continue endure hold inhabit last live move obtain persist prevail remain rest stand stay subsist survive be alive go on have being have place cease depart die discontinue forsake give up halt idle leave lose pass quit refuse reject stop transpire befall occur come about come to pass take place was WAP WAS W.A.S. break race rush spurt amble bound canter dart dash drop escape fall flight gallop jog lope pace scamper scuttle spring sprint tear trot whisk continuity rise standing walking administrate be in the saddle boss carry out conduct control crack the whip direct execute govern head head up hold the reins oversee pull the strings pull the wires render ride herd on run run the show sit on top of superintend supervise manage organize act operate perform react take work ride outing drive round tour trip travel jaunt spin excursion lift joy ride streak string stretch season series bearing stream trend continuation period tide tenor duration tendency chain endurance passage current field way progress persistence movement spell succession drift path line cycle continuance prolongation route flow motion swing stop finish end stoppage indifference inaction idleness halt cessation fly shoot depart skip skitter course speed hie hustle abscond hotfoot decamp bolt hurry flee skedaddle career flit scurry scud scoot smoke barrel hasten scramble scorch bustle beat it clear out light out make off take off shag cut and run dog it go like lightning leg it make a break make tracks take flight tear out serve stand rest meet face linger continue stay obey cease dawdle procrastinate dally slow delay wait remain walk pass tumble liquefy skim whirl proceed glide leak sail melt diffuse leap spread issue roll deliquesce thaw fuse discharge bleed spill spout pour cascade slide gush flux whiz dissolve go soft turn to liquid be quiet steady keep hold gather collect trickle hide conceal solidify coagulate ascend move use handle carry maneuver propel ply command bear convey tick transport idle fail mismanage refrain own lead ordain helm administer coordinate regulate carry on be in charge be in saddle look after take care of neglect lose follow let go give up abandon last extend reach cover go on persevere lie vary trail encompass circulate be current go around move past compete contend stump contest challenge oppose politick whistlestop be a candidate hit the campaign trail kiss babies ring doorbells shake hands help leave withhold refuse frustrate deny forego administered administering behave misbehave act up behaving runs WAP Runs Run panel pole column doorpost leg mast newel pale palisade pedestal picket pile pillar prop rail shaft stake standard stilt stock stud unemployment accustom advise apprise bring out clue come out with disclose divulge enlighten familiarize fill in fix up get together habituate inform intro introduce knock down let know make familiar notify post present reveal tell warn acquaint clue in give the word keep posted lay it out let in on make known put next to put on the line put on to report show tip off update appointee assignment berth candidate delegate employment nominee office officeholder place representative situation station work appointment position billet beat whereabouts locus delivery mail collection post office postal service put set locate establish assign displace remove withhold brief apprive put wise to wise up hide conceal secrete misrepresent mislead hold back falsify deceive suppress delude acquainting keep secret keep quiet pretend lie betray trick fool advises advising WAP Post
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