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Indonesian rescuers retrieve more bodies from the rubble of buildings toppled by powerful earthquake - euronews

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  Mexico Earthquake: Rescuers race to find survivors in rubble   Massive Mexico earthquake kills more than 100, topples buildings   Strong quake near Mexico City kills more than 134   Dog rescued from ruins of Mexico City building   Mexicans dig through rubble to search for survivors after strong earthquake   Mexicans dig through collapsed buildings to search for survivors after strong earthquake   Hundreds Death After Earthquake In Mexico   Powerful 7.1-magnitude earthquake kills dozens in Mexico   Mexico quake victims stay at shelter   Frantic Search For Survivors After Devastating Quake In Mexico   Dozens of buildings collapse after 6.5 quake in Indonesia   Rescue Efforts Continue Following Deadly Mexico Quake   Crews work to rescue girl found alive in collapsed school   Mexico earthquake: at least 225 dead   Crews work to rescue girl found alive in collapsed school   2 children pulled from collapsed Mexico City building   Search for survivors continues after Mexico earthquake | DW English   Deadly Earthquake On Italian Island Of Ischia   Ecuador Earthquake || Man rescued after 3 days   Massive Earthquake Rocks Mexico   Nepal earthquake: Drone footage reveals destruction in Gorkha   Rescuers pull bodies from rubble in Mosul   Mexico earthquake: Race to find survivors under collapsed school - BBC News   Nearly 140 killed after 7.1-magnitude earthquake hits Mexico   Salvation Army Officer Brought To Tears By Devastation In Native New Zealand   'People just ran': Deadly 7.1 magnitude earthquake hits Mexico   Mexico City Earthquake Death Toll Reaches 226 People   Nearly 248 killed after 7.1-magnitude earthquake hits Mexico   Powerful Earthquake Strikes Mexico, Killing Over 119   Mexico City Quake Kills More Than 134   Mexicans dig through collapsed buildings as powerful magnitude 7.1 earthquake kills 217   The Search For Survivors Of Mexico's Earthquake Continues   Mexico Quake Kills At Least 200   Hundreds Feared Killed In Earthquake Near Mexico City   Mexico City Searches For Survivors After 7.1 Earthquake   Search for survivors continues after Mexico earthquake   Drone aerials of rescue efforts at Mexico school   Drone images illustrate extent of Mexico quake destruction   earthquake in Mexico: Death toll rises to 61 in powerful Mexico earthquake   Destruction after Mexico quake kills 65   CCTV camera captures moment quake occurred in Mexico   Children saved from ruins of collapsed school in aftermath of Mexico quake   Harrowing moment rescuers in Ecuador scrape away rubble with bare hands to find the lifeless...   Mexico rescuers in race to find trapped survivors 48 hours after quake   Children rescued from collapsed school after Mexico quake   Rescuers save 3 puppies from an avalanche destroyed hotel   Mexico City devastated after 7.1-magnitude earthquake   Dozens of Kids Killed When Building Collapses in Mexican Earthquake   7.5 magnitude New Zealand's South Island North Canterbury earthquake strands cows in landslides   Horrific details emerge as rescuers hunt for 150 buried under rubble after 6.2 magnitude.   7 1 earthquake strikes Mexico, collapsing buildings   Another Mexico Earthquake Sends Panicked People to Streets | NBC Nightly News   Two killed on Greek island in powerful earthquake   Italy: Boy rescued from rubble after deadly quake hits Ischia   7-month-old baby rescued from rubble of earthquake   'People just ran': deadly 7.1 magnitude earthquake hits Mexico   Mexico continues search for survivors after earthquake - Al Jazeera English   'People just ran': deadly 7.1 magnitude earthquake hits Mexico - YouTube   Mexico continues search for survivors after earthquake   PBS NewsHour full episode September 21, 2017   PBS NewsHour full episode September 21, 2017   Mexico earthquake rescuers race to free girl, other survivors   Anxiety as Mexico mounts last-ditch search for quake survivors   Japan is rattled by powerful 6.3-magnitude earthquake   Powerful 7.1 earthquake hits southern Mexico, shaking buildings in capital   Dramatic video shows crying baby being rescued from earthquake rubble in Italy\'s Ischia   Mexico Earthquake: Major earthquake shakes Mexico City - Sep 19, 2017   Body pulled out as rescuers step up search for Italy earthquake victims   Mexico: 150 die in an earthquake of 7.1 magnitude; rescue operation underway   Mounting death toll in Mexico City follows massive earthquake   Bodies, firearms retrieved from former Maute stronghold   Rescuers pull crying baby from Italy earthquake rubble   Search and rescue dogs trained in Gilroy now heading to Nepal   JAPAN: Rescuers Scramble for Survivors after Earthquake   Rescuers in Italy Pull Dog From Earthquake Rubble

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