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Inside Out Omelet | Cheese Crust Omelet

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indoors central inner innermost internal intramural inward surrounded under a roof exterior external known outer outside public limited classified closet private exclusive confidential esoteric restricted hushed unrestricted unlimited under cover within doors within walls interior innards heart stuffing recess center soul belly gut bowels contents breast womb inner portion exteriority periphery at heart at bottom basically deep down fundamentally in essence in spite of appearance inside bosom affections circle conscience emotions feelings sentiments spirit sympathies axis bull's-eye centrality centriole centrum core cynosure equidistance essence focal point focus gist hotbed hub intermediacy kernel mainstream marrow middle of the road midpoint midst nave navel nucleus omphalos pith pivot place polestar quick radial point root seat edge border surroundings rim outskirts margin boundary at halfway point centermost deepest equidistant inmost intermediary intermediate mean medial mid 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