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Is Beer A Memory Booster?

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Does alcohol wipe away your memory? That might not always be the case, Scottish researchers say.http://www.menshealth.com/health/heal...http://www.wochit.comThis video was produced by YT Wochit News using http://wochit.com


Beer Drinking Columbia University Depression Mood Blood Pressure Vitamin Fermented Drinks Anesthesia Anxiolytics 8.3 Percent 25 Percent 30 Minutes Netherlands 7.4 Percent Norway Scotland Depression 79 Percent ale brew chill lager malt oil stout suds amber brew barley pop brewski brown bottle cold coffee cold one malt liquor alcoholic beverage alcohol beer booze cocktail drink hard drink hard liquor inebriant intoxicant liqueur liquor mixed drink spirits wine foam lather soap Beer Thoughts and prayers BEER consciousness mind recollection remembrance thought anamnesis awareness cognizance flashback memorization mindfulness recall recapture recognition reflection reminiscence retention retentiveness retrospection subconsciousness camera-eye dead-eye forgetfulness ignorance amnesia picture image fantasy reminder memoir vision concept prompt hint memo cue suggestion jog representation prod mnemonic concrete reality flash from the past hallucination memory nostalgia reliving thoughts of the past voice from the past impression apprehension belief conceit conception conjecture conviction fancy feel hunch inkling intellection notion opinion perception sensation sense supposition suspicion theory view truth proof fact physicality materiality impressions account anecdote annal autobiography bio biography chronicle confessions diary discourse dissertation essay journal life life story monograph narrative note register thesis tractate transactions treatise vita memoirs restoration Thoughts and prayers Memories Memory backer enthusiast patron promoter rooter sponsor detractor opponent admirer adherent beau believer booster boyfriend buff bug cat devotee disciple fan fancier fiend follower freak girlfriend groupie hound junkie lover nut partisan suitor supporter swain sweetheart wooer worshiper critic enemy adversary admirers booster shot booster dose booster injection immunization recall dose vaccine cheerleader advocate apostle champion defender exponent friend antagonist decoy allurement attraction beard blind blow off camouflage catch chicane chicanery come-on deception drawing card ensnarement enticement facade fake front imitation inducement inveiglement lure nark plant pretense seducement shill sitting duck snare stick stool pigeon stoolie temptation trick trickery discouragement truth openness original repulsion truthfulness honesty frankness reality addict aficionado amateur fanatic habitué votarient votary consume drain gulp guzzle inhale quaff sip slurp suck absorb belt booze dissipate down gargle imbibe indulge irrigate lap nip slosh sop sponge sup swallow swig swill thirst tipple toast hit the bottle liquor up partake of put away soak up tank up toss off wash down wet whistle abstain alcohol abuse alcoholic abuse alcoholism alcoholism abuse dipsomania drinking substance abuse consumption burning consuming damage decay decrease depletion desolation destruction devastation diminution dispersion dissipation eating exhaustion expenditure loss misuse ruin swallowing using up utilization waste wear and tear fasting creation construction growth development starvation increase expansion enlargement building improvement plastered bashed blitzed bombed boozed up buzzed crocked dead drunk dead to the world drunk as a skunk drunken feeling good feeling no pain flushed flying fried gone groggy half in the bag half-crocked high hooched up inebriated juiced liquored up lit loaded pissed polluted potted sauced schnockered seeing double sloshed stewed stoned tanked three sheets to the wind tipsy totaled under the influence under the table wasted woozy zonked Thoughts and prayers Drinking climbing over climbings coming first climbing to come in first columbia comes in first coming in first came in first Columbia University Thoughts and prayers America Land of Liberty New World U.S. U.S.A. 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pother problem to-do trial vexation worriment worry convenience good health pleasure tranquility contentment calm joy calmness delight happiness bothers brunt full force impact shock violence Thoughts and prayers Pressure fiber food mineral nutriment supplements health food nutrient vitamin nutrients Vitamin S Thoughts and prayers vitamin s V-Itamin Vitamin meat drinks carbonated drinks fermented meat and drinks fester ripen simmer acidify boil brew bubble churn concoct dissolve effervesce evaporate excite fizz foam foment froth heat incite inflame leaven moil overflow provoke rise rouse seethe sour sparkle work be violent stir up be happy calm cool dampen discourage dull freeze pacify stop tranquilize alcoholic distilled fermented hard inebriant sprituous vinous foamy barmy boiling burbling carbonated creamy ebullient effervescent fizzy frothy lathery scummy seething simmering spumescent spumous spumy sudsy yeasty flat intoxicative spirituous strong acerb acetic acetose acetous acid acidic acidulated acrid astringent bad biting bitter briny caustic curdled cutting dry green keen musty peppery piquant pungent rancid salty sharp soured sourish stinging tart turned unpleasant unripe unsavory unwholesome vinegary with a kick happy good agreeable sweet tasteless bland nice mild friendly cordial cheerful tasty wonderful pleasant blah kind Thoughts and prayers Fermented alcohol booze brew cup glass liquor refreshment sip draft gulp libation liquid potable potation potion shot slug spirits spot swallow swig taste toast thirst quencher food inhale consume drain guzzle suck quaff sponge gargle irrigate slosh swill imbibe absorb indulge tipple thirst down sop dissipate sup lap nip belt put away tank up slurp hit the bottle liquor up partake of soak up toss off wash down wet whistle abstain drink Thoughts and prayers Drink drinks insentience numbness stupor unconsciousness asleep put under insensibility analgesia anesthesia apathy carus coma inactivity indifference 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