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Is Human Nature Inherently Good or Evil, Selfish, Fixed or Changeable? (2002)

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Pinker argues that modern science has challenged three "linked dogmas" that constitute the dominant view of human nature in intellectual life. About the book: ...


Good And Evil (Quotation Subject) Evil (Quotation Subject) Selfishness (Quotation Subject) Nature (TV Genre) Human (Quotation Subject) Adventures Travel personal animal mortal fallible fleshly hominid biped bipedal hominal hominine inhuman unmanly body life child being soul wight plant Robin Hood all heart benevolent big big-hearted bleeding heart charitable considerate generous good good scout human humane humanitarian kind magnanimous openhanded philanthropic self-sacrificing beast conscious thing creature entity human being individual living thing organism person personage thing actual carnal corporal corporeal gross material natural normal organic physical sensual somatic substantial tangible unspiritual party anatomical fleshy objective phenomenal sensible altruistic bodily Human humans warm blood soft skin ugly disguisting ape gorilla mammal domintion deviation weird aliens non skinned scales ignorant social aggression stupid irresponsible argonimorphic humor quality essence type mood heart like point being makeup drift outlook texture meat stuff score temper traits exterior outside sort style way figure cast color brand ilk shape stripe world view scenery forest country cosmos setting act action address air attitude bag bearing carriage code comportment conduct convention course dealings decency decorum deed delivery demeanor deportment ethics etiquette expression form front guise habits management mien mode morals nature observance performance practice presence propriety ritual role routine savoir-faire seemliness social graces speech tact talk taste tenue tone way of life ways what's done character extraction family feather genus likes line lineage lot number pedigree progeny race species stamp stock strain variety ability appetency capability competence constitution dignity distinction endowment faculty force gifts habilitation merit parts power scope stature strength talent value virtue worth worthiness appearance aspect attribute badge bent caliber complex complexion crasis disposition emotions estimation ethos frame frame of mind genius grain habit kind mettle morale mystique personality record reputation repute sense set singularity specialty spirit standing streak temperament trait turn vein affection component differentia earmark essential flavor idiosyncrasy inclination individuality lineament mannerism mark originality particularity peculiarity property symptom tendency thing thumbprint tinge trademark branch breed caste classification collection degree denomination department description designation division domain estate genre grade grouping hierarchy kidney league make mold name order origin province range rank rate school sect section selection source sphere status suit behavior characteristic class Nature naturally by birth immanently natively at heart at the bottom essentially firstly in essence in substance inherently intrinsically mostly primarily radically actually approximately at the heart of centrally characteristically chiefly determinately factually fundamentally importantly in effect indispensably intimately materially more or less so necessarily originally permanently principally quite really significantly substantially truly typically virtually vitally completely unquestioningly unreservedly egocentrically emotionally independently individually inner introspectively mentally nonobjectively personally basically implicitly subjectively great superb bad sound bully ace crack welcome worthy boss prime capital choice super nice deluxe gnarly neat select rad tip-top minor evil sinful vile fake forged unreal poor wicked rotten mean honest upright right dutiful ethical pure immoral noxious tainted unfit corrupt vicious useful able proper adept expert adroit clever suited useless unable weak helpful healthy decent fit fitting brave common meet ample apt needed seemly toward benefic harmful hurtful hurting perfect normal solid safe stable whole eatable fresh intact loyal unhurt flawed 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skillful slick up to speed whiz wizard aid ascendancy assistance authority blessing break comfort convenience dominance edge eminence expediency gratification help hold improvement influence interest lead leeway leg-up leverage luck mastery odds position power pre-eminence precedence preference prestige prevalence protection recognition resources return sanction starting superiority support supremacy upper hand utility wealth acceptable appropriate average fair hunky-dory okay okey-dokey passable satisfying standard sufficient swell tolerable unexceptional unobjectionable accurate exact precise admirable advantage all right Good GOOD goods slang pot dealer marijuana herbage acronym bacronym dismal fuckwit crap kind bud k.b. ganja bubonic chronic fire fire vile ugly bad wicked poison wrong base foul low angry kind lovely honest worthy moral good aiding nice gentle right decent harm pain ill misery hatred crime sin blow curse injury infamy sorrow hurt woe vice ruin health joy boon profit virtue aid relief cheer purity help anathema aversion bother detestation evil horror nuisance plague shame torment abomination barbarity brutality enormity inhumanity iniquity monstrosity offense outrage ruthlessness savagery viciousness corrupt criminal delinquent iniquitous mean reprobate sinful vicious villainous calamitous deadly dire foreboding harmful hurtful injurious malevolent malignant noxious ominous pernicious ruinous sinister threatening venomous vindictive woeful baleful deleterious destructive disastrous fatal malefic pestilent pestilential poisonous affliction bane blot on the landscape canker contamination corruption decay dump eyesore fungus infestation mildew pest pestilence pollution rot scourge sight withering atrocity baneful blight Evil EVIL E.V.I.L. spongebob spongebob squarepants dirty bubble man ray barnacle boy lemons madonna sexy dumb poop cheese greedy egotistic mean mercenary miserly narrow stingy egoistic hoggish kind caring covetous gluttonous hoarding money-grubbing pleonectic predatory rapacious selfish tight acquisitive avaricious avid close-fisted eager ensurient envious grabby grasping green-eyed grudging hogging itchy jealous keen piggish prehensile ravenous swinish voracious yearning conceited egoistical egomaniacal egotistical individualist individualistic megalomaniac narcissistic pompous self-absorbed self-centered self-concerned self-indulgent self-interested self-loving self-serving stuck-up vainglorious wrapped up in oneself absolute aloof aristocratic chic choice chosen circumscribed clannish classy cliquish closed complete confined country club discriminative elegant entire exclusionary exclusory fashionable full independent licensed limited only particular peculiar posh preferential private privileged prohibitive restrictive ritzy segregated select single snobbish socially correct sole swank total undivided unique upper crust whole desirous extorting extortionate niggardly penny-pinching penurious tightfisted usurious venal carnivorous close craving devouring edacious esurient gobbling gormandizing gulping guzzling hungry impatient insatiable insatiate intemperate omnivorous parsimonious pennypinching ravening tight-fisted egocentric exclusive Selfish SelFish tight rigid firm set quiet fast still solid stiff movable loose soft moving unfixed broken stated rooted level steady narrow sure agreed rigged set-up inexact weak mended rebuilt going whole refitted sorted in order unsteady variable actual categorical conclusive consummate decided decisive definite exact factual fixed genuine infallible positive precise unambiguous undeniable unequivocal unmitigated unquestionable captivated consumed deep in thought engaged engrossed fascinated gone head over heels held immersed intent involved lost preoccupied rapt really into up to here wrapped up determined hanging tough hard-nosed immovable inexorable inflexible insistent intransigent obdurate pat relentless resolute set in stone standing pat stubborn unbendable unbending uncompromising unrelenting unshakable unswayable adapted adjusted amended converted cooked corrected diversified doctored fitted modified qualified redone reformed remade remodeled renovated reshaped retailored revised spiked transformed turned updated beyond doubt cinched clear-cut clinched confirmed dependable ensured guaranteed in the bag indubitable insured irrefutable made certain nailed down on ice pronounced racked sealed secure settled sewed up surefire undoubted absolute absorbed adamant altered assured Fixed protean varying fickle mutable fitful flighty fluid mobile movable vagrant variant stable steady calm fixed sure AC-DC adjustable all around alterable can-do changeable compliant conformable convertible ductile easy-going flexible hanging loose malleable modifiable moldable plastic pliable pliant resilient supple switch-hitting tractable variable versatile accommodating adaptable capricious crazy empty-headed fatuous feather-brained foolish frivolous giddy harebrained heady inane light-headed silly skittish unstable aberrant abnormal anomalous arbitrary bizarre desultory devious dicey directionless dubious eccentric flaky fluctuant idiosyncratic iffy incalculable inconsistent inconstant irregular meandering mercurial nomadic oddball peculiar planetary rambling roving shifting spasmodic strange stray uncertain undirected unnatural unreliable unusual vagarious volatile wayward weird whimsical changeful cheating deceitful dishonest double-crossing double-dealing doubting false fluctuating perfidious recreant skeptical traitorous treacherous two-faced two-timing unbelieving unconverted unfaithful unloyal untrue untrustworthy untruthful wavering coquettish faithless irresolute lubricious quicksilver sneaking temperamental ticklish unpredictable unsteady yo-yo dizzy erratic 2002 also moreover additionally again along along with and as well as well as besides conjointly further furthermore in conjunction with in like manner including likewise more more than that on top of over and above plus still to boot together with too withal added aggrandized amassed another augmented bounteous deeper else enhanced exceeding expanded extended extra farther fresh heavier higher in addition increased innumerable larger major massed new numerous other spare supplementary too many wider And? AND Quotation subject Subject greed arrogance assurance boastfulness boasting bragging conceit conceitedness egocentricity egomania gasconade haughtiness insolence megalomania narcissism ostentation overconfidence preoccupation with self presumption pride self-absorption self-admiration self-confidence self-importance self-interest self-love self-possession self-regard self-worship selfishness superiority swellheadedness vainglory vanity vaunting acquisitiveness avarice avidity covetousness craving cupidity eagerness edacity esurience excess gluttony gormandizing graspingness hunger indulgence insatiableness intemperance longing piggishness rapacity ravenousness swinishness the gimmies voracity egotism frugality meanness miserliness niggardliness providence egoism immodesty self-aggrandizement self-centeredness self-praise vainness egocentrism parsimony ego trip genre Genre feat trip scene peril hazard chance safety plan fact surety truth adventures bio biography confession diary experience journal letter letters life life story memoir personal history reminiscences self-portrayal autobiography biog close-up confessions experiences life history personal account personal anecdote personal narrative personal record picture profile résumé saga sketch vita adventure circumstance contingency fate fluke fortuity fortune happening luck occasion occurrence turn accident advantage bad luck break cast casualty coincidence destination destiny doom even chance future gamble good luck hap haphazard heads or tails hit in the cards kismet lot lottery luck out lucky break misfortune odds outcome peradventure providence risk stroke of luck throw of the dice toss-up turn of the cards way the cookie crumbles wheel of fortune attempt be bold brave endanger endeavor go ahead make bold pluck up presume run the risk speculate stake take a chance take heart try try one's hand undertake venture accomplishment act action ballgame big idea bit byplay cause commission crusade enterprise exploit follow through game happenin' performance quest reality securing stunt thing tour de force winning dare deed Adventure AD-venture adventurous explorer expedition adventurer explore mission march journey cruise fun weed advertisements websites stupid boredom internet danger exciting excitement trek ride flying tour trip walk junket voyage hop ramble drive swing riding biking fly sail move visit cross carry cruise wander roam jet rove wend cover jaunt motor scour remain ignore stay halt stop actuate circle fly about get about get around go about gyrate mill around mobilize move around radiate revolve rotate set off travel information technology means media public relations publicity route telecommunications transport boat coast drift fare gad gallivant hie journey keep steady pace meander navigate pass proceed push on repair wander about advance bear down bicycle bike burn rubber burn up the road cycle dash direct drag fire up floor it guide handle impel lean on it make sparks fly manage operate pour it on propel push roll run send speed spin start steer step on it step on the gas tailgate tool turn vehiculate wheel campaign caravan cavalcade company crew crowd crusade enterprise entrada excursion exploration explorers fleet mission outing party patrol peregrination picnic posse quest safari squadron team travellers undertaking voyagers wayfarers analysis examination expedition inquiry inspection probe reconnaissance research scrutiny search study circulate communications
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