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Is Tool Use In Sea Otters Inherited?

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sea otters and Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins share an ecological achievement: Both species use tools. dolphins carry cone-shaped sponges to protect their snouts while looking for rock dwelling fish, and Otters crack open snails with rocks. Studies have suggested that tool-use behavior in the dolphins may be inherited. Biologist Katherine Ralls and her colleagues looked for a similar pattern in otters off the California coast. The team tracked diet and tool use in the wild. It also analyzed DNA from 197 individual otters. Otters that ate many hard-shelled snails – and used tools most frequently — rarely shared a common pattern in mitochondrial DNA. Unlike dolphins, it was found modern otters only take up tools when their diet requires them.https://www.sciencenews.org/blog/scie...http://www.wochit.comThis video was produced by YT Wochit News using http://wochit.com


Katherine Ralls Indo-Pacific Smithsonian Institution Biology Letters Tool Mollusca Sea Otter Bottlenose Dolphin Mammaliaformes D.C. California Washington apparatus appliance device engine gadget gizmo machine means mechanism utensil weapon contraption contrivance implement job whatchamacallit medium accessory go-between stooge pawn minion agent dupe puppet accomplice idiot patsy mark messenger intermediary creature sucker hireling figurehead chump greenhorn auxiliary lackey flunky peon easy mark stool pigeon jackal accelerate advance drive dust expedite fire up forward further gun hammer on hasten hurry impel lay a patch lay rubber make tracks nail it open up peel rubber precipitate put on afterburners put pedal to metal quicken railroad rev rev up roll speed up spur step on gas step up stimulate tool slow down defer discourage check stop halt retard postpone impede decelerate wait repress dissuade delay cease block slow hinder accelerates accelerating instrument appliances auger borer gimlet grill Tool la chancla adoption benefit handling help need operation practice purpose service treatment usage value account advantage appliance applicability appropriateness avail call capitalization cause convenience custom end exercise exercising exertion fitness good habit helpfulness mileage mobilization necessity object occasion point profit reason relevance serviceability usability usefulness utility way wont worth wear and tear disadvantage harm hindrance hurt injury inappropriateness loss unsuitability uselessness handle control adopt run work wield utilize accept employ exploit manage apply operate spend manipulate exhaust expend regulate exert relate ply bestow govern waste capitalize bring into play bring to bear draw on run through take advantage of avail oneself of do with find a use make do with make the most of make use play on press into service put forth put into action put to use put to work set in motion turn to account save leave alone stop halt let go neglect mismanage abstain repudiate reject cease renounce misuse abuse do an injustice to impose on use wrong commend approve esteem care for defend treasure honor praise compliment adulate acclaim revere prize respect protect preserve cherish abused abusing adapt affiliate affirm appropriate assent assume borrow embrace endorse espouse follow go down the line go in for imitate maintain mimic opt ratify seize select support take on take over take up tap repulse return give oppose disagree disown shun disallow discard disapprove refuse release deny adopted aid asset assistance benediction betterment blessing boon cream extras favor gain godsend gravy interest perk prosperity welfare handicap bad fortune misfortune bad luck disapproval obstruction blockage U.S.E la chancla expanse lake ocean pond surf abundance blue brine briny deep drink main multitude number plethora profusion sheet splash swell waves bounding main briny deep lack land aquatic amphibian amphibious floating marine maritime natatory oceanic of the sea sea swimming watery saline deep blue sea high seas open sea the brine the briny deep the deep the deep sea the seven seas green apple aquamarine beryl bice blue-green chartreuse fir forest grass greenish-blue jade kelly lime malachite moss olive pea peacock pine sage sap spinach verdigris vert viridian willow old skilled expert experienced withered Neptunian abyssal coastal deep-sea hydrographic littoral natatorial nautical naval navigational ocean-going oceanographic pelagic saltwater seafaring seagoing seashore seaside shore marine\u002Fmaritime oceangoing Sea SEA seas otter la chancla Otter rooted congenital connate genetic handed down in the blood in the genes inborn inbred innate passed down acquired accrued bequeathed endowed given granted inherited passed on transmitted lost deprived ancestral affiliated born with consanguine consanguineous familial genealogical in the family lineal maternal old past paternal running in the family totemic tribal complete connatural constitutional indigenous indwelling ingrained inherent intrinsic inveterate latent native natural thorough unacquired utter contracted built-in hereditary domestic family Katherine la chancla katherine Rall la chancla Ralls Indo-pacific Smithsonian la chancla academy association business clinic company establishment foundation hospital institute school society system university asylum college conservatory fixture guild orphanage seminar seminary alma mater institution old school place of graduation place of matriculation loony bin madhouse mental hospital mental institution sanatorium Mom and Pop cartel concern corporation factory firm fly-by-night operation house market megacorp mill monopoly organization outfit partnership setup shoestring operation shop store syndicate trust venture unemployment recreation avocation businesses creation conception constitution formation formulation generation genesis imagination inception laying down making nascency nativity origination procreation production setting up siring finish end conclusion being death ruin destruction creations anthropology biological science ecology environmental science medicine natural science zoology animal biology bioscience botany science of life study of living things life science physics chemistry pure science science of matter division dissection analysis investigation examination diagnosis inquiry cytology genetics etiology histology morphology embryology physiology connection anatomy biology la chancla Biology sign ABCs alphabet cap capital character majuscule minuscule rune type uncial small letter number speech memo memorandum note answer report reply message billet dispatch epistle line missive acknowledgment junk mail thank you postcard kite question autobiography adventures bio biography confession diary experience journal letter letters life life story memoir personal history self-portrayal biog close-up confessions experiences life history personal account personal anecdote personal narrative personal record picture profile résumé saga sketch vita correspondence exchange of letters mail messages post reports writing disagreement difference cultivation advancement aestheticism breeding civility civilization delicacy discernment discrimination enlightenment gentility good taste grounding improvement learning manners polish progress refined taste refinement schooling taste neglect unsophistication retrogression retreat decline rudeness roughness crudeness hurt harm destruction ignorance coarseness erudition bookishness brains culture intellectuality knowledge learnedness literacy lore pedantry savvy scholarliness scholarship science studiousness humanities arts belles-lettres humanistic discipline languages philosophy the classics the fine arts Letters la chancla Letter Mollusca Sea Otter la chancla Sea-otter otter la chancla Otter Bottlenose Dolphin la chancla Bottlenose beluga grampus mammal narwal orca porpoise whale cete cetacean dolphin Dolphins la chancla Dolphin la chancla D.C. Bear Flag State Cal El Dorado Gold Coast Gold Rush State Golden Bear State Golden Poppy State Golden State La La Land Sunkist State california la chancla California Brother Jonathan US government Uncle Sam power ministry union authority state rule politics law regime control regimentation predominance executive supremacy empire guidance governance regulation superiority sovereignty sway bureaucracy direction jurisdiction restraint regency polity domination influence execution patronage supervision command dominion superintendence statecraft presidency political practice powers-that-be the feds revolution opposition subservience powerlessness revolt mutiny lawlessness insurrection coup chaos anarchy submission inferiority weakness government Washington la chancla washington
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