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Israelis taunt Palestinian hunger strikers by having barbecue

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  Israeli Jews stage a BBQ outside a prison to taunt Palestinian hunger strikers with the smell of roasting food. [video]   Israelis taunting Palestinian prisoners   Israeli troops clash with Palestinians rallying in support of hunger strikers   Palestinian protestors dispersed with tear gas in West Bank   Settlers set up barbeques to taunt Palestinian hunger strikers   French hunger strikers join global effort for Palestinian prisoners   PALESTINIANS END HUNGER STRIKE WINNING 80% OF THEIR DEMANDS   Palestinians End Hunger Strike Winning 80% of Their Demands   Palestinian prisoners transferred to hospital   Jordanians Rally for Palestinian Hunger Strikers   More Palestinian inmates join hunger strike in Israeli jails   Palestinian prisoners end mass hunger strike after securing concessions   Palestinian Restaurants Change Menu in Solidarity with Hunger ...   Israeli troops injure dozens of Palestinian protesters in West Bank   Canada: Pro-Palestinian protesters rally outside Israeli consulate in Toronto   More Palestinian prisoners join open-ended hunger strike   State of Palestine: Israeli forces launch tear-gas at protesters following prison demo   Your Evening News From Israel - May 11, 2017   100 more Palestinian prisoners join mass hunger trike   "New Intifada may rise if hunger strikes continue"   Guantanamo Bay hunger strikers treated like animals, says lawyer   Palestinian end 40 day hunger strike   Israel rejects negotiations with jailed Palestinian hunger strikers   Israeli police assault protesters supporting Palestinian hunger strikers   Terror Attack in Har Adar   Netanyahu: PA must stop funding jailed attackers   Mass hunger strike at Israeli jails enter 4th day   State of Palestine: Israelis use BBQ'ed meat to goad Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike   Israel "wont negotiate" with hunger strikers   Arab League: Israel 'abusing' Palestinian prisoners   Israel-Palestine Tensions: Hundreds march in support of hunger strikes   Palestinian prisoners go on hunger strike   UN "monitoring" hunger strike in Israeli jails   WATCH: The Palestinian government is paying terrorists who murder Israelis.   Palestinians in Israeli jails continue hunger strike   The Daily Brief: Venezuela's Delcy Rodriguez Announces OAS Exit   WATCH: We remember the 4 Israelis murdered yesterday in Tel Aviv by Palestinian terror.   Palestinians go on general strike to protest Trump visit   Terror From Gaza Continues   Israel-Palestine Tensions: Prisoners suspend hunger strike after 40 days   WATCH: Palestinian soccer team held an official CELEBRATION for a terrorist   Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike call for week of rage   Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails go on hunger strike   Palestinian inmates to go on hunger strike on Monday   Palestinian prisoners to go on mass hunger strike in Israeli jails   Palestinians clash with Israeli forces over hunger strike   Three Israelis Killed In Terror Attack On Jewish Town   Israelis take to streets to support Palestinian state   Palestinian prisoners gear up for mass hunger strike   Israeli forces attack Palestinian hunger strike march   Hunger striker, Mohammed Al-Qeq meets his family for the first time since ending his hunger strike   Edinburgh students hunger strike: Day 5   Mohammed Assaf takes on the Salt Water Challenge   Live images of clashes between Israeli forces, Palestinian people in Beit El, Bethlehem   Palestinians rally in solidarity with hunger strikers   Palestinian homes demolished by Israelis in West Bank   Israel-Palestine violence: another day of terror   Fiamma Nirenstein: European-Israel Relations   State of Palestine: Mothers of hunger strikers rejoice as Palestinian prisoners suspend action   Palestinian protesters and Israeli demonstrators at Federal Building on Wilshire on August 10, 2014   Gazans express solidarity with hunger-strikers   Turkish hunger strikers protest post-coup purge   Demonstrators backing Turkey hunger strikers arrested   The Debate – Palestinian Prisoners Plight   Vigil for Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike   Israeli flags set on fire in Morocco to show support for Palestinian hunger strikers   Morocco: Israeli flags burn in Rabat in solidarity with Palestinian hunger strikers   Palestinian Hunger Strikers in Israeli Jails Protest Trump's Visit to Israel   Your Evening News From Israel - Apr. 18, 2017   Palestinians Strike in Solidarity of Hunger Strikers   Gazans protest in solidarity with hunger strikers   Son of Hunger-Striking Palestinian Leader Marwan Barghouti: I Haven't Touched My Father in 15 Years   Students drink salt water for hunger strikers   Impact of moving U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem   Ami Horowitz debunks John Kerry’s West Bank claims

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