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It is viable to score Ippon with obi-tori-gaeshi?

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Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki, Tokai University, I.B.U.Obi Tori Gaeshi


Obi Tori Gaeshi Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki Judo Tokai University International Budo University Tachi Waza Nage Waza Sutemi Waza Japanese Judo MMA Mixed Martial Arts (Martial Art) usable feasible applicable possible workable operable doable unlikely animate around awake breathing cognizant conscious dynamic existing extant functioning growing knowing live living mortal operative running subsisting viable vital working zoetic moving able to hold water assertable believable conceivable credible defendable defensible imaginable maintainable rational reasonable supportable sustainable bread-and-butter budgetary commercial fiscal industrial material mercantile monetary money-making pecuniary productive profit-making profitable remunerative solvent achievable advantageous appropriate attainable beneficial breeze cinch duck soup easy as pie expedient fit fitting likely no sweat performable pie piece of cake practicable practical probable pushover realizable simple as ABC snap suitable worthwhile obtainable serviceable alive arguable economic count grade tally mark rate sum tab stock part music charts total bill debt favor add mend fail lose get win rack up reach pull off connect notch gain amass prosper secure impress procure thrive attain arrive flourish realize triumph chalk up luck out put over miss pass leave deface gash cleave indent graze scrape slit slash line gouge groove mill furrow sew fix set adapt smooth achieve bring about bring off carry out conclude consummate do a bang-up job do justice do one proud do the trick effect finish fulfill get someplace get there hit make hay make it manage nail it perform produce put it over score sew up take care of ABCs annal blow by blow bulletin chronicle detail explanation history lowdown make narration narrative play by play recital report run-down story take tale the picture the whole picture version IOU bad news balance book books charge check computation cuff grunt inventory invoice ledger reckoning record register statement accomplish acquire actualize bring to pass cap carry through close complete deliver discharge dispatch earn earn wings effectuate enact end execute follow through get done negotiate obtain perfect resolve seal see through settle sign solve wind up work out accommodation allowance bite credit deposit down payment floater front money hike increase loan prepayment retainer rise stake touch aplenty bags bulk bundle chunk expanse extent flock gob heap hunk jillion load lot magnitude mass measure mess mint mucho number oodles pack passel peck pile scads slat slew supply ton volume whopper account advance amount Score Scores ippon for near plus upon accompanying additionally also as companion as well at same time besides coupled with furthermore in addition to likewise moreover side by side simultaneously too with amid amidst betwixt encompassed by in dispersion through in the midst of in the thick of mid surrounded by by all of by the whole of in association with in connection with in the class of in the company of mutually out of together with with one another a step from abreast of adjacent to adjoining alongside aside at one's elbow at the edge of at the side of bordering on cheek by jowl close at hand close to close upon connected with contiguous to fornent in juxtaposition nearby neck and neck neighboring next door to nigh opposite overlooking round verging on at the hand of in the name of over supported by through through the agency of through the medium of under the aegis of via with the assistance of along with among other things as well as counting in conjunction with inclusive of made up of not to mention along among beside including W.I.T.H. WITH hoodoo spell charm jinx obeah reality corset girdle frame ribbon scarf belt abracadabra alchemy black art conjuring devilry divination enchantment evil eye hocus-pocus mumbo jumbo necromancy obi sorcery witchcraft witchery wizardry casement cincture cummerbund waistband voodoo sash Obi OBI Tori hoodoo spell charm jinx obeah reality corset girdle frame ribbon scarf belt abracadabra alchemy black art conjuring devilry divination enchantment evil eye hocus-pocus mumbo jumbo necromancy obi sorcery witchcraft witchery wizardry casement cincture cummerbund waistband voodoo sash Obi OBI Tori karate aikido jujitsu kendo kung fu t'ai chi judo kick boxing sumo wrestling tae kwon do wrestling martial art Judo To'kai academy college school book-learned bookish collegiate erudite intellectual learned pedantic scholarly scholastic studious university institution old school place of graduation place of matriculation alma mater association brainery halls of ivy halls of knowledge institute lyceum organization seminary academics advisers body clinic corps department employees instructors lecturers literati mentors pedagogues personnel professorate professors profs researchers scholars society staff tutors workers asylum business company conservatory establishment fixture foundation guild hospital orphanage seminar system think tank blackboard discipline faculty hall jail schoolhouse academic University global foreign world local all-around all-inclusive all-out blanket catholic comprehensive cosmic cosmopolitan earthly ecumenical encyclopedic exhaustive general grand international mundane overall pandemic planetary spherical sweeping thorough total unbounded universal unlimited common extensive multinational omnipresent ubiquitous experienced polished seasoned sophisticated urbane well-traveled worldly worldwide traveled International budo Budos Budo shit poo dung dookie pewp butt mud budoes budos budette buddo martial art japan judo bujutsu budo senmon gakko tachi Tachi waza WAZA Waza nage Na Ge Nage got any bud loot alright nigger china chinese awkward english word nope negitive yea right black nigga nig hood hoodrat compton bronx sanam ace ghetto Korean Asian Chinese Japanese byzantine oriental japanese MMA mma MMAS different diverse varied alloyed united assorted motley tied joint compound married woven composite hybrid mongrel blended brewed embodied kneaded fused merged interbred infused crossbred mingled crossed alike like lone same single attenuated contaminated corrupt defiled degraded depreciated deteriorated devalued diluted dissolved impaired mixed polluted tainted thinned vitiated watered down weakened accumulated added amassed assembled collected collective combined corporate cumulative heaped piled total clashing contradictory debatable doubtful equivocal fluctuating hesitant inconclusive irresolute opposed uncertain undecided unresolved unsure vacillating warring wavering diversified heterogeneous indiscriminate miscellaneous sundry variegated adulterated baseborn counterfeit fake false imperfect impure inferior irregular misbegotten misborn natural phony sham spurious suppositious ungenuine circuitous complicated compounded confused conglomerate convoluted elaborate entangled knotty labyrinthine manifold mixed-up mosaic multifarious multiform multiple multiplex tangled tortuous aggregate ambivalent bastard complex Mixed military hostile warlike kind nice civil advancing antipathetic assailing attacking barbaric bellicose combative contentious destructive disruptive disturbing encroaching hawkish intruding intrusive invading martial militant offensive pugnacious quarrelsome rapacious threatening Trojan adventuresome adventurous assured audacious cool daredevil daring dauntless doughty fearless fiery fire-eating gallant game gritty gutsy hardy heroic high-spirited impavid indomitable intrepid lionhearted nervy plucky red-blooded resolute spartan stalwart stand tall stouthearted strong tenacious tough unafraid undaunted valiant valorous venturesome venturous angry argumentative battling belligerent boxing brawling contending determined disputatious disputative fencing ferocious jingoistic jousting militaristic ready to fight scrappy skirmishing sparring tilting truculent unbeatable under arms up in arms warmongering wrestling active assertive assertory combating embattled fighting gladiatorial in arms pushy self-assertive vigorous warring aggressive armed army combatant noncivil soldierly bloodthirsty contrary inimical ructious unfriendly courageous Martial craft mastery trade knack method lack science want unskill guile deceit design painting molding portrayal imitation carving modeling shaping sculpting sketching arts belles-lettres humanistic discipline languages letters philosophy the classics the fine arts beaux arts ceramics drawing graphic arts photography sculpture ability achievement act art attainment bringing about capability carrying out completion conclusion consummation coup deed effecting effort execution exploit feat finish fulfillment performance production proficiency realization skill stroke talent triumph business career day gig dodge employment gig handicraft hang life's work lifework line metier mission métier nine-to-five occupation play province pursuit racket rat race slot swindle vocation walk of life work artwork oil picture piece portrait still life watercolor adequacy aptitude capacity competence cunning effectiveness efficacy efficiency facility faculty means might potency potential potentiality power qualification qualifiedness wherewithal humanities visual arts accomplishment calling canvas Art aight okay sure yes cool sweet awesome straight coo sounds good for sure right on frank zappa beautiful unique trash paint music poetry dance theatre creation concept visual fine art briggsy turder prize crayola pretentious arse piece Martial Art art aight okay sure yes cool sweet awesome straight coo sounds good for sure right on frank zappa drawing painting beautiful unique trash paint music poetry dance theatre creation concept visual fine art briggsy turder prize crayola pretentious arse piece
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