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It's time to d-d-d-d-d-d-Drain the Swamp

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Yugioh Donald Trump MAGA Drain the Swamp Yu-Gi-Oh yeems Trumpcare its itness Its On age date day era future generation hour life moment month occasion pace past point present season second space stage term turn week while year allotment bit bout chronology clock continuance duration epoch eternity extent infinity instance instant interval juncture lastingness lifetime shift span spell stint stretch tempo tide tour life span many a moon ending break chance show squeak shot peak heyday opening look-in accident advantage favorable circumstances fortune good luck luck opportunity stroke of luck time combination attachment association bad luck continuity continuation fastening binding misfortune breaks breaches clefts cracks discontinuities disjunctions divisions fractures gaps gashes holes rents rifts ruptures schisms splits tears combinations attachments associations connections agreements closures misfortunes bad lucks continuities continuations fastenings bindings junctures closings calendar agenda almanac annal bulletin card daybook diary docket journal lineup list log logbook menology pipeline program record register sked system of reckoning tab table timetable contingency fair shake fighting chance indications liability likelihood long shot odds outlook prospect scope wager scheme plan law design certainty assurance truth unlikelihood aim reality chances contingencies fair shakes fighting chances liabilities likelihoods long shots look-ins occasions openings opportunities outlooks prospects scopes shots shows squeaks times wagers schemes plans laws designs certainties assurances truths aims realities circumstance Moira action adjunct affair article case cause coincidence concern crisis destiny detail doom element episode event exigency fact factor fate feature fortuity happening happenstance incident intervention item kismet lot matter occurrence particular phase place portion proviso respect scene status stipulation supervention thing where it's at whole Time culvert ditch duct pipe sewer cesspool cloaca conduit outlet sink trench watercourse dry exhaust tap consume reduce siphon bleed strain pump deplete diminish divert sap suck empty debilitate tax devitalize decrease impoverish milk bankrupt draft dissipate waste quaff finish evacuate weary fatigue wear abate expend lessen withdraw swallow spend get rid of wear down tire out use up catheterize bleed dry draw off drink up filter off free from get last drop gulp down pump out suck dry keep save raise fill strengthen extend expand build pour refresh create hoard enlarge energize increase grow invigorate leak flow ooze decline percolate dwindle exude well trickle effuse flow out leave dry osmose run off taper off develop rise ate absorbed attacked banqueted bit bolted breakfasted broke bread chewed chowed down crammed devoured digested dined dispatched dispose of feast upon fed fell to gobbled up gorged gormandized grazed had a bite had a meal had for ingested inhaled lunched made pig of oneself masticated munched nibbled noshed partake of pecked at picked pigged out polished off porked out put away ruminated scarfed scoffed snacked supped swallowed took food took in took nourishment wolfed maintained built opened preserved misunderstood abstained bled drained exuded gushed hemorrhaged leeched oozed open vein phlebotomized ran seeped shed spurted trickled wept blackmail confiscate drain extract fleece leech mulct overcharge pauperize put the screws to rook skin squeeze steal stick strong-arm put in add offer give bleeding draining exuding gushing hemorrhaging leeching oozing phlebotomizing running seeping shedding spurting trickling weeping absorb apply avail oneself of devour dominate drivel eat up employ engross finish up fritter away frivol away go through have recourse to lavish monopolize obsess preoccupy profit by put to use run out of run through squander throw away trifle utilize vanish wash up wear out starve not use neglect gather collect appear construct fast store accumulate consumed Hoovered ate up downed gobbled gulped guzzled ingurgitated mealed mowed partook punished put down stuff one's face swilled took tossed down starved not used neglected gathered collected constructed fasted stored accumulated Drain affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense histrionical the bog marshland morass mud quagmire fen glade marsh mire moor polder quag slough swale swampland everglade holm muskeg peat bog drench inundate besiege saturate overload beset wash drown engulf submerge overflow sink satiate surfeit crowd upset snow submerse overcrowd whelm swallow up waterlog underwhelm pass up float dry bear bunch bundle chock cluster congest congregate crush deluge elbow flock gather huddle jam jam-pack justle mass muster pack pack 'em in pack like sardines pile push ram sardine shove squash squeeze squish stream surge swamp swarm throng top off troop leave abandon throw away pull let go spread separate divide distribute retreat scatter disperse crowding bearing bunching bundling chocking clustering congesting congregating crushing deluging elbowing flocking gathering huddling jam-packing jamming justling massing mustering overcrowding packing packing 'em in packing like sardines piling pushing ramming sardining shoving squashing squeezing squishing streaming surging swamping swarming thronging topping off trooping uncompressing leaving abandoning throwing away pulling let going spreading separating dividing distributing retreating scattering dispersing crowds bears bunches bundles chocks clusters congests congregates crushes deluges elbows flocks gathers huddles jam-packs jams justles masses musters overcrowds packs packs 'em in packs like sardines piles pushes rams sardines shoves squashes squeezes squishes streams surges swamps swarms throngs 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obstructing outflanking outmaneuvering overpowering overrunning overthrowing overwhelming parrying prevailing over quelling reducing repelling repressing repulsing rolling back routing sacking shipwrecking sinking slaughtering smashing subduing subjugating suppressing surmounting torpedoing trampling trashing upsetting vanquishing whipping wiping out inspiriting giving up opening building freeing fixing forwarding encouraging advancing allowing saving strengthening winning supporting promoting helping clearing failing yielding losing abetting constructing liberating floating creating facilitating permitting increasing growing releasing attracting assisting aiding surrendering defeats ambushes annihilates bars bears down beats bests blocks butchers decimates demolishes discomfits drowns entraps finishes off halts hinders impedes licks mows down obliterates obstructs outflanks outmaneuvers overpowers overruns overthrows overwhelms parries prevails over quells reduces repels represses repulses rolls back routes routs sacks shipwrecks sinks slaughters smashes subdues subjugates suppresses surmounts tramples trashes upsets vanquishes whips wipes out inspirits gives up opens builds frees fixes forwards encourages advances allows saves strengthens wins supports promotes helps clears fails yields loses abets constructs liberates floats creates facilitates permits increases grows releases attracts assists aids surrenders Swamp yugioh donald trump Donald aid ascendancy asset assistance authority avail blessing boon break choice comfort convenience dominance edge eminence expediency favor gain good gratification help hold improvement influence interest lead leeway leverage luck mastery odds position power precedence preference prestige prevalence profit protection recognition resources return sanction starting superiority support supremacy utility wealth ace in the hole leg-up pre-eminence trump card upper hand bad fortune bad luck block blockage debt disadvantage 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assist soothe discomfiting abashing annoying baffling balking bothering checkmating confounding demoralizing discomposing disconcerting discountenancing disturbing embarrassing fazing flustering foiling irking outwitting overcoming perplexing perturbing preventing rattling ruffling taking aback thwarting unsettling upsetting vexing worrying worsting yielding making happy encouraging pleasing settling ordering composing supporting helping abetting delighting reassuring explaining enlightening appeasing calming assisting aiding comforting soothing Trumps MAGA drain the swamp Drain the Swamp yugioh Yeem yeem TrumpCare Trumpcare trumpcare
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