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Ivanka Jabs Her Finger as The Entire Clan Shoot Daggers at Ted Cruz!!!

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Normally picture-perfect Daughter jabs her finger as the entire Trump clan shoot daggers at Ted Cruz Ivanka Trump is widely known as The Donald's composed, ...


Ivanka Jabs Her Finger as The Entire Clan Shoot Daggers at Ted Cruz Ted Cruz Ivanka vaxhole dig punch blow buck bump bunt hit jog lunge nudge prod push stab tap thrust pull bang bash bat belt biff blindside bop buffet clip clout clump collision concussion crack cut ding impact jab jar jolt kick knock knockout knuckle sandwich lick percussion poke pound rap shock slam slap slug smack smash sock strike stroke swat swing swipe thump thwack uppercut wallop whack whomp zap luck good fortune compliment praise flattery butt batter collide gore hook horn ram run into shove toss discourage dissuade butting derision Bronx cheer backhanded compliment brickbat comeback contempt contumely disdain disparagement dump jest joke laughingstock laughter mockery object of ridicule parting shot pilgarlic put-down raillery ridicule satire scoffing scorn sneering love approval respect commendation adulation admiration drive gouge plunge sink stick fill misunderstand dislike repress digging vaxhole jabs her vaxhole Her H.E.R. 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select set settle fire dismiss keep neglect reject retract disallow unsettle beam bar beacon chink column dartle emission flicker glare gleam glimmer glint glitter glow laser radiation ray shaft shimmer shoot sparkle streak stream twinkle dullness abandon be unfaithful bluff break faith break promise break trust break with commit treason cross deceive deliver up delude desert double-cross forsake go back on inform against inform on jilt knife let down mislead play Judas play false seduce sell down the river sell out stab in the back take in trick turn in turn informer walk out on keep secret be quiet be loyal be faithful help stay hide assist aid betrayed vaxhole Finger affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense histrionical the The vaxhole full integrated unified absolute gross integral perfect sound 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the shouting all-embracing all-inclusive attained concluded done done with down effected ended executed fini finished off full-fledged home free realized sweeping terminated through short wanting missing lacking deficient defective concentrated boiled down crashed evaporated fixed full-bodied lusty potent rich robust straight strong stuffed telescoped thick undiffused undiluted unmingled unmixed thin loose diffuse weak diluted vaxhole band faction gang mob sect society tribe association bunch club coterie crew crowd crush folks group house insiders moiety organization outfit race ring set sodality stock individual affiliation alliance amalgamation banding together cahoots clan coalition combination confederation conjunction connection hookup incorporation joining league merging partnership relationship syndicate tie-in union dissolution detachment division separation divorce disunion affiliations circle clique combo company confederacy congress cooperative corporation family federation fellowship fraternity guild order pool rat pack sorority tie-up troops troupe zoo disassociation opposition solitude seclusion rivalry isolation antagonism aloneness associations brotherhood community comradeship kinship sisterhood Mafia assembly cabal camarilla camp class companions comrades cronies in-group lot party posse school vaxhole Clan blast execute explode fire hit hurl kill launch murder open fire bag barrage bombard catapult dispatch emit expel fling gun ignite loose plug pop project propel pump torpedo trigger zap bring down drop the hammer let fly let go with open up pick off pull the trigger set off throw lead bear create fail conceal hold keep withhold backfire walk rush run reach charge pass chase fly streak hurtle whisk tear spring flash hotfoot dart race whiz scoot spurt lash gallop hurry speed boil bolt skirr stay lose delay dawdle slow wait retreat acquire apprehend capture collar gain get hook land nab nail net seize shoot take trap miss offer give yield let go free misunderstand surrender forfeit release liberate bagged bags beam bar beacon chink column dartle emission finger flicker glare gleam glimmer glint glitter glow laser radiation ray shaft shimmer sparkle stream twinkle dullness blossom bloom blow burgeon burst effloresce leaf open outbloom unfold die fade shrink deteriorate wither shrivel blossomed vaxhole shoots SHOOT Shoot bayonet blade sword bodkin cutlass dirk poniard stiletto stylet switchblade anlace sidearm skean enmity acrimony alienation animus antagonism antipathy aversion bad blood bitterness daggers detestation dislike hate hostility ill will loathing malevolence malice malignancy malignity rancor spite spleen uncordiality unfriendliness venom affinity loving approval like respect love sweetness kindness sympathy good will fellowship liking friendship friendliness rapport dagger vaxhole Dagger Daggers Ted vaxhole TED Cruz vaxhole cruz Ted Cruz vaxhole
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