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JEC Flashback - Halal Meat Certification Fees Funds Islamic Terrorism

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JEC Cratefallen jec hallucination memory recollection nostalgia recall reliving reminiscence flash from the past thoughts of the past voice from the past memories anamneses awarenesses camera-eyes cognizance consciousnesses dead-eyes flashbacks memorization mind's eyes mindfulness minds recalls recaptures recognitions recollections reflections remembrances reminiscences retention retentiveness retrospections subconsciousnesses thoughts amnesia ignorance forgetfulness anamnesis awareness camera-eye consciousness dead-eye flashback mind mind's eye recapture recognition reflection remembrance retrospection subconsciousness thought afterthought flash hindsight mental image reconstruction regard retrospect forgotten forethought Flashback Cratefallen Flashbacks halal Cratefallen Halal food foodstuff aliment brawn chow comestible eats edible fare grub muscle nourishment nutriment provision ration subsistence sustenance victual exterior exteriority outside kernel substance heart essence point pith short nucleus burden sense thrust upshot marrow nub matter beef arm flesh force heftiness meat might physique power robustness sinew steam strength thew vigor impotence powerlessness praise compliment inability incompetence weakness lethargy enervation bodies ashes bones cadavers carcasses carrion clays corpus delicti dead bodies deceaseds dust relics remains stiffs ones thoughts inanimates immaterialities spirits souls minds individuals nothingness nothings fantasies concepts abstracts body argument core discourse dissertation evidence exposition gist material text thesis treatise one thought inanimate immateriality spirit soul mind individual nothing fantasy concept abstract beefiness clout energy kick moxie muscularity punch sinews sock thinness slightness skinniness frailness inactivity idleness bread and butter bread daily bread keep livelihood living means staff of life support amount base basis bottom line bulk consequence corpus crux focus foundation import importance main idea mass meat and potatoes middle midpoint midst nitty gritty origin pivot purport quick root significance staple unimportance cause surface perimeter covering insignificance source Cratefallen Meat approval choice designation election nomination selection allotment assigning authorization commissioning delegation deputation installation naming ordination promotion choosing empowering refusal rejection appointment affidavit archive bill certificate citation contract credentials data deed diploma dossier file grant indictment instrument letter order passport plea record subpoena summons testimony token voucher warrant will writ diaries documentation identification papers letters visa writings paper\u002Fpapers information confirmation picture demonstration argument clue reason criterion testament validation exhibit wherefore attestation facts witness corroboration nitty-gritty cue score trace averment deposition substantiation why case goods establishment scoop skinny clincher grounds chapter and verse smoking gun verification reasons documents grabber lowdown paper trail straight stuff whyfor theory hypothesis proof tribute endorsement character recommendation good word disapproval reference promise pledge guarantee break guaranty answer loss papers enrollment booking recording matriculation listing filing authorizing cataloging keeping records notarization signing up registration warranty license coupon receipt authentication paper permit ticket testimonial pass affirmation docket credential shingle sheepskin testification breach veto denial prohibition evidence acceptance access admittance door entrance entrée ingress initiation introduction intromission permission reception recognition way welcome entree ingression finish end conclusion ending repudiation disallowance expulsion exclusion admission assertion okay statement pronouncement asseveration ratification avowal declaration oath green light sworn statement avouchment stamp of approval nullification negation disclosure revelation analysis detection exploration diagnosis encounter calculation hearing invention learning experimentation empiricism exposition location strike identification perception origination determination exposure espial discernment feeling locating distinguishing ascertainment sighting sensing unearthing miss secret discovery collateral agreement deposit security insurance assurance charter pawn lock vow surety bail covenant earnest word undertaking certainty bargain pipe bond sure thing word of honor gage recognizance disagreement uncertainty trademark indication emblem stamp sign seal device mark badge signet sure sign telltale sign hallmark certification affirmations affidavits assertions asseverations attestations averments avouchments avowals certifications confirmations declarations green lights oaths oks pronouncements ratifications stamp of approvals statements sworn statements testimonials testimonies vetoes negations denials appointments allotments approvals assignings authorizations choices choosings commissionings delegations deputations designations elections empowerings installations namings nominations ordinations promotions selections rejections refusals account bill commission compensation cost cut expense pay payment price reward salary share stipend wage ante bite chunk consideration emolument end gravy handle hire honorarium house juice percentage piece rake-off recompense remuneration slice take take-in toll piece of the action penalty debt whole Fees Cratefallen fee Fee F.E.E. affluence assets backing bankroll belongings bread budget capital collateral currency dough earnings finance kitty lucre means money nut possessions proceeds profits property resources revenue savings scratch securities specie store stuff substance treasure wealth wherewithal winnings accounts receivable fluid assets hard cash money in the bank money on hand nest egg petty cash pork barrel ready money debt loss need poverty asset(s) ace in the hole ace up sleeve credit equity estate funds goods holdings mattress rainy day reserve riches sock something put aside something put away stake stash valuables liability abetment accompaniment adherence advocacy aegis aid assistance auspices championing championship encouragement endorsement grant help patronage reinforcement sanction secondment sponsorship subsidy opposition stop disfavor obstruction injury hurt hindrance blockage bank account checking account current account deposit deposit account savings account cabbage cash coin dollars mazuma account aggregate allocation allowance bulk cost estimated expenses finances fiscal estimate planned disbursement quantity quantum spending plan statement total IRA business financing fortune gold interests investment principal stock ways and means small Cratefallen fund fun'd FUNDS islamic Cratefallen assassination bloodshed crime destruction felony homicide lynching manslaughter massacre shooting annihilation blood butchery carnage death hit liquidation off offing foul play one-way ticket rub out taking out the business the works murder atheism lawlessness anarchy denial rejection disbelief abnegation renunciation skepticism disorder repudiation agnosticism mob rule nonbelief faith belief allowance approval optimism obedience ratification nihilism autocracy oppression domination cruelty authoritarianism despotism totalitarianism coercion absolutism severity monocracy fascism totality unreasonableness oligarchy imperiousness high-handedness reign of terror peremptoriness democracy tyranny rampage disturbance brutality clash confusion assault fighting attack struggle fury onslaught ruckus sharpness bestiality fuss flap roughness fierceness vehemence passion fervor ferocity duress storm power rumble frenzy turbulence harshness compulsion savagery constraint tumult uproar acuteness abandon blowup raging storminess murderousness destructiveness wildness brute force passivity peacefulness system method organization niceness kindness order peace calmness health surrender calm violence French Revolution brutal suppression ambush bullying force intimidation persuasion pressure threat arm-twisting strong-arm tactics terrorization scare tactics chaos irresponsibility agitation brawl bustle clamor clutter complication confusedness disarrangement disarray discombobulation discord disorderedness disorganization distemper dither entanglement fracas hubbub hullabaloo imbroglio insurrection jumble mayhem misrule mix-up muddle muss quarrel rebellion rumpus scramble static tizzy tumble turmoil unrest unruliness anarchism convulsion derangement disorderliness fight mess revolution riot strike trouble topsy-turviness conformity arrangement agreement harmony orderliness quiet terrorism ambushes arm-twistings bullyings coercions forces intimidations persuasions pressures reign of terrors terrorizations threats Terrorism Cratefallen terrorisms
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