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JPostTV: Questioning the value of the Ultra Orthodox Kapparot ritual

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A conservative rabbi, an Ultra Orthodox butcher, and a minister, all agree: the Kapparot ritual must be abolished. In the days leading up to Yom Kippur, the ...


Kapparot Yom Kippur atonement Jewish Jews Judaism ritual religious ceremony sacrifice chickens animal rights animal cruelty rabbi Amir Peretz Ultra Orthodox Jerusalem haredi Mea Shearim slaughter The Jerusalem Post JPostTv TvJPost JPostVideo positive costive rhpositive copiest justify rh positive copiosity cops out go past be positive gapes at just for co piosity keeps out positive costive rhpositive copiest justify rh positive copiosity cops out go past be positive gapes at just for co piosity keeps out examination catechism inquest inquiring inquisition analytic\u002Fanalytical cogent conclusive detailed diagnostic discrete dissecting explanatory expository inquisitive interpretive investigative judicious logical organized penetrating perceptive perspicuous precise problem-solving questioning ratiocinative rational reasonable scientific searching solid sound studious subtle systematic testing thorough valid well-grounded analytical analytic reasonably synthetical unsystematic illogical disorganized chaotic cursory argument argumentation assertion case claim contention debate defense discussion exchange expostulation grounds line of reasoning logic plea pleading polemic proof reason reasoning remonstrance remonstration arguments catechization exam Thoughts and prayers affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense histrionical the Thoughts and prayers The amount cost expense price profit rate appraisal assessment charge equivalent market price monetary worth detriment disadvantage use power quality sense meaning content importance benefit purpose significance import valuation bearing force help connotation grade merit caliber usefulness goodness interpretation eminence utility mark state excellence finish regard drift preference repute condition account substance denotation 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extremist fanatical far-out gone immoderate out of bounds outlandish outre outré rabid radical revolutionary too much middle moderate extremely acutely almighty awfully drastically exceedingly exceptionally excessively exorbitantly extraordinarily highly hugely immensely immoderately inordinately intensely markedly mortally notably over overly overmuch parlous plenty powerful prohibitively quite radically rarely remarkably severely strikingly surpassingly terribly terrifically to nth degree too totally ultra uncommonly unduly unusually utterly very violently vitally moderately mildly little incompletely agitator die-hard fanatic revolutionist ultraist zealot conservative extremists major above better big chief considerable dominant elder exceeding extensive extreme greater hefty higher large large-scale larger leading main most oversized primary senior sizable superior supreme upper uppermost below short small secondary inferior humble lesser junior minor lower insignificant inconsiderable unimportant tiny subordinate alien awkward barbaric barbarous boorish clumsy curious droll eccentric erratic exotic extravagant fantastic foreign freakish gauche graceless grotesque kinky odd outrageous peculiar preposterous quaint queer ridiculous rude singular tasteless unconventional uncouth unheard-of unorthodox unusual weird whimsical wild plain ordinary nice conventional regular normal familiar common reasonable usual standard sensible berserk bigoted bitten corybantic crazed crazy delirious deranged enthusiastic fervent flipped foaming at the mouth frantic freaked out frenetic frenzied furious hot infuriated insane intemperate intolerant irrational keen mad mad-dog narrow-minded nutty obsessed overboard poisoned raging sick sizzling smoking steamed up violent virulent zealous happy unexcited unenthusiastic calm pleased delighted lethargic indifferent apathetic sane dispassionate disinterested Ultras Thoughts and prayers ultras according to the book acknowledged admitted approved authoritative buttoned-down by the numbers canonical conformist conservative conventional correct customary devout die-hard doctrinal established in line legitimate official old-line pious proper punctilious reactionary received recognized religious right rightful sanctioned sound square standard straight straight arrow traditionalistic true well-established heterodox unconventional unorthodox untraditional God-fearing churchgoing dedicated devoted ecclesiastical faithful godly goody-goody holy orthodox prayerful reverent righteous sacred spiritual theological irreligious accepted accustomed allowed arrived at authorized card-carrying chosen confirmed credited current endorsed fashionable in vogue kosher legit normal okayed passed popular preferred regular time-honored touted universal unopposed usual welcomed disapproved uncommon irregular different questionable unpopular unusual abnormal chronic common everyday expected general habitual ordinary routine set traditional typical unaccustomed believer acceptor adherent apostle canonist convert devotee disciple doctrinaire dogmatist follower freak prophet proselyte religionist religious person supporter upholder zealot non-believer disbeliever atheist agnostic adversary believers lawful legal statutory unsanctioned unrecognized unauthorized unacceptable Orthodox Thoughts and prayers parrot kippered carport appeared karate carrot parity parody capeador cabaret carat capered capote keep apart prod carp at gape at keep at kept at packrat keep aft 24karat pray to 24carat pack rat pack rod 24 carat 24 karat pack a rod act custom formality habit liturgy observance practice procedure rite routine stereotype sacrament ceremonial communion convention form ordinance prescription protocol service solemnity usage red tape difference neglect disagreement discord baptism ablution baptismal christening debut dedication immersion introduction launching lustration purgation purge purification rite of passage ritual sanctification sprinkling behavior action address air attitude bag bearing carriage code comportment conduct course dealings decency decorum deed delivery demeanor deportment ethics etiquette expression front guise habits management mien mode morals nature performance presence propriety role savoir-faire seemliness social graces speech style tact talk taste tenue tone way way of life ways listening immorality rest impropriety silence quiet bad manners indecency thoughtlessness carelessness stoppage repose inertia inactivity idleness cessation behaviors conventional accepted accustomed button-down commonplace correct current customary decorous everyday expected fashionable formal general habitual in established usage ordinary orthodox plain popular predominant prevailing prevalent proper regular square standard stereotyped straight traditional tralatitious typical usual well-known wonted unique original new uncustomary strange foreign rare different irregular uncommon unconventional exotic extraordinary abnormal unusual cult admiration ceremony craze creed cultus devotion faddism faith idolization persuasion religion reverence veneration agnosticism disrespect disregard disbelief exorcism casting out ejection expulsion Ritual Thoughts and prayers rituals mockup timekeeper mock up makeup make pair make up magpie gamekeeper markup mug up time keeper mark up muck up make pay time gap make a pair Yom Kippur Thoughts and prayers tom yon yam mom rom yom Thoughts and prayers Yom YOM yoms kipper kipe kip kippers copper skipper kipped dipper hipper nipper ripper tipper zipper jip capper keeper pour kipping kepi kaput cpu gip clipper kips spur keep kiped kipes penance redemption reparation amends expiation indemnification payment propitiation recompense redress restitution satisfaction dissatisfaction amende honorable atonement full apology making amends public recantation apology indemnity quittance reprisal requital restoration penalty apologies acknowledgment admission concession confession defense excuse explanation extenuation justification mea culpa mitigation plea vindication criticism complaint charge repudiation indictment defiance condemnation censure accusation refusal denial compensation advantage allowance benefit bonus bread consideration counterclaim coverage damages defrayal deserts earnings fee gain honorarium meet pay payoff premium profit reciprocity reckoning recoupment reimbursement remittal remittance remuneration reward salary salt scale settlement shake stipend take take-home wage forfeiture fine deprivation damage debt loss hurt immolation deduction discount hecatomb libation oblation offering reduction sacrificial lamb victim rise increase Hasidic Hebrew Judaistic Semitic jewish Thoughts and prayers Jewish Jew-ish Jew-ISH hews jaws jets dews fews mews news pews sews jew Thoughts and prayers Jew judas nudism sadism quietism kudos mutism jetsam cultism faddism jades quads jadest judders jutties codas cutis jutes quats Judaism Thoughts and prayers judaism religious women religious person religious woman religious community religious clerical devout doctrinal holy moral pious sacred sectarian spiritual theological believing devotional divine pontifical supernatural born-again canonical churchgoing churchly deistic ecclesiastical God-fearing godly ministerial orthodox pietistic prayerful priestly pure reverent righteous sacerdotal sacrosanct saintlike saintly scriptural theistic evil immoral irreligious irreverent sinful unholy unsacred vile wicked agnostic atheistic careless erring indolent lazy undetailed ungodly faithful exact fastidious meticulous punctilious rigid rigorous steadfast unerring unswerving biblical apostolic classical prophetic religious careful accurate alert apprehensive assiduous attentive chary choosy circumspect concerned conscientious conservative cool deliberate discreet exacting finicky fussy going to great lengths guarded heedful judicious leery mindful observant particular playing safe precise prim protective provident prudent regardful scrupulous selfdisciplined shy sober solicitous solid thorough thoughtful vigilant wary uncareful thoughtless loose false unconcerned uncaring unwise irrational idiotic unscrupulous reckless rash indiscreet incautious foolish inconsiderate inattentive heedless lax negligent questionable inexact inaccurate cenobite celibate monk nun churchlike churchy ecclesiastic deific godlike heavenly reverential Thoughts and prayers Religious commemoration function observance parade rite service show sacrament ceremonial custom formality liturgy ordinance solemnity tradition neglect pomp protocol form propriety decorum nicety preciseness prescription usage strictness conformity politeness formalism formal courtesy rudeness impoliteness impropriety bad manners anniversaries ceremony feast day festival holiday jubilee recurrence red-letter day anniversary celebration bash birthday blast blowout carousal conviviality festivity fete frolic gaiety gala glorification hilarity honoring hoopla hullabaloo jollification joviality jubilation keeping magnification memorialization merriment merrymaking party performance recognition remembrance revelry saturnalia solemnization spree triumph wingding failure sadness celebrations memorial service monumentalization tribute forgetting negligence courtesy address affability amenities amiability attentiveness chivalry civility comity complaisance consideration cordiality courteousness courtliness cultivation culture deference elegance familiarity favor friendliness gallantness gallantry generosity geniality gentleness good behavior good breeding graciousness indulgence kindness polish refinement respect reverence solicitude suavity sympathy tact thoughtfulness urbanity unmannerliness crudeness unfriendliness roughness meanness disfavor pompousness discourtesy coolness coldness ignorance aloofness thoughtlessness disrespect fear disregard disdain Ceremony Thoughts and prayers atonement deduction discount libation oblation offering penance reduction reparation sacrificial lamb increase rise suffer cede waive offer forfeit drop renounce yield forgo eschew spare endure immolate lose surrender kiss goodbye offer up part with resign oneself to hold keep continue win fight deny withhold gain reject refuse disallow abnegation abandonment abstinence eschewal forbearance giving up nixing refusal rejection relinquishment renunciation sacrifice self-denial stonewall temperance yielding excess sanction approval allowance admittance acquiescence self-indulgence intemperance indulgence bless absolve anoint baptize beatify canonize commend confirm consecrate cross dedicate enshrine eulogize exalt extol give thanks to glorify hallow honor invoke benefits invoke happiness laud magnify make holy offer benediction ordain panegyrize praise pray for pronounce holy sign sprinkle thank disrespect take debase criticize veto disapprove damn curse reproach denounce censure blame desecrate shame humiliate condemn castigate blesses blest bunt butt lay it down meet throw toss bunting Sacrifice Thoughts and prayers Sacrif Ice coward craven dastard funk poltroon quitter recreant scaredy cat yellow belly poultry biddy chick cock hen cockerel pullet capon rooster banty barnyard fowl cock-a-doodle-do cockalorum gump heeler chickenhearted chicken faint-hearted fearful lily-livered pusillanimous spineless timid yellow yellow-bellied chanticleer cock-a-doodle-doo alarmist baby caitiff chicken heart chicken liver cur deserter faint-of-heart faintheart fraidy-cat gutless invertebrate jellyfish lily liver malingerer mouse pessimist rabbit shirk shirker skulker sneak weakling white liver wimp hero aggressor cowardly dastardly mean-spirited poltroonish scared timorous weak-kneed wimpish wimpy wussy strong bold heroic courageous brave fraidy cat nebbish wheyface wuss cad Thoughts and prayers Chicken chickens animalities animalias animality animalizes animalisms anomalies animal foods equal rights animalized animal oils animalize animal lives it all rights animal spirits animal animal rights Thoughts and prayers Animal Rights bodily natural brute mammalian wild beastly bestial brutish corporeal earthly earthy feral fleshy muscular physical sensual untamed zoological gentle mild pet beast creature stray being mutt bum vertebrate invertebrate varmint critter living thing wild thing plant mineral athlete amateur animal challenger competitor contender contestant games player gorilla iron person jock jockey muscle person player professional sport sportsperson superjock athletes abominable barbarous base boorish brutal carnal coarse cruel degraded depraved disgusting ferine foul gluttonous gross inhuman irrational loathsome low monstrous obscene piggish prurient repulsive sadistic swinish unclean vile inoffensive superior nice kind good body conscious thing entity human human being individual mortal organism person personage soul thing deadness inanimate concept abstract actual corporal fleshly material normal organic somatic substantial tangible unspiritual mental spiritual soulful bearish inhumane rude savage unfeeling generous humane animals Thoughts and prayers Animal authority benefit business claim freedom immunity interest license power priority advantage appanage birthright comeuppance desert deserving due exemption favor franchise liberty merit permission perquisite preference prerogative title disadvantage disfavor corruption immorality injustice unfairness unjustness wrong integrity independence righteousness good truth propriety straight correctness uprightness lawfulness reason virtue goodness equity emancipation rightness properness honor rectitude legality enfranchisement wickedness dishonor unsuitableness impropriety dishonesty evil subordination repair square rectify redress restore overhaul doctor adjust emend mend recondition scrub vindicate launder reconstruct reward amend straighten patch settle recompense debug balance fix up pick up go straight clean up compensate for dial back do justice fiddle with make up for put in place put right recalibrate set straight set upright shape up sort out straighten out turn around move upset confuse hurt break punish harm worsen ruin injure destroy damage civil liberty Four Freedoms God-given right civil rights constitutional freedom constitutional rights freedom from fear freedom from want freedom of expression freedom of religion freedom of speech freedom of worship political liberty rights civil right God-given rights freedoms freedoms of citizens human rights legal rights natural rights rights of citizenship unalienable rights dibs dueness entitlement preemptive declaration privilege request be in line for compensation deserts guerdon merits need payment rate repayment reprisal retaliation retribution revenge right satisfaction vengeance what is coming to one sympathy pardon forgiveness satisfa penalty right? Thoughts and prayers Right animalcule animalcules animalcula animalculum animal culture animal animal cruelty Thoughts and prayers Animal Cruelty Animal cruelty barbarism barbarity inhumanity malice persecution savagery torture animality bestiality bloodthirstiness callousness coarseness coldness depravity despotism ferocity fierceness heartlessness insensibility insensitiveness malignity masochism mercilessness murderousness rancor ruthlessness sadism savageness severity spite spitefulness truculence unfeelingness unkindness venom viciousness wickedness brutishness fiendishness hard-heartedness kindness love charity compassion consideration feeling gentility mercy niceness thoughtfulness atrocity brutality catachresis corruption cruelty impropriety localism malapropism misusage misuse primitive culture provincialism solecism uncivilizedness vernacularism vernacularity vulgarism praise boorishness crudeness vulgarity choke hold grossness third degree humaneness gentleness deviltry black magic devilishment devilment devilry diablerie evil evil magic evildoing high jinks iniquity magic mischief-making mischievousness misdeed naughtiness offense prankishness rascality roguery roguishness shenanigans sin trouble witchcraft witchery wrong wrongdoing good virtue morality goodness happiness ferociousness violence wildness hardness acerbity austerity grimness hardheartedness harshness rigidity rigor rigorousness sharpness sternness strictness stringency toughness mildness Thoughts and prayers Cruelty priest teacher master rabbin talmudist chaplain cleric member of clergy pastor preacher rabbi turn-around collar clergyman abbey archbishop bible thumper bishop blackcoat cardinal cassock churchman clerk curate dean devil dodger divine ecclesiast ecclesiastic evangelist father harp polisher missionary monsignor padre parson pontiff predicant primate pulpitarian pulpiteer rector reverend sermonizer shepherd sky pilot sky scout the rev vicar layperson layman clergymen clergyperson churchperson person of God person of the cloth churchwoman clergywoman clerical minister Thoughts and prayers Rabbi imprest imperator imperators imparts impedes imports impress impetrates imprecates imparity impurity imperils operates emperors impressed amritas impetus empires empress impresses umpired umpires importers imputes armor plates impaired imprints am proud imperative improves armpits imperious imparities impurities emprise imprest as chieftain governor leader shah sheik emir amir Amir Thoughts and prayers prez prats berets pierrots prates peters perverts pirates pretzel presto purest parrots peered pretty preys preux pets prat rets spritz greets preens parents peeress ferrets pellets permits pyretic prate pared pares parts peats periods peris poets pored pores ports press pyres frets pelts pests preks prems preps prods peruse pirate pureed purees pareus parity period purity carets merits perils pre ks ultraists eldorados alterants illtreats altruistic el dorados elutriates altruists alter egos alterities ill treats ulterior motives ultra new jerusalem carousal carousals carousel gruesome grislier grisly carousels goes lame crassly crossly grizzle grew smaller gracile grease palm jerUSAlem Thoughts and prayers Jerusalem jerusalem hired harried horrid hatred harded hares harked harmed harped hated hard harder hare shared hardy bared cared dared fared haled harem hazed oared pared shred hairdo herd hoarded arid hate heard heed hoard hoarder hurried redo aired had hardier have do horde red chaired charred sheared hearer hoarer herder here heredity hied hire hoed hued rahed had it ham radio mushroom megrim washroom made room wash room make room media room mushrooms machismo showroom men room lachryma much same mead meal mean meat mega mesa maa mew meg men met lea pea sea tea yea Mea Thoughts and prayers Meas Me'a shearing sheared sharing shrimp serum sham sheering shim shear showroom shalom sheriff charm share harem sea room share in sharer shared shares cheerio sheerer charisma sheered theorem rim shrimpy chrism shammy shy from cherubim ream shot arm annihilation bloodbath bloodshed butchery carnage destruction extermination liquidation massacre murder birth wipe out torture slay liquidate rout butcher crush decimate maim destroy mutilate finish overwhelm stick defeat thrash waste mangle vanquish do in exterminate total trounce bear help lose save repair give birth build preserve surrender construct create annihilate abate abolish abrogate annul blot out demolish do in eradicate erase expunge exterminate extinguish extirpate finish off invalidate negate nullify obliterate quash quell raze root out rub out ruin slaughter take out undo vitiate wrack wreck establish approve support fix revive ratify legalize institute validate protect sanction permit assist aid annihilated decimation demolishment demolition elimination eradication extinction extinguishment obliteration construction building assassinate bump off eliminate execute gun down hit kill knock off keep beating bashing drubbing shellacking trouncing whipping triumph win victory purge war Thoughts and prayers Slaughter affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense histrionical the Thoughts and prayers The panel pole column doorpost leg mast newel pale palisade pedestal picket pile pillar prop rail shaft stake standard stilt stock stud unemployment appointment office assignment place position situation berth billet beat whereabouts locus delivery mail collection post office postal service put station set locate establish assign displace remove withhold report acquaint brief clue warn notify tell fill in apprive put wise to wise up hide conceal accustom advise apprise bring out come out with disclose divulge enlighten familiarize fix up get together habituate inform intro introduce knock down let know make familiar post present reveal secrete misrepresent mislead hold back falsify deceive suppress delude acquainting clue in give the word keep posted lay it out let in on make known put next to put on the line put on to show tip off update keep secret keep quiet pretend lie betray trick fool advises advising appointee candidate delegate employment nominee officeholder representative work Post Thoughts and prayers positive costive rhpositive copiest justify rh positive copiosity cops out go past be positive gapes at just for co piosity keeps out typist taupest tippest toppest tempest tripest tv set tippiest trippest deposit de posit top pest overpast dupest doorpost dappest deepest go past tops out live past move past trips out justified positivity cast vote just after
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