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JPostTV: Thessaloniki Jews mark deportation to Auschwitz

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Seventy years later, Jewish community in Greece's second largest city fears far-right Golden Dawn party. Produced & edited by Hadas Parush B&W photos ...


Holocaust Thessaloniki Saloniki Salonika Greece Jews Jewish community Greek Jews Golden Dawn anti-Semitism World War II Antonis Samaras deportation Auschwitz death camps JPostTV TvJPost JPostVideo positive costive rhpositive copiest justify rh positive copiosity cops out go past be positive gapes at just for co piosity keeps out positive costive rhpositive copiest justify rh positive copiosity cops out go past be positive gapes at just for co piosity keeps out tears along goes along lies along pass along Thessaloniki Thoughts and prayers thessaloniki hews jaws jets dews fews mews news pews sews jew Thoughts and prayers Jew impression imprint line point record scar score signature spot stain stamp streak symbol autograph blaze blot blotch brand bruise check cross dent dot ink label logo nick pock register representation scratch sign smudge splotch stroke tag ticket trace trademark underlining John Hancock John Henry brand name blank clarity unimportance marking hallmark attribute image 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greedy crease greasy grouse greece Thoughts and prayers Greece speech community bewitchment was command witty comment were command wert command jewish Hasidic Hebrew Judaistic Semitic jewish Thoughts and prayers Jewish Jew-ish Jew-ISH association center company district nation neighborhood people public society state colony commonality commonwealth hamlet locality populace residents territory turf body politic general public neck of the woods stomping ground disagreement dissimilarity semblance likeness affinity kinship identity sameness difference borough community precinct ward brotherhood affiliation alliance clan clique comradeship confederacy coterie fellowship fraternity guild league union sisterhood separation divorce common accepted coincident collective communal communistic commutual congruous conjoint conjunct constant corporate correspondent customary general generic in common intermutual joint like mutual popular prevailing prevalent reciprocal shared social socialistic 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inarticulate incoherent indistinct jumbled muddled tenebrous uncertain unreadable inexplicit unexplicit meaningful decipherable classic academic attic bookish canonical humanistic Latin Hellenic Doric roman scholastic Ionic Grecian Augustan Homeric Virgilian belletristic canonic classicistic modern complicated classical uncomprehensible babble baloney gibberish gobbledygook hogwash malarkey mumbo jumbo nonsense rubbish hooey Choctaw hokum double Dutch blather tripe jabber bunk poppycock balderdash rot twaddle double-talk prating truth sense drivel Greek greek Thoughts and prayers Greeks golden day golden days golden mean gotten down golden Golden Dawn Thoughts and prayers bright brilliant glorious rich shining auspicious best blissful delightful excellent favorable flourishing happy joyful joyous opportune precious promising propitious prosperous resplendent rosy successful valuable dark dull gloomy normal stupid typical unaware unintelligent disadvantaged ugly unsuccessful amber brown 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war major war world war World War II world war ii world war i worldweary world war iis world weary world war is Thoughts and prayers world war II earth nature cosmos creation macrocosm microcosm sphere star universe heavenly body terrene everyone realm race group division humankind humanity class everybody human race province life business area system field domain atmosphere memory ambience pursuits matters Homo sapiens flesh human species man mortality people society world being actuality animation journey living presence reality subsistence vitality inanimate deadness abstract galaxy macrocosmos megacosm solar system star system living world totality death ruin destruction creations existence breath continuance continuation duration endurance entity essence hand one is dealt individuality lifing permanence perseverance rat race real world something survival the big game end Thoughts and prayers World battle bloodshed combat conflict fighting hostility strife strike struggle warfare contention contest enmity hostilities cold war police action accord harmony peace surrender truce friendship good will kindness ceasefire differ contend shoot shell attempt clash challenge disagree bombard attack murder kill meet endeavor strive oppugn tug take on take up arms go to war campaign against engage in combat make war march against take the field against wage war make peace agree be lazy give up laze protect aid retreat armed aggression armed fighting armed hostilities engagement fight war agitate argue clamor dispute feud skirmish wrestle action assault barrage blitzkreig bombing brush campaign carnage crusade encounter fray havoc onset onslaught press ravage scrimmage significant contact sortie battled battles Thoughts and prayers War antonyms antinomies antisemites antonymous anti semites antiserums anti serums intensates untruisms at ones mercy indian summers at one's mercy un truisms intones antis antonyms anyones cantons wantons adonis antennas atones in tones intoners anatomies ancones antonym anoints antics ants in toners anodynes anteing antes attains etons intense interns intonings ontoing enjoins undoings addons atunes intone ontoes unions man towns and on in tense in terns un doings bon tons add ons at once in tone on toes Antonis Thoughts and prayers Antoni saharas sambas smarts same as cameras safaris smartass smears samovars summaries snares mares marys moras somas samps salaries smart ass amores sabres satyrs scares simbas smacks smails smazes smirks spares stares sierras s mails Samara Thoughts and prayers Auschwitz death factory extermination camp killing fields concentration camp Konzentrationslager death camp detention camp forced-labor camp gas chamber gulag internment camp labor camp prison camp prisoner-of-war camp death camps afterlife annihilation bereavement casualty cessation curtains darkness decease demise departure destruction dissolution downfall dying end ending eradication euthanasia exit expiration extermination extinction 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dormitory enclosure headquarters prefab center depot dock field hangar harbor home port post settlement site starting point station strip terminal branch top annex berth canton dwelling house residence bizarre bugged out curious eccentric extraordinary fantastic far-out freakish grody grotesque kooky ludicrous odd oddball off the wall offbeat outlandish outre outré peculiar queer ridiculous singular unusual way-out weird ordinary reasonable regular normal familiar common customary commonplace sensible usual standard Thoughts and prayers Camp positive costive rhpositive copiest justify rh positive copiosity cops out go past be positive gapes at just for co piosity keeps out typist taupest tippest toppest tempest tripest tv set tippiest trippest deposit de posit top pest overpast dupest doorpost dappest deepest go past tops out live past move past trips out justified positivity cast vote just after
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