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James Sikes - Prius Crash- Balloon Boy - Hoax?

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"balloon boy" James Sikes out of control prius Prius James sexy hot women attracted nice good-looking james jim jimmy urban dictionary jaymes jimbo fertility dieties european lore jamesly james0rz favourite fantastic fab brilliant intelligent handsome amazing best love personality asshole bitch dick fag sissy sike Sikes psych psyched out competitive edge advantage 1990s &39;90s 90s slang sarcasm nikes shoes cheap knock-off fake syke sike out psych out sake sukki sukki Prius prius abon gora gorix gorax abonster toyota shit gay hybrid rob buttsex miller place metcalf poop car shitty shittiest shitdick ecofreak hypermiling hippie mechanically illiterate liberals destruction death of motorsports toyota prius fagmobile enviro-twat green asshole condicsending evil satanic destroying america unpatriotic honda sucks pruis blast clash sound smash din wham burst clang peal slam boom crack clap loss impact wreck pileup shock crunch bump ram jar jolt thump total ditch thud abend dash shiver mend aid fix help plunge hurtle tumble dive drop collide slip meet topple sprawl upset lurch pancake pitch prang washout go in ascend rise abort crash bide bunk bunk out dwell hang out inhabit lodge nest perch reside room roost settle squat stay clatter detonate drum echo explode make noise rattle resound thunder bash beat hammer hit knock pound pummel rap strike whack bang blow-up detonation discharge dynamite eruption outbreak outburst salvo volley annihilate batter bust bust up crush damage demolish disintegrate divide eradicate finish off fracture fragment make hash of make mincemeat of part pull to pieces rend separate sever shatter snap splinter split tear torpedo trash abide break C.R.A.S.H. 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copy dummy facsimile imitation junque phony pseudo reproduction simulacrum blind crocodile tears dirty work duplicity feint fraudulence misrepresentation pretense ruse sellout shift smoke and mirrors soft soap stratagem subterfuge sweet talk wile beat beat out of beguile betray buffalo burn circumvent clip cozen cross up disappoint ensnare entrap falsify gouge hook impose upon lead on outwit play joke on pull fast one put on rob screw skin suck in take advantage of take for take for ride take to cleaners victimize counterfeit Hoax joke april fools day urban legends untrue away outside absent dead ended finished dated cold outmoded passé doused expired demode not on old-hat used up warm new here outward without altercation beef bickering blowup bone bone of contention bone to pick brannigan brawl brush clash controversy crusher debate difference of opinion disagreement dispute donnybrook dustup exchange face-off falling feud finisher flap fuss gin hassle knock down and drag out 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the world dopey drowsy drugged hebetudinous inconscious insensible lethargic out to lunch senseless sleepy sluggish slumberous soporose stupefied stupid stuporous torpid vegged out appear be announced be brought out be disclosed be divulged be exposed be issued be made known be promulgated be published be released be reported be revealed break debut get out leak transpire argument aside asleep broken come out Out outs outed outing closet outer bizarre fucked up bananas nuts crazy fight falling out punch up force rule curb weight clout juice check charge might bridle sway ropes strings chaos weakness neglect freedom dominate handle lead oversee manage command govern run regulate conduct head bully overlook direct boss domineer instruct regiment call advise subject guide steer pilot head up comply obey resign risk follow submit yield serve let go chance rush limit cow awe quell cool arouse share start allow free administrate be in the driver's seat be in the saddle carry out control 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one's p's and q's observe golden rule observe the law play fair shape up toe the mark watch one's step allure attract bedevil beguile captivate capture dazzle draw enchant enrapture enthrall entrance fascinate hex hypnotize knock dead knock out put horns on put the whammy on put under magic spell send slay spell spellbind sweep off one's feet take tickle tickle pink tickle to death trick turn on vamp voodoo wile wow administer administration ascendancy auspices behave bewitch Control discipline limitation containment interfere grapevine feelings aggressive Prius prius abon gora gorix gorax abonster toyota shit gay hybrid rob buttsex miller place metcalf poop car shitty shittiest shitdick ecofreak hypermiling hippie mechanically illiterate liberals destruction death of motorsports toyota prius fagmobile enviro-twat green asshole condicsending evil satanic destroying america unpatriotic honda sucks pruis
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