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Jan Gan Man Ki Baat Episode 41: Sukma Attack and The Rise of Vigilantism

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जन गण मन की बात, एपिसोड 41: सुकमा नक्सल हमला और गोरक्षा के नाम पर गुंडागर्दीजन गण मन की बात की 41वीं कड़ी में विनोद दुआ छत्तीसगढ़ के सुकमा में हुए नक्सली हमले और गोरक्षा के नाम पर चल रही गुंडागर्दी पर चर्चा कर रहे हैं.


Episode 41 India Jan Gan Man Ki Baat the wire the wire hindi एपिसोड 41 जन की बात जन गण मन की बात द वायर भारत विनोद दुआ सुकमा छत्तीसगढ़ नक्सली हमला माओवादी गोरक्षक गोरक्षा गाय राजनीति Cow Cow Politics Cow Vigilante Naxal Attack Chhattisgarh Sukma Chintagufa Moist Jan Ki Baat analyst expert examiner prober chemist tester bones doc general practitioner healer intern medic medical person medico physician professor quack scientist specialist surgeon ace adept artist artiste authority buff champion connoisseur conqueror doctor doyen doyenne genius guru maestro maven old hand old pro past master prima donna pro professional proficient pundit real pro sage savant shark victor virtuoso whiz whiz-bang winner wizard analyzer clinician experimenter investigator academic augur bookish person bookworm brain critic disciple egghead gnome grind intellectual learned person learner litterateur person of letters philosopher pupil schoolchild student teacher tool wise person master researcher scholar Scientist scientists enjoy carry place have put save store amass grip own cache grasp pile stock heap stack lack need use hurt want fail lose waste spend give run feed mind guard board cease ignore deny halt stop starve leave forget let go delay limit check block avert deter stall curb aid rush allow help push free hold obey regard laud bless praise honor blame miss abide by be attached be constant be devoted be devoted to be faithful be loyal be true cleave to comply follow fulfill heed keep maintain observe practice respect stand by support livelihood living maintenance provision remittance subsistence sustenance upkeep daily bread eats fare food mess provisions victuals bottle put up administer conduct direct engage in operate ordain acropolis alcazar château citadel donjon estate house fasthold fastness fort fortification fortress manor mansion palace peel safehold seat stronghold tower villa adhere alimony can carry on castle keeps Keep green raw soon unripe late slow hasty untimely previous too soon a bit previous ahead of time anon before long beforehand betimes briefly bright and early directly early bird ere long far ahead immediately in advance in good time in the bud in time on short notice on the dot oversoon prematurely presently promptly pronto proximately quick shortly unexpectedly with time to spare ahead forth forward-looking leading onward precocious premature progressing progressive propulsive well-developed adolescent baby babyish callow childish crude half-grown imperfect infantile infantine jejune juvenile kid kidstuff puerile sophomoric tender tenderfoot underdeveloped undergrown undeveloped unfinished unfledged unformed unseasonable unseasoned unsophisticated wet behind ears youthful advanced aggressive bold brassy bright cheeky cocky developed early flip flippant forward fresh intelligent mature nervy presumptuous pushy sassy smart-alecky adventurous audacious brash daring determined devil-may-care fiery foolhardy frenzied furious harebrained headlong headstrong heedless hotheaded ill-advised ill-considered immature impetuous imprudent incautious indiscreet injudicious insuppressible irrational jumping to conclusions madcap overhasty passionate precipitant precipitate reckless thoughtless unguarded unthinking unwary venturesome venturous wild abortive anachronistic awkward badly timed disagreeable early on ill-timed improper inauspicious inconvenient inexpedient inopportune intrusive malapropos mistimed out-of-date overearly too early too late undue unfavorable unfit unfortunate unlucky unpropitious unseemly unsuitable unsuited wrong rash Premature fish fool sucker gull patsy mark victim butt chump sap pigeon stooge angel dupe virgin adolescent anklebiter babe baby bairn bambino brat cherub chick cub descendant dickens imp infant innocent issue juvenile kid kiddie lamb little angel little darling little doll little one minor mite moppet neonate nestling newborn nipper nursling offspring preteen progeny pubescent shaver small fry sprout squirt stripling suckling tadpole teen teenager teenybopper toddler tot tyke urchin whippersnapper young one youngster youth apple of one's eye beloved boyfriend dear dear one dearest dearie fair-haired boy flame friend girlfriend heart's desire honeybunch light of my life love lover one and only pet precious sugar sweetie treasure truelove aboveboard artless callow candid confiding countrified credulous forthright frank fresh green guileless gullible harmless ignorant impulsive ingenuous innocuous instinctive jejune like a babe in the woods natural open original plain simple simple-minded sincere spontaneous square unaffected unjaded unpretentious unschooled unsophisticated unsuspecting unsuspicious untaught unworldly wide-eyed babe in the woods dead duck dead meat easy pickings easy victim pushover sinecure soft touch toast vulnerable caress cuddle fondle pamper spoil easy mark sitting duck child darling naive cosset gudgeon Lamb l.a.m.b l.a.m.b. 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