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Jesy Nelson confirms relationship with TOWIE's Chris Clark as she snogs reality hunk

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Jesy Nelson confirms relationship with TOWIE's Chris Clark as she snogs reality hunk in Instagram snapThe reality star has flown out to the US to be with his new ladyJesy Nelson has gone Instagram official with TOWIE hunk Chris Clark.Reality TV star Chris flew to America to support the Little Mix singer on her current tour and Jesy - who split from fiancé Jake Roche last year - took to Instagram to share a picture of them enjoying a passionate smooch.She captioned the sweet image "9 hours later" and added a heart emoji.Little Mix are currently touring the US with Ariana Grande, and proud boyfriend Chris has been sharing a number of pictures and videos of her gigs on his Instagram page.He also posted a loved-up shot of them posing backstage at the BRIT Awards last month and eagle-eyed Little Mix fans noticed Jesy is following Chris' mum on Instagram.A source told The Sun Online: "The TOWIE cast are currently enjoying a short break from filming and Chris is making the most of his time off by flying out to spend time with Jesy."Meanwhile, Jesy, 25, also took to Instagram to deny reports of a rift with Perrie Edwards, after Perrie cropped Jesy out of a recent picture with their bandmates Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jade Thirlwall.Cr.mirror.co.ukSubscribeYoutube https://goo.gl/EDsuQHTumblr http://goo.gl/coVNiOPinterest https://goo.gl/DchreiReddit https://goo.gl/PjzSRpFacebook https://goo.gl/PLCewV


Celebrity Celebrity News Celebs News Jesy Nelson confirms relationship with TOWIE's Chris Clark as she snogs reality hunk Jesy Nelson Jesy Nelson and Chris Clark Jesy Nelson has gone Instagram official with TOWIE hunk Chris Clark Chris Clark. 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