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Jimmy Dore BRAGS About Harassing Ana Kasparian

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crowbar force lever open pry close chisel extract jimmy remove assault blast break in break open burst bust open crack open defile extort propel push rape ravish spoil squeeze thrust twist undo violate wrench wrest wring yield let go untwist surrender forces assaults blasts breaks in breaks open bursts cracks open defiles extorts jimmies pries propels pushes rapes ravishes spoils squeezes thrusts twists undoes violates wrenches wrests wrings yields let goes untwists closes surrenders forcing assaulting blasting breaking in breaking open bursting cracking open defiling extorting jimmying propelling prying pushing raping ravishing spoiling squeezing thrusting twisting undoing violating wrenching wresting wringing yielding let going untwisting closing surrendering bar binder jack lam peavey peavy pedal tool treadle bare break out broach bust in come apart crack disclose display disrupt expand fissure free gap gape hole kick in lacerate lance penetrate perforate pierce pop puncture release reveal rupture separate sever slit slot split tap throw wide unbar unblock unbolt unclose unclothe uncork uncover unfasten unfold unfurl unlatch unlock unroll unseal unshut unstop untie unwrap vent ventilate yawn yawp bury finish end conclude join close up cover fix secrete hold hinder exclude block shut suppress marry misunderstand mend unite combine wrap fasten sew withhold hide conceal DAO Jimmy jimmys Dorè DAO Dore boast crow gloat bluster exult gasconade grandstand hotdog jive mouth prate puff rodomontade showboat shuck swagger vaunt blow one's own horn pat oneself on the back conceal hide be quiet deprecate bigmouth bag of wind big talker blowhard blusterer boaster brag braggart bragger bull artist bull-thrower gasbag gossiper grandstander know-it-all show-off swelled head trumpeter windbag hug oneself toot one's own horn badger brazen browbeat bulldoze cow domineer hector rant rave ride the high horse roar roister shoot off one's mouth show off storm strut swell talk big vapor yap blustered badgered boasted bragged brazened bulldozed cowed crowed domineered gloated hectored ranted raved roared rode the high horse roistered shot off one's mouth showed off stormed strutted swaggered swelled talked big vapored vaunted yapped was modest was quiet deprecated blustering badgering boasting bragging brazening browbeating bulldozing cowing crowing domineering gloating hectoring ranting raving riding the high horse roaring roistering shooting off one's mouth showing off storming strutting swaggering swelling talking big vaporing vaunting yapping being modest being quiet deprecating braggadocio boastfulness bombast crowing. bluster hot air around back backward in reverse round any which way anyhow here and there almost nearly roughly approximately practically in general in the ball park in the neighborhood pretty nearly remote far distant away afar apropos regarding touching as concerns as respects dealing with in connection with in relation to in respect to referring to relative to touching on nearby adjacent beside through surrounding throughout encircling about about to all but as good as bordering on close to close upon essentially for the greatest part in effect in the neighborhood of in the vicinity of just about most much near to nigh not far from not quite on the brink of on the edge of on the point of on the verge of pretty near relatively substantially virtually well-nigh within sight of anyway at any rate at random haphazard haphazardly helter-skelter however in any case in any respect in any way in either way in one way or another in whatever way nevertheless random randomly regardless under any circumstances whatever happens willy-nilly ballpark figure circa closely comparatively generally in the ballpark in the region of loosely more or less proximately upwards of very close precisely exactly definitely clearly accurately against as for as regards as to concerning on the subject of respecting toward with reference to with respect to close at hand near astir active afoot alert awake roused DAO About burn hassle heckle hound intimidate persecute pester raid tease torment annoy attack bait bedevil beleaguer bother bug bullyrag despoil devil distress disturb eat exasperate exhaust fatigue foray gnaw harry irk irritate macerate maraud pain perplex plague ride strain stress tire trouble try vex weary worry get to give a bad time give a hard time jerk around noodge rattle one's cage work on aid assist delight encourage help make happy please activate assuage build calm clarify clear up comfort energize explain invigorate placate reassure refresh soothe support facilitate disturbing aggravating agitating alarming annoying bothersome burdensome consequential creepy depressing difficult disagreeable discomforting discommoding disconcerting discouraging dismaying distressing embarrassing foreboding frightening gloomy harassing hard impeding inconvenient irksome irritating laborious ominous onerous painful perplexing perturbing pessimistic prophetic provoking severe sinister startling threatening tiresome toilsome troublesome troubling trying uncertain unpleasant unsettling upsetting vexing wearisome worrisome worrying happy good agreeable nice easy delightful encouraging auspicious comforting pleasing pleasant helpful galling acid afflictive bitter distasteful exasperating grievous humiliating nettlesome plaguing rankling unpalatable vexatious wonderful soothing satisfying cheering harmful adverse bad baleful baneful calamitous cataclysmic catastrophic consumptive corroding corrupting crippling damaging deleterious destructive detrimental dire disadvantageous disastrous evil incendiary inimical internecine malefic malicious malignant menacing mischievous murderous nocuous noxious pernicious pestiferous pestilential risky ruinous sinful subversive toxic undermining unhealthy unsafe unwholesome virulent upright favorable aiding safe assisting profitable beneficial honest lucky fortunate advantageous harmless healthy kind importunate burning clamant clamorous crying dogged earnest exigent imperative instant overly solicitous persevering persistent pertinacious pressing solicitous urgent undemanding relaxed unimportant disquieting disruptive distressful intrusive troublous ribbing badgering badinage banter bothering chaff joking kidding mocking raillery taunt taunting tickling tormenting oeuvre analects anthology chrestomathy classics library miscellanea works collected works delectus canon ana Ana DAO kasparian DAO
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