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Join Us & Stay Vigilant 🌎✌️

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joins joiners coins johns jones joints goings jinnis kins goons join kings onus jokings conies cons genius gins join up coiners bonus joint loins minus quoins sinus tonus cones corns gains genus gones gowns jeans joiner do ins joins up going as accompany marry tie add adhere affix agglutinate annex append assemble associate attach blend bracket cement clamp clasp clip coalesce combine compound concrete conjoin conjugate connect copulate couple entwine fasten fuse grapple incorporate interlace intermix juxtapose knit leash link lock mate melt mix pair span splice touch weave wed weld yoke coadunate hitch on lump together put together slap on stick together tack on tag on tie up abstain condense detach disconnect disjoin disperse dissociate disunite divide divorce let go loose loosen open part release remove separate sever subtract take away unbuckle uncouple unfasten unlink unlock leave resign withdraw follow enlist cooperate enter align enroll consort side with associate with be in come aboard fall in with go to mingle with pair with plug into sign on sign up take part in take up with team up with throw in with tie up with stop avoid shun meet reach fringe march extend communicate bound abut rim adjoin neighbor butt hem line skirt parallel be adjacent to be at hand be close to be contiguous to lie beside lie near lie next to open into trench on verge on keep miss border on butt against join abutted abutting interconnect unite affiliate ally amalgamate band together confederate form connection go partners hook up line up relate team up stay away affiliates clown coup j.o'in holiday sojourn stopover vacation break halt stop continuation start abet advance assist help leave reprieve suspension pause postponement standstill remission deferment stopping persistence buttress column brace reinforcement prop stanchion shore hold truss underpropping reside settle last linger hang delay remain continue stand perch hover nest tarry abide procrastinate respite squat endure loiter bide dally bunk lag sweat hang around sit tight stick around roost outstay establish oneself hang about hang in hang out hold the fort put down roots stay out stay put sweat it out finish push carry on rush depart move complete hurry live lodge dwell put up be accommodated stop over suspend detain arrest postpone hinder prevent shelve discontinue defer stall curb impede interrupt adjourn obstruct check put off prorogue intermit hold over ward off support forge promote forward allow let go encourage permit further facilitate aid expedite release act be alive breathe go on have being have place inhabit obtain persist prevail rest stay subsist survive die quit give up pass lose idle forsake reject refuse cease anticipate expect wait migrate shun resist dispute despise carry out hold off hold up recess restrain rally open keep on begin urge stimulate convoke convene hasten adjournment deferral intermission interruption prorogation putting off beginning continuance commencement administration dynasty incumbency presidency regime reign tenure term anchor attach berth catch dock drop fasten fix imbed make port moor plant secure tie tie up unfasten loose disconnect detach loosen Stays clown coup Stay anxious attentive aware cautious circumspect keen observant wary acute agog alert guarded looking for looking to on alert on guard on the ball on the job on the lookout on the qui vive on toes open-eyed sharp sleepless unsleeping waiting on wakeful wide-awake with eyes peeled with weather eye open careless heedless ignorant inattentive incautious indifferent indiscreet rash thoughtless unaware uncareful unobservant impulsive negligent active all ears bright cagey careful clever fast on the draw good hands heads up heedful hip intelligent jazzed perceptive psyched up quick ready spirited switched on vigilant watchful wired wise with it slow dull weary sluggish lethargic drowsy asleep uneducated lazy unintelligent stupid foolish awake conscientious enrapt enthralled fascinated glued hanging on every word hooked immersed intent interested listening mindful preoccupied regardful studious disregarding neglecting neglectful inconsiderate alive aroused awakened cognizant excited knowing roused waking unconscious accurate apprehensive assiduous chary choosy concerned conservative cool deliberate discreet exacting fastidious finicky fussy going to great lengths judicious leery meticulous particular playing safe precise prim protective provident prudent punctilious religious rigorous scrupulous selfdisciplined shy sober solicitous solid thorough thoughtful loose false unconcerned uncaring unwise irrational idiotic unscrupulous reckless lax questionable inexact inaccurate calculating considerate forethoughtful gingerly playing it cool politic pussyfoot safe shrewd taking it easy taking it slow tentative thinking twice walking on eggs watching out sure certain unguarded imprudent hasty canny discriminating sagacious sage unheedful uncircumspect bold audacious Vigilant clown coup
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