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Joseline & Stevie J Cuddle In Bed In Intimate New Pics Are They Seriously Back Together

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Well, what do we have here? — Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J in bed together, that’s what this is! The reality star posted a sexy photo on March 3, cuddling with the father of her child, so are they back together or what?Joseline Hernandez, 30, and Stevie J, 45, continue to keep us guessing about the status of their tumultuous relationship with a sexy new pic! Joseline showed off six polaroids on March 3, of she and Stevie J in bed together and we’re thinking that these two may be back on!KEYWORDS:#joseline & stevie j cuddle in bed in intimate new pics are they seriously back together#joseline & stevie j cuddle in bed in intimate new pic#joseline hernandez#joseline and stevie j kissing,#joseline and stevie j go hollywood,#joseline and stevie j,#joseline and stevie j back together,#joseline and stevie j break up,#joseline and stevie j go hollywood episode 1


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