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Judge Jeanine Just Outed James Comey As A “Predator”, What He Did Is Sickening

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Judge Jeanine Just Outed James Comey As A “Predator”, What He Did Is SickeningNews Source:https://goo.gl/n7Xt4WJudge Jeanine Pirro was disgusted by the testimony that James Comey recently offered in front of the Senate committee where he claimed that President Donald Trump told him to put a stop to any action against his former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.During the testimony, Comey also stunned the Senate panel by openly admitting to leaking information about his meetings with President Trump to his friend who is a law school professor. Judge Jeanine summed up her thoughts on Comey and what he is trying to do to Trump in a scathing statement.Pirro recently appeared on Fox & Friends, and did not hold back on James Comey. She said about the disgraced former FBI Director, “Jim Comey comes across as someone who is so wily and so calculating — he’s a predator.”She addressed Comey’s leaking problem head on, saying, “Why is he so comfortable leaking? What is it about his history, his background as a prosecutor?” She also hinted that Comey could have been responsible for previous leaks.Continued Pirro about what Comey is determined to do now that President Trump fired him and he appears to have nothing to lose, “He was looking to take Donald down — or the president down, excuse me — and what he wanted to do is preserve himself. He is an operator. He is part of the Washington elite.” Do you think Pirro is right about Comey?


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