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Julian Assange's Father Joins Redacted Tonight

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Julian Assange Assanged assange Assanging Assangism ancestor dad parent predecessor begetter daddy origin padre papa pop progenitor sire source forebearer procreator descendant effect end result mother minister confessor pastor preacher parson ecclesiastic clergyman cure reverend abbé curé conceive spawn engender establish create originate invent procreate produce found beget generate trigger dream up sow the seeds of stop kill halt finish ruin destroy ascendant antecedent ascendent father forbear forefather foregoer foremother begat afford breed bring bring about cause get give rise to multiply occasion progenerate propagate reproduce result in leave fail begot afforded bred brought brought about caused effected engendered fathered gave rise to generated got multiplied occasioned procreated produced progenerated propagated reproduced resulted in sired left failed stopped killed halted destroyed begotten given rise to gotten biological parent biological father biological mother birth father birth mother birth parent natural parent Father accompany marry tie add adhere affix agglutinate annex append assemble associate attach blend bracket cement clamp clasp clip coalesce combine compound concrete conjoin conjugate connect copulate couple entwine fasten fuse grapple incorporate interlace intermix juxtapose knit leash link lock mate melt mix pair span splice touch weave wed weld yoke coadunate hitch on lump together put together slap on stick together tack on tag on tie up abstain condense detach disconnect disjoin disperse dissociate disunite divide divorce let go loose loosen open part release remove separate sever subtract take away unbuckle uncouple unfasten unlink unlock leave resign withdraw follow enlist cooperate enter align enroll consort side with associate with be in come aboard fall in with go to mingle with pair with plug into sign on sign up take part in take up with team up with throw in with tie up with stop avoid shun meet reach fringe march extend communicate bound abut rim adjoin neighbor butt hem line skirt parallel be adjacent to be at hand be close to be contiguous to lie beside lie near lie next to open into trench on verge on keep miss border on butt against join abutted adjoined joined neighbored was adjacent to abutting adjoining being adjacent to joining neighboring interconnect unite affiliate ally amalgamate band together confederate form connection go partners hook up line up relate team up stay away affiliates allies amalgamates annexes associates bands together combines comes aboard confederates connects goes partners hooks up incorporates joins plugs into relates throws in with ties up unites stays away parts separates divides detaches dissociates disconnects disjoins Joine Joined at the Dick join the club Baker's Join join the majority adjusted amended improved updated altered changed edited fixed overhauled rectified redone reworked rewritten kept revised expurgate edit redact bowdlerize rearrange compose prepare arrange censor choose publish compile annotate adapt assemble analyze select alter revise delete trim rehash excise rectify feature polish regulate check style cut doctor fine-tune condense butcher emend rephrase draft correct tighten finish scrub prescribe report amplify discard proofread assign massage go over make up put together set up strike out blue-pencil boil down fly speck recalibrate write over keep indulge spoil separate disturb worsen ruin disorder disorganize scatter disperse disarrange retouch amend better right improve touch up emendate make mistake injure harm damage redacted [Redacted] [REDACTED] Redact REDACTED redaction Redacted Tonight Tonight Not tonight tonight tonightable Tonight's Like Bombshell Tonight
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