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July 1 Rescues in Action superstar, Hollister

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Hollister, a 1 1/2 - year-old retriever mix, is seeking a forever companion


Rescues in Action shelter animal adoption adopt Hollister retriever mix forever home forever companion dog delivery recovery relief salvage deliverance disembarrassment disentanglement emancipation exploit extrication feat heroics heroism liberation performance ransom reclamation recovering redemption release salvation saving failure danger peril extricate free keep liberate preserve protect recapture recover retrieve conserve deliver disembarrass disentangle emancipate manumit redeem regain retain safeguard spring unleash unloose bail one out get off the hook get out get out of hock give a break hold over pull out of the fire save life of set free give harm hold hurt injure limit lose restrain forfeit imprison spend imperil aid advancement advice advocacy alleviation allowance assist assistance attention backing backup benefaction benefit benevolence bounty care charity comfort compensation cooperation encouragement endowment favor furtherance gift giving guidance hand handout leg up lift ministration ministry patronage promotion reinforcement rescue reward service shot in the arm subsidy sustenance treatment damage handicap hindrance injury loss penalty stoppage disfavor ill will malevolence opposition silence stop taking unkindness blockage impediment obstruction ambulance EMS hospital wagon transport bail out relieve ignore refuse stay bailed out fled quit retreated withdrew stayed refused ignored acquit discharge loose save unshackle be quiet capture confine detain restrict withhold acquittal freeing activity deal force life movement operation plan process reaction response agility alacrity alertness animation ballgame bit business bustle commotion dash energy enterprise flurry functioning game happening hoopla hopper industry liveliness motion occupation power proposition racket rush scene spirit stir stunt turmoil vigor vim vitality vivacity big idea in the works idleness inaction inactivity calm calmness dullness harmony indolence laziness lethargy peace quiet repose rest slowness stillness apathy inertia stoppage act effort exercise maneuver move performance procedure step accomplishment achievement dealings doing execution exertion exploit feat handiwork manipulation stroke thrust transaction undertaking case claim lawsuit litigation proceeding prosecution suit cause conflict fight fighting battle combat contest encounter engagement fray skirmish warfare agreement retreat surrender truce cessation action deed thing defeat failure neglect suspension activities acts avocations bags ballgames bits deeds endeavors enterprises entertainments games hobbies jobs labors occupations pastimes projects rackets scenes schemes stunts tasks trips undertakings ventures works zoos sluggishness immobilities professions unemployment hate vocations inactivities fun activeness hustle labor immobility agencies bureaus companies departments firms offices agency auspices channel efficiency influence instrument instrumentality intercession intervention means mechanism mediation medium organ vehicle work end impotence weakness amusement ball beguilement cheer delight diversion enjoyment entertainment field day fun and games gladdening gratification grins high time hilarity laughs laughter merriment merry-go-round mirth picnic play pleasing pleasure regalement whoopee gloom melancholy misery pain sorrow trouble unhappiness depression drudgery sadness boredom big-name distinguished esteemed famed high-ranking illustrious noted outstanding preeminent prominent renowned well-known VIP august big-gun big-league big-time celeb celebrated celebrious conspicuous dominant elevated exalted grand great high leonine lionlike lofty name noble notable noteworthy of note page-oner paramount prestigious redoubted star superior common inconspicuous inferior insignificant obscure ordinary unimportant unknown unremarkable disrespected undistinguished unnotable eminent glorious remarkable splendid brilliant heavy monster resplendent signal sublime bad humble poor regular usual infamous lowly acclaimed extolled high-profile in the limelight lauded praised splashy unnoticeable anonymous important known leading notorious popular recognized reputable big big-shot in the public eye large public somebody widely known unfamiliar big star captain of industry celebrity headliner heavyweight idol megastar mogul nabob panjandrum topliner very important person well-known person big name figure hero luminary personage personality someone ace bigwig cynosure hotshot immortal lion magnate mahatma worthy big cheese big deal big gun big shot big stuff famous person major leaguer the cheese commoner nobody nonentity obscurity adventurer combatant conqueror daredevil demigod diva exemplar gallant god goddess great person ideal lead leading person martyr model paladin person of the hour popular figure prima donna principal protagonist saint tin god victor hero\u002Fheroine darling deity icon beloved dear desire favorite fetish image inamorata simulacrum eidolon false god golden calf graven image pagan symbol hate choice spirit leader master spirit one in a million sage shining light leading light dignitary eminence notability leading man box office gold leading lady star of stage and screen matinee idol entertainer chief executive high-up hot dog pooh-bah power big-time operator big wheel lowlife brass distinguished person face hot shot individual public figure top dog first lady lead vocalist opera singer singer soloist superwoman artist expert pro specialist adept artiste authority brain egghead powerhouse pundit shark virtuoso whiz wizard old hand old pro old war-horse phenom proficient whiz kid amateur rookie apprentice greenhorn professional example good example heroine mentor epitome paragon shining example very model role model whoever one so-and-so household name person of note some person draw starlet leading role big enchilada big kahuna high-muck-a-muck top banana magician musician prodigy champ champion crackerjack genius natural performer sharp dillettante hot stuff intelligent no slouch ignoramus imbecile superstar celebrities VIPS aces big cheeses big deals big guns big names big shots big stuffs bigwigs celebs cynosures famous persons figures heavyweights heroes hotshots immortals lions luminaries magnates mahatmas major leaguers names notables personages personalities somebodies someones stars superstars the cheeses worthies nonentities unknowns obscurities nobodies commoners apartment asylum condo dwelling haven home house hut lodging refuge safety sanctuary shack shed tent cave co-op cover covert crib defense den digs guard guardian harbor harborage hermitage hide hideaway hideout housing joint pad pen port preserve protector rack retirement retreat roof roost screen security shade shadow shield tower turf umbrella hole in the wall homeplate quarterage roof over head brightness light lodge protect surround take care of take in chamber conceal defend enclose safeguard secure ward cover-up watch over lay bare let out open uncover abandon disregard endanger forget harm hurt ignore injure lay open let go reveal turn away accommodate board contain domicile entertain furnish hold put up quarter receive rent shelter supply welcome reject bar block disarrange frustrate hinder impede limit obstruct prevent stop turn out accommodates accords accustoms adapts adjusts agrees attunes bends over backwards complies composes conforms coordinates corresponds don't makes waves don't rocks the boat fits goes by the book goes with the flow harmonizes integrates makes consistent modifies plays the game proportions reconciles settles shapes up suits tailor-makes tailors tunes unsuits stops bars turns out turns away declines upsets disagrees opposes mismatches fights differs unfits prevents obstructs limits impedes hinders frustrates blocks rejects denies refuses disorders disarranges accommodations apartments boardinghouses boards crash pads cribs hotels houses housings lodgings motels pads quarters roofs room and boards rooming houses rooms shelters admit accept be big on bless buy concede enter give a thumbs-up give access give the nod grant initiate introduce let let in okay permit sign sign off on suffer take abstain deny disagree disallow dispute erase give offer refuse repudiate sell veto confute debar dismiss dissent eject exclude expel gainsay oust repel shut admits accepts blesses buys concedes enters entertains gives access gives the nod gives thumbs up grants harbors initiates introduces is big on lets lets in lodges o.k.'s permits receives signs signs off on suffers takes takes in repels expels dismisses offers gives gainsays dissents confutes shuts ousts excludes ejects debars ignores disregards vetoes sells abstains repudiates disputes erases disallows aegis auspices backing patronage sponsorship wing bodily natural brute mammalian wild beastly bestial brutish corporeal earthly earthy feral fleshy muscular physical sensual untamed zoological gentle mild beast creature pet being critter invertebrate mutt stray varmint vertebrate living thing wild thing mineral plant athlete amateur animal challenger competitor contender contestant games player gorilla iron person jock jockey muscle person player professional shoulders sport sportsperson superjock athletes amateurs animals challengers competitors contenders contestants games players gorillas iron persons jockeys jocks muscle persons players professionals sports sportspersons superjocks beastie lower animal mammal quadruped wild animal abominable barbarous base boorish brutal carnal coarse cruel degraded depraved disgusting ferine foul gluttonous gross inhuman irrational loathsome low monstrous obscene piggish prurient repulsive sadistic swinish unclean vile good inoffensive kind nice superior body conscious thing entity human human being individual mortal organism person personage soul thing abstract concept inanimate deadness actual corporal fleshly material normal organic somatic substantial tangible unspiritual mental soulful spiritual acceptance approval enactment endorsement maintenance ratification approbation appropriation assumption choice confirmation embracement embracing espousal following selection support taking on taking over taking up disapproval opposition refusal rejection pass repudiation fosterage fostering raising adopting taking in accedence accession acknowledgment acquiescence admission adoption affirmation agreement assent concession concurrence favor recognition seal of approval denial disagreement disbelief dissent adaptation adjustment alteration conversion modification refitting remodeling reworking shift transformation variation adaptations acclimatization accustomednesses agreements assuefactions compliances correspondences familiarization habituations naturalizations disagreements accepting acquisition arrogation assuming grab seizure shouldering takeover taking undertaking usurpation doubt genuineness naturalness reality realness unexpected assumptions brasses chutzpah cockiness conceits imperiousness insolence nerves presumptions prides sasses self-importances unexpecteds timidities realnesses realities doubts humility shyness modesty employment appliance application disposition exercise exercising exertion exploitation handling operation play purpose usage usance use utilization idleness mismanagement inactivity misuse unemployment accept approve embrace endorse follow maintain ratify select support take up use adapt affiliate affirm appropriate assent assume borrow espouse imitate mimic opt seize tap utilize go down the line go in for take on take over deny disagree disallow disapprove discard let go neglect oppose refuse reject release renounce shun give return disown leave alone repudiate repulse choose raise foster naturalize pick take in accede acknowledge acquiesce admit adopt agree to avow bear buy check out comply concur with cooperate with give stamp of approval give the go-ahead give the green light give the nod go for lap up okay recognize rubber-stamp set store by sign sign off on take one up on thumbs-up undertake condemn dissent protest blackball decline demur dispute accord agree allow bare bring to light communicate concede concur confide confirm consent cop a plea credit declare disclose divulge enumerate expose go into details grant indicate let let on make known narrate number open up own own up permit proclaim profess recite relate reveal spill subscribe to talk tell tolerate uncover unveil yield conceal contradict hide invalidate listen misunderstand veto argue cover differ keep object prevent secrete sell suppress withhold confute debar dismiss eject exclude expel gainsay oust repel shut admits accepts blesses buys concedes enters entertains gives access gives the nod gives thumbs up grants harbors houses initiates introduces is big on lets lets in lodges o.k.'s permits receives shelters signs signs off on suffers takes takes in repels expels dismisses turns away stops disagrees offers gives gainsays dissents confutes shuts ousts excludes ejects debars ignores disregards vetoes sells abstains repudiates disputes erases rejects disallows refuses denies affect act aspire to bluff contrive counterfeit do a bit fake feign lay it on thick make out like playact put on put up a front sham simulate stop tell the truth affects acts adopts assumes bluffs contrives counterfeits does a bit fakes feigns lies it on thick makes out like playacts puts on puts up a front shams simulates takes on tells truth cave in conform cut a deal defer ditto give five give in go along with knuckle under pass on sanction say uncle shake on subscribe resist beagle afghan airedale basset canine dachshund mongrel mutt pointer pooch poodle akita bowwow man's best friend hound retriever associate blend fuse incorporate infuse mingle stir weave admix adulterate alloy amalgamate braid coalesce commingle commix compound conjoin cross embody hybridize infiltrate instill interbreed intermingle interweave jumble knead link lump merge saturate suffuse synthesize tangle transfuse unite make up mix up put together work in disconnect disjoin divide separate clean part purify detach disengage dissociate remove segregate sever consort hobnob join come together get along hang out attenuate cheapen contaminate cook corrupt cut defile degrade denature depreciate deteriorate devalue dilute dissolve doctor doctor up falsify impair intermix irrigate lace make impure mix phony up plant pollute shave spike taint thin vitiate water down weaken aid approve assist cleanse concentrate help honor improve increase raise strengthen thicken upgrade clarify distill filter free refine aggregate accumulate add up amass amount assemble collect combine come heap number pile sum total disperse dissipate scatter break up aggregates accumulates adds up amasses amounts assembles collects combines comes heaps mixes numbers piles sums totals dissipates separates divides breaks up disconnects detaches scatters disperses clear amalgamation admixture amalgam combination commixture consolidation fusion intermixture joining merger union uniting division parting separation severance accompany be friends be in cahoots buddy up bunch up confederate fraternize gang up get in on get in with get into get together go along with go partners hang around hang out with join up with line up with pal up play footsie with pool run around with run with string along with swing with take up with team up throw in together tie in tie up truck with work with leave withdraw disagree avoid disassociate disunite divorce always endlessly eternally permanently evermore perpetually durably enduringly everything considered for always for ever and ever for good for keeps for life forevermore immortally in perpetuity in perpetuum infinitely interminably lastingly now and forever on and on till Doomsday till blue in the face till death do us part till the cows come home till the end of time unchangingly world without end briefly never temporarily all the time constantly everlastingly incessantly regularly unendingly unremittingly occasionally randomly sporadically ad infinitum at length continuously forever having no end never-ending relentlessly unlimitedly without end without limit ad-infinitum ceaselessly ceasing ending halting intermittent interrupted away repeatedly tirelessly without break without rest without stopping endlessness ages and ages ceaselessness eternality eternalness eternity permanence perpetuation perpetuity timelessness eternal abiding ageless amaranthine boundless ceaseless constant continual continued continuous dateless deathless enduring everlasting illimitable immemorial immortal immutable imperishable incessant indefinite indestructible infinite interminable lasting perdurable perennial permanent perpetual persistent relentless termless timeless unbroken unceasing undying unending unfading uninterrupted unremitting bounded changeable concluding destructible ephemeral finite fleeting inconstant limited perishable stopping temporary terminable terminating transient brief changing central familiar family household local national native at ease at rest down home homely homey in one's element in the bosom inland internal foreign outside business commercial apartment cabin condo condominium cottage dormitory dwelling farm hospital house hut mansion palace place residence resort shelter trailer abode address asylum bungalow castle cave co-op diggings digs domicile dump fireside flat habitation hangout haunt hearth hideout homestead joint manor nest orphanage pad roof roost shanty turf villa boarding house commorancy crash pad hole in the wall home plate living quarters parking place rooming house where the hat is office country hometown land neighborhood site element habitat haven hills homeland locality range soil territory camping ground home ground neck of the woods stamping ground stomping ground base casa crib den flop headquarters hole home lodging quarters sanctuary seat annex ZIP code box number direction location number place of business place of residence street whereabouts addresses chalk talks discourses dissertations lectures orations pep talks pitches sermons soapboxes spiels talks camp center depot dock field garrison hangar harbor port post settlement starting point station strip terminal branch top building architecture construction edifice erection fabric framework pile superstructure ziggurat berth box caboose chalet compartment cot deckhouse hovel lodge log house room shack shed accomplice aide ally assistant associate buddy co-worker colleague comrade cousin crony guide mate nurse partner playmate protector accompaniment attendant chaperon complement concomitant confederate consort convoy counterpart double escort match pal roomie safeguard sidekick comate cuz pard antagonist enemy foe opponent foreigner stranger acquaintance association companion contact friend neighbor detractor ignorance strangeness unfamiliarity amigo brother bud chum cobber cohort confidant confidante rival apostle advocate champion converter evangelist follower herald messenger missionary pioneer propagandist proponent proselytizer witness abettor accessory adherent adjunct appointee apprentice auxiliary backer backup coadjutant coadjutor collaborator cooperator deputy fellow worker flunky gofer help helpmate patron peon representative right-hand person secretary subordinate supporter temp temporary worker boss manager adversary leader affiliate aid branch clubber compatriot fellow helper joiner kissing cousin offshoot one of the folks peer competitor attend accompany guard squire usher abandon ignore leave neglect be lazy disregard pup puppy bitch cur doggy hound mongrel mutt pooch stray tyke bowwow fido flea bag man's best friend tail-wagger haunt plague shadow pursue tag tail track trail trouble bedog run away leave alone let go accompanies adds appears with appends be connects belongs to characterizes co-occurs coexists coincides with comes with completes follows goes together happens with joins with occurs with supplements takes place with withdraws leaves abandons deserts subtracts accompany associate with attend chaperon come along conduct consort convoy date dog draft drag escort follow go along guard guide hang around with hang out keep company lead look after shlep along show about show around spook squire stick to string along tag along tailgate take out usher abandon disregard leave lose neglect ignore desert withdraw aggravate be at be on the back of bother bug drive up the wall exasperate gall get get on one's nerves get to give a hard time grate hack irk irritate nag needle nettle peeve pester pick on pique provoke tease vex aid delight help please calm make happy soothe alleviate appease gladden improve mollify relieve soften aggravates complicates deepens enhances exacerbates exaggerates heightens increases inflames intensifies magnifies mounts rises rouses worsens relieves helps makes happy drops declines falls lowers reduces improves alleviates softens mollifies gladdens appeases slumps soothes calms minimizes plays down weakens decreases andiron dog iron firedog beset aggress assail attack badger bedevil beleaguer besiege circle compass embarrass encircle enclose encompass entangle environ fall on fall upon girdle give a bad time give one the business give the needle harass harry hassle infest invade jump on one's case nudge overrun perplex put the squeeze on ride ring start in on storm strike surround clarify clear up explain surrender assist exclude free release support unloose
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