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KDF warns prospective candidates to ensure they are physically fit before joining the rigorous tests

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KDF warns prospective candidates to ensure they are physically fit before joining the rigorous testsSUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more great videos: https://www.youtube.com/KTNkenya Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/KTNNews Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KTNNewsKenya For more great content go to http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/ktnnews and download our apps:http://std.co.ke/apps/#android KTN News is a leading 24-hour TV channel in Eastern Africa with its headquarters located along Mombasa Road, at Standard Group Centre. This is the most authoritative news channel in Kenya and beyond.


KDF physically fit rigorous tests millitary recruitment KDF urge prompt prepare hint predict suggest signal order inform instruct caution notify remind threaten advise alert tell address summon counsel acquaint forearm forbid tip advocate exhort direct apprise admonish clue enjoin dissuade post reprove guide forewarn fill in cry wolf clue in tip off wise up ignore hide laud praise permit allow accustom bring out come out with disclose divulge enlighten familiarize fix up get together habituate intro introduce knock down let know make familiar present reveal warn berate call down call on the carpet censure check chide come down hard on ding draw the line give a going over glue growl hoist jack up notice rap rap on knuckles rebuke reprimand scold sit on slap on wrist speak to talk to tell a thing or two tell off upbraid charge commend encourage give a pointer give a tip kibitz level with move opine point out preach prescribe put bug in ear put in two cents recommend steer tout update give the word keep posted lay it out let in on make known put next to put on the line put on to report show call page track down demand desire invite make a pass at make a pitch make a play for proposition request require solicit beep bid coming future likely planned awaited to be to come agreed about to happen advancing almost on one anticipated aspiring at hand certain close converging deserving docking drawing near due en route eventual expected fated foreseen forthcoming gaining upon getting near immediate imminent impending in prospect in store in the offing in the wind in view instant marked near nearing next nigh oncoming ordained predestined preparing progressing prospective pursuing running after subsequent up-and-coming closing conditional consequent contingent dependent down the pike down the road ending endmost ensuing final hindmost in the cards indirect inevitable last later latter overall possible resulting secondary succeeding terminal ulterior ultimate vicarious accessible approaching available destined in evidence in preparation inescapable obtainable on tap open pending ready upcoming booked budgeted close at hand coming up down the line from here in from here on from here to eternity from now on in in the course of time just around the corner looked toward scheduled unborn unfolding ambitious budding eager enterprising hopeful keen potential promising striving wannabe wishful in the making on the docket outlined prepared programmed would-be applicant nominee contender aspirant successor claimant runner hopeful seeker entrant suitor bidder pothunter stumper write-in applicants candidates competition competitors contestants entrants entries nominees participants possibilities runners appellant candidate inquirer petitioner postulant suppliant appointee assignment berth delegate employment office officeholder place post representative situation station work competitor contestant striver wannabe adversary antagonist battler challenger combatant contester dark horse disputant favorite member participant player rival scrapper team member warrior beginner convert entry incomer initiate neophyte new member newcomer novice probationer solicitor tenderfoot field appointment insure secure assure okay clinch effect guard cinch harm injure deny reject veto ignore hurt forget complete confirm ensure guarantee have a lock on ice lock lock on lock up make sure nail down put on ice seal set affirm angel answer for attest aver back bankroll be surety for bind oneself certify cosign endorse evidence evince get behind give bond grubstake guaranty juice maintain make bail make certain mortgage pick up the check pick up the tab protect prove reassure sign for stake stand behind stand up for support swear testify vouch for wager warrant witness baby-sit be attentive behold care for discern discipline give heed to govern have charge of keep an eye on listen up look mark mind the store note notice observe oversee perceive regard ride herd on see sit superintend supervise watch accede affiance agree assent asservate bargain betroth bind commit compact consent contract covenant cross heart declare engage espouse hock live up to obligate pass pawn pledge plight profess say so stipulate string along subscribe swear on bible swear up and down take an oath undertake underwrite vouch vow bulwark conserve cover defend fend look after preserve ride shotgun save screen shield watch over access achieve acquire annex bag buy capture catch chalk up come by gain get get hold of grasp have hook land pick up procure rack up take win mind promise safeguard Ensure ensures they The Y their there here place present ymca workout gym village people kenny south park basterd kyle stan last move rest stay live act hold cease idle lose pass stop leave quit die halt befall occur abide be contained in be expressed by be found in dwell inhere lie repose subsist be left be long lived be timeless bide carry on carry through cling exist go on hang on have no end hold on hold out keep on linger live on never say die outlast outlive perdure persist prevail remain ride out run on stand stay on stick to superannuate survive sustain wear wear on wear well be extant be latent be present breathe continue endure happen obtain be beside be buried be established be even be fixed be found be interred be level be located be on be placed be seated be smooth belong beset extend have its seat in occupy reach spread stretch be alive draw breath get along get by have life lead maintain make it remain alive act as act as broker act for act in place of appear as assume the role of be agent for be attorney for be proxy for betoken body buy for copy correspond to do business for emblematize embody enact epitomize equal equate exemplify exhibit express factor hold office imitate impersonate mean perform personify play the part produce put on reproduce sell for serve serve as show speak for stage stand for steward substitute typify consist represent Ares ares Are actually bodily really palpably sensibly tangibly slightly corporeally mundanely objectively physically ponderably substantially materially wise able apt happy right due worthy ready meet fitted comely just likely proper seemly timely stupid unable inept wrong unfit poor weak slim robust trim sound hale well toned muscled infirm sick frenzy mood outburst burst whim whimsy stroke spasm blow humor access attack outbreak bout spell rush spate throe tantrum rage caprice turn paroxysm twitch torrent jumps peace suit apply become click match accord set join relate tally befit concur answer agree be apt ask argue get make fix rig arm ignore fail lose stop tailor shape adjust alter modify square place refuse firm fit hardy healthy hearty lusty powerful staunch stout strapping sturdy vigorous accustom adapt attune bend over backwards comply compose conform coordinate correspond don't make waves don't rock the boat go by the book go with the flow harmonize integrate make consistent play the game proportion reconcile settle shape up tailor-make tune affirm assent be in tune jibe acclimate accommodate change come around familiarize fashion get act together get used to grow used to habituate prepare qualify readjust remodel revise roll with punches acclimatize arrange dispose do as Romans do doctor fiddle with fine-tune fix up get it together grin and bear it make conform order quadrate rectify redress regulate swim with the tide align balance bring into line calibrate connect correct focus grind improve improve accommodate mend overhaul polish put in working order renovate repair service sharpen tighten troubleshoot tune up able-bodied Fit F'it ahead since back ante ere fore former forward gone past sooner afore gone by later after behind before beyond exceeding prior to superior to surpassing ages ago back when from way back from year one since God knows when time was advanced advancing along antecedently at an advantage at the head beforehand earlier first foremost forwards in the foreground in the lead leading onward onwards precedent precedently preceding previous progressing to the fore as of now at present before now but now by now by that time by the time mentioned by then by this time even now formerly heretofore in the past just now now once previously then up to now ahead of time already in advance in anticipation precocious above apart from as well as at a distance away from besides beyond the bounds clear of farther free of good way off hyper in addition to in advance of long way off more remote moreover on the far side on the other side out of range out of reach outside over over and above over there remote without yonder ago befores tie marry clamp clip lock affix pair touch append mix span annex melt adhere attach leash mate couple cement fuse yoke splice knit clasp weave weld wed fasten add link blend tie up tag on loosen unlock detach resign open divide let go sever remove loose part unlink leave unmix follow enlist enter align enroll consort be in go to sign on sign up shun avoid stop meet reach fringe march extend conjoin bound abut rim adjoin butt hem line skirt miss keep abutting adjacent approximal bordering on connecting conterminous contiguous coterminous impinging interconnecting joined joining juxtaposed near neighboring next door touching verging alliance amalgamation banding together bunch cahoots clan coalition combination confederation conjunction connection crew crowd gang hookup incorporation league merging mob outfit partnership relationship ring syndicate tie-in union coupling hinge joint junction juncture unification adjustment attachment building collection construction erection fabrication fitting together manufacture manufacturing modeling molding piecing together setting up shaping welding bond concomitance concordance connotation correlation identification impression juxtaposition linkage linking lumping together mixing mixture pairing recollection relation remembrance train of thought accumulating accumulation aggregating anthology assembling assortment collecting collocating combining compiling consolidating garner garnering gathering incorporating treasury unifying adjoining affiliation articulation assembly association compilation comic sudden tense affecting breathtaking climactic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking suspenseful the histrionical The precise onerous harsh brutal correct strict rigid proper ascetic austere bitter hard nice right rugged stern stiff kind lax false easy gentle soft wrong loose mild authentic careful close concrete defined definite deft detailed discriminating discriminative distinct exact explicit factual faithful genuine judicious just literal matter-of-fact methodical meticulous on the button on the money on the nose particular punctilious punctual regular rigorous scientific scrupulous severe sharp skillful solid specific systematic true ultraprecise unerring unmistakable veracious backbreaking burdensome exhausting fatiguing formidable grueling heavy labored laborious murder no picnic painful punishing rough strenuous taxing tiring toilsome tough troublesome trying uphill astringent cold earnest exacting forbidding formal grave grim inexorable inflexible obdurate serious sober solemn somber stringent unfeeling unrelenting afflictive annoying bad calamitous cruel dire disagreeable displeasing distasteful disturbing galling grievous heartbreaking hurtful inclement intemperate intense merciless offensive poignant provoking ruthless savage stinging unpalatable unpleasant vexatious woeful accurate alert apprehensive assiduous attentive chary choosy circumspect concerned conscientious conservative cool deliberate discreet fastidious finicky fussy going to great lengths guarded heedful leery mindful observant playing safe prim protective provident prudent regardful religious selfdisciplined shy solicitous thorough thoughtful vigilant wary according to Hoyle actual amen appropriate cooking with gas dead on equitable faultless flawless for sure free of error impeccable legitimate okay on target on the ball on the beam on track perfect right as rain right on right stuff righteous stone undistorted unmistaken veridical arduous search final trial check essay lick exam fling ordeal try tryout oral proof comp conclusion assess prove verify confirm question analyze inquire validate assay try on match up stack up try out disprove breakdown dissection dissolution division inquiry investigation partition reasoning resolution scrutiny separation study subdivision test beat a dead horse chew over confab consider estimate evaluate figure figure out get down to brass tacks hash inspect interpret investigate judge kick around rehash resolve scrutinize sort out spell out talk game think through appraisal assessment estimation evaluation examination inspection measurement rating survey valuation appraise apprise check out examine eyeball measure peg rate read see size size up valuate value weigh claiming confrontation dare defiance demanding demur interrogation objection protest provocation remonstrance summons to contest threat ultimatum accost arouse ask for assert beard brave call for call out claim confront cross defy demand denounce exact face down face off face the music fly in the face of hang in impeach impose impugn insist upon invite competition make a point of make a stand object to provoke query reclaim require search out stand up to stick it out stimulate summon tax throw down the gauntlet vindicate analysis challenge TEST sound firm fit solid well hale stout able brawny burly capable fresh healthy hearty hefty lusty mighty robust rugged staunch sturdy inured feeble infirm unfit soft weak sick tender tough normal lively active strong chipper hardy husky potent trim virile whole idle kind lazy worn ill poor able-bodied acclimatized enduring hardened in fine fettle in good condition in good shape indefatigable muscular physically fit powerful resistant seasoned stalwart substantial tenacious unflagging vigorous all right athletic blooming bright-eyed bushy-tailed flourishing full of life healthful in fine feather in the pink restored rosy-cheeked safe and sound unimpaired business service enrollment trade job function office profession mission avocation racket vocation post occupation enlistment field exercise exertion assignment number game craft pursuit situation using line hire setup work calling employ thing position engaging métier occupying retaining hiring contracting commissioning exercising awarding servicing carrying signing on taking on fun hobby misuse record entry rally influx listing exit talent search levy draft recruitment what one is into acceptance accession admission conscription engagement entrance induction matriculation reception response student body students subscription executive recruiting executive recruitment employment headhunting
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