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Karma in BJJ: "Help others to develop your jiu-jitsu" Dustin 'Clean' Denes

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atmosphere aura fate feeling kismet power vibrations God's will destiny karma predestination predetermination what is in the books what is written Moirai afterlife break breaks certainty circumstance conclusion condition constellation course of events cup design divine decree doom expectation finality foreordination fortune future happenstance hereafter horoscope inevitability intent intention lot luck objective ordinance portion prospect serendipity the stars way the ball bounces way the cookie crumbles wheel of fortune world to come volition free will choice misfortune continuity theory concept whole Judgment Day Moira annihilation calamity cataclysm catastrophe condemnation death decree destination destruction disaster downfall end fixed future handwriting on wall judgment lap of the gods opinion ruin sentence tragedy verdict creation construction start beginning birth wonder good fortune blessing building commencement accusation miracle success happiness good luck boon chance consequence divine will effect ending handwriting on the wall inescapableness issue nemesis outcome providence stars termination upshot opening origin cause source accident circumstances contingency experience fifty-fifty fighting chance fluke fortuity fortunateness good break hazard history life lucked into lucked out luckiness lucky break lucky hit roll of the dice run of luck star streak of luck plan surety assurance poverty hardship reality Lady Luck Pseudocoup Karma bag beg big bog bug box balance dregs dross excess heel leavings leftovers overplus remains remnant residual residue rump superfluity surplus bottom of barrel odds and ends residum lack need want action activity base core energy rest opportunity option substitute selection recourse sub redundancy preference pick other druthers back-up other fish in sea other fish to fry take it or leave it restraint constraint obligation necessity compulsion rejection alternative others Pseudocoup Other Others advance establish evolve expand flourish grow progress promote age foster maturate mature mellow ripen thrive enroot grow up decline decrease halt lessen retreat retrogress stop stunt cease circumscribe compress confine discontinue end narrow repress perfect strengthen broaden exploit spread refine build up deepen cultivate intensify realize improve extend materialize finish widen magnify augment dilate stretch enrich elaborate enlarge lengthen beautify unfold actualize polish heighten amplify spoil reduce diminish maintain keep shrink lower contract neglect hurt shorten cut curtail condense abridge ignore damage weaken ruin destroy form invest acquire start generate betide breed transpire originate befall ensue break chance result arise follow happen commence break out come about come off pick up stay disagree cause precede produce disclose exhibit disentangle reach unroll unfurl unwind foretell unravel recount explicate uncover state explain account for uncoil untwist confuse twist cover lose fail obscure mystify complicate tangle wind hide conceal act accomplish achieve begin carry on carry out consummate cook create develop do a number enforce execute function get in there go about go for broke go for it go in for go that route go to town intrude knock off labor make progress maneuver move officiate operate percolate perk perpetrate persevere persist practice preside pursue respond serve take effect take part take steps take up transort undertake work out leave alone quit give up leave forget abandon miss idle refrain hesitate abstain forego disregard acted boost break the bank elevate get fat get rich grade hit pay dirt hit the jackpot make a killing make out multiply pan out prefer prosper raise strike gold strike it rich upgrade uplift yield withdraw turn take back recede back down spurn advances advancing deteriorate get along grow feeble grow old push put mileage on wane rise increase yours tour dour four hour lour pour sour 1200 hour your Pseudocoup YOUR Your you'r jib jig jip Jiu Pseudocoup JIU jots juts kits gits jets jutes kites jilts hits cots cuts girts guts kids coitus its cts jds aits bits fits gaits jibs jigs jips jujitsu lits nits pits quits sits wits zits cats ctss gats gets dusting dustbin destine destiny dost in doest in dust dustings dueting dustier bust in dusty tost in didst in drest in trust in Dustin Pseudocoup dustin dell dingle glen ravine spout trough vale dale dene
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