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Kasabian, Jimmy Page, Hawkwind attend MOJO Honours List Awards



(11 Jun 2010) SHOTLISTmusic/video/performance rights must be clearedAP TelevisionLondon, 10 June 20101. Wide shot exterior venue2. Close up venue flag3. Wide shot Kasabian4. SOUNDBITE (English) Serigo Pizzorno and Chris Edwards, KasabianEdwards: "First time we've been to a MOJOs, first time we've ever been nominated and so looking forward to it."(Reporter: Is that hard work, do you get nervous?)Pizzorno: "Not really no. Nervous about the food."5. Wide shot Jimmy Page 6. SOUNDBITE (English) Jimmy Page, Recording Artist:"It's always been such a good bash, such a good mix and it's always an awards ceremony which is top of the class, really."7. Mid shot Tony Christie and Jarvis Cocker8. SOUNDBITE (English) Richard Hawley, Recording Artist:"People that I don't see because we're always on tour. Jarvis is here and I haven't seen him for about 3 months so it will be lovely to sit down and catch up with him and hopefully have a good time."9. Mid shot Hawkwind10. SOUNDBITE (English) Serigo Pizzorno and Chris Edwards, Kasabian Pizzorno: "Hawkwind are getting the big award which I'm really happy about, fantastic band."11. SOUNDBITE (English) Dave Brock, Richard ChadwickHawkwind: Brock: "How does it feel? Normal really."Chadwick : "Maverick. It's our middle name, isn't it, Dave 'Maverick' Brock."Brock: "Well that's me, and that's Richard 'Maverick' Chadwick. We're all maverick."12. Martha and Rufus Wainright approach press, SOUNDBITE (English) Rufus Wainwright:"How are you? Good, Good. (Reporter: So you're up for best live act?) "I am, I am"Martha Wainwright: " I am? Just kidding!"Rufus Wainwright: "No! I Am. You'll get it next year. I don't think I'll win it, but I'm up for it."(Reporter: So what's so special about your live act then?)Rufus Wainwright: "It's basically unlike anything you've seen before which is probably why I'm struggling all the time. But it's all me. All the time. I don't know, it's good."Martha Wainwright: "It's solo right now which is amazing, solo two and half hours and completely moving."Rufus Wainwright: "Which is very very rare to have a solo live act. And I dress as a weird fool so it's great."13. Wide shot Marc Almond14. SOUNDBITE (English) Marc Almond, Recording Artist:"I think so it makes you feel like you've been appreciated and appreciating other people as well for the work that they've done in music and you see people who have been musical icons, of myself as well so it's really nice to be in that company."15. Wide shot Mark Mothersbaugh, Devo16. SOUNDBITE (English) Mark Mothersbaugh, Devo"It was just in the last few years that we got interested in doing a record again and it really had to do with the collapse of the record industry and it's kind of an exciting time because I think what music is and how it's being created and how it's being presented by artists is changing right now, I don't know it seems like this is a great time to be in music." 17. Wide shot Hawkwind MUSIC STARS GATHER FOR MOJO HONOURSGuitar icon Jimmy Page, Devo and indie band Kasabian were among the stars who gathered in East London, Thursday (10 JUNE 2010), for the MOJO Honours List 2010.The winners were announced by MOJO magazine at a ceremony in London's The Brewery.Kasabian single "Fire" was named song of the year, beating Florence and the Machine, who led the short-listed pack with a total of four nominatinos,Kasabian wasn't far behind, with three nominations."First time we've been to a MOJOs, first time we've ever been nominated and so looking forward to it," Kasabian bass player Chris Edwards said.His bandmate, guitarist Sergio Pizzorno, was pleased to see Hawkwind pick up an honour.Complete list of MOJO Honours List award winners: You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/you... Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork


AP Archive 648093 ef9701d0d65ba892ee2a35584a57edd3 Entertainment UK MOJO Honours United Kingdom London Western Europe England Jimmy Page Jarvis Cocker Rufus Wainwright Martha Wainwright Marc Almond Duane Eddy Julien Temple Anna McGarrigle Jean-Michel Jarre crowbar force lever open pry close chisel extract jimmy remove assault blast break in break open burst bust open crack open defile extort propel push rape ravish spoil squeeze thrust twist undo violate wrench wrest wring untwist let go surrender yield bar binder jack lam peavey peavy pedal tool treadle bare break out broach bust in come apart crack disclose display disrupt expand fissure free gap gape hole kick in lacerate lance penetrate perforate pierce pop puncture release reveal rupture separate sever slit slot split tap throw wide unbar unblock unbolt unclose unclothe uncork uncover unfasten unfold unfurl unlatch unlock unroll unseal unshut unstop untie unwrap vent ventilate yawn yawp hold close up combine conceal cover fasten 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