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Kazakhstan's former head of national security detained on suspicion of treason

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departed erstwhile old above ancient antecedent anterior bygone first past prior aforementioned aforesaid earlier ex- foregoing late long gone long-ago of yore once one-time preceding quondam sometime whilom after modern new current ensuing following future present prospective subsequent succeeding former precedent precursory preliminary previous ending posterior back delayed elapsed overdue front before afore aforetime ahead ante antecedently anteriorly before present ere fore formerly forward heretofore in advance in days of yore in front in the old days in the past precendently previously since sooner up to now afterward behind later antiquated archaic belated dated dead defunct down memory lane extinct forgotten gone gone-by in oblivion lost of old old-fashioned old-time olden oldfangled out-of-date vanished water over the dam water under the bridge alive existent existing living recent deceased asleep bit the dust cold exanimate expired finished gave up the ghost inanimate kicked the bucket lifeless passed on pushing up daisies born lively arch champion first front leading main pioneer premier prime principal foremost highest preeminent stellar supreme topmost auxiliary extra final inferior last least minor secondary subordinate unimportant lower second trivial brain skull attic belfry capitulum coconut cranium crown dome noggin noodle pate scalp thinker upstairs gray matter think tank top story upper story bottom conclusion end ending finish follower foot ignorance inability rear stupidity chief commander director executive manager officer superintendent boss captain chieftain honcho President supervisor commanding officer dominator lead-off person top dog employee worker apex banner beak bill cap cork crest heading headline height peak pitch point promontory streamer summit tip vertex base nadir commencement fore forefront fountainhead origin rise source start van vanguard first place completion death effect result stop mind aptitude aptness bent brains capacity faculty flair genius gift intellect knack mentality talent thought turn understanding incapacity incompetence ineptitude ineptness lack acme climax crisis culmination beginning opening command control direct guide lead run address dominate govern precede rule supervise be first be in charge go first hold sway over lead the way abandon follow misguide mislead neglect obey serve submit surrender yield administer administrate be in the driver's seat be in the saddle carry out conduct crack the whip execute head head up hold the reins oversee pull the strings pull the wires render ride herd on run the show sit on top of superintend leave deny forego frustrate mismanage refuse withhold administrant administrator chairperson leader CEO ambassador authority bureaucrat chair consul controller custodian dean exec front office governor head honcho head person inspector judge mayor minister official organizer overseer person upstairs prez producer accomplished consummate expert finished greatest major master primary top amateur incomplete inessential inexpert insignificant unfinished unnecessary worst arise appear begin come to light commence crop up derive emanate emerge ensue flow happen issue occur originate set in spring stem cause disappear complete lay lie sit arisen appeared begun commenced derived emanated emerged ensued flowed followed happened headed issued occurred originated resulted risen sprung started stemmed sat lied stopped ended completed caused disappeared civil communal domestic ethnic governmental internal interstate nationwide public social federal general home imperial native royal sovereign state sweeping vernacular countrywide government civic inland politic political societal widespread private local citizen John\u002FJane Q. Public aborigine autochthon burgess burgher civilian commoner cosmopolite denizen dweller freeman\u002Fwoman householder inhabitant member of body politic member of community national naturalized person occupant resident settler subject taxpayer townsman townsperson townswoman urbanite villager voter alien foreigner civic borough metropolitan municipal urban interior foreign ill-mannered impolite rude unkind compatriot fellow citizen compatriots fellow citizens nationals countryman landsman bond care freedom guarantee insurance preservation surveillance aegis agreement armament armor asylum bail collateral compact contract covenant cover custody defense earnest guard immunity pact pawn pledge precaution promise refuge retreat safeguard safekeeping safeness salvation sanctuary shelter shield surety token ward warrant safety measure break disagreement endangerment harm hurt injury danger insecurity peril trouble uncertainty worry confidence assurance calm certainty conviction ease positiveness reliance soundness sureness doubt acquisition accomplishment achievement allowance annuity award benefit bonus commission dividend donation earnings fortune gain gift grant income increment inheritance net premium prize proceeds profit remuneration return reward riches salary security wages wealth winnings debt loss defeat failure forfeit misfortune penalty poverty punishment dearth lack need want acquisitions accretions achievements acquirements acquirings additions attainments buys gainings gains learnings obtainments possessions prizes procurations procurements procurings properties purchases pursuits recoveries redemption retrievals salvage needs failures lacks dearths surrenders forfeits losses anchor ballast bower comfort fastener foothold grapnel grappling iron grip hold hook kedge mainstay mooring mud hook pillar protection staff stay support release ammunition arms gun hardware heat material munitions ordnance weaponry armament(s) materiel bulletproof vest hard shell mail plate sheath circumscribed cramped imprisoned restrained restricted bound chilled compassed cramp grounded hampered held hog-tied iced immured incarcerated indisposed invalided jailed pent sick bedfast bedridden bottled-up cooped up flattened out in chains in jail incommodious laid up locked up on ice sealed up shut-in healthy well free liberated unlimited confined adhered believed clutched controlled defended gripped guarded occupied retained taken freed lost released secluded cordoned off sealed off shut off shut up under quarantine quarantined maintained received saved contained had included owned possessed remembered reserved secured sustained treasured withheld held-back extroverted outgoing disengaged let go refused unemployed wasted dull gradual low moderate sluggish stagnant stiff tame tedious time-consuming delayed down hindered impeded lingering off prolonged protracted reduced slack backward behindhand belated conservative dead dilatory draggy inactive long-delayed long-drawn-out overdue sleepy tardy uneventful unproductive unprogressive unpunctual active bright exciting interesting lively violent wild busy cognizant hurried intelligent on time quick rapid ready smart waiting slow delinquent dawdling held up hung up in a bind jammed laggard loitering not arrived not done procrastinating strapped for time too late early prompt punctual detained slower fast conjecture cynicism distrust impression jealousy misgiving mistrust notion skepticism uncertainty wariness chariness dubiety guess guesswork hunch idea incertitude incredulity qualm supposition surmise wonder bad vibes dubiosity funny feeling gut feeling lack of confidence nonbelief sneaking suspicion belief certainty confidence faith sureness trust calculation knowledge measurement proof reality information suggestion cast glimmer intimation shade shadow smell strain streak tinge touch whiff soupçon brightness light apprehension alarm apprehensiveness concern disquiet doubt dread foreboding premonition presage presentiment suspicion trepidation uneasiness worry calm calmness peace ease misunderstanding assumption acceptance accepting assuming expectation fancy hypothesis inference posit postulate postulation premise presumption presupposition shot shot in the dark stab supposal theorization theory disbelief fact truth genuineness naturalness realness unexpected assumptions brasses chutzpah cockiness conceits imperiousness insolence nerves presumptions prides sasses self-importances unexpecteds timidities realnesses realities doubts humility shyness modesty admission assent assurance avowal axiom conclusion conviction credence credit deduction divination feeling hope intuition judgment mind mindset opinion persuasion position profession reliance theorem thesis thinking understanding view disagreement ignorance ambiguity confusion physicality breath dash murmur trace undertone whisper clue cue dead giveaway hot lead indication inkling key lead mark pointer print 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hypocrisy imposition insincerity juggling legerdemain lying mendacity pretense prevarication sophism trickiness trumpery untruth sincerity honor apostasy bad faith betrayal of trust breach of trust breaking of faith double cross falsity inconstancy infidelity perfidiousness recreancy subversive activity untrueness violation trueness disbelief doubt fickleness skepticism belief fairness trust constancy adultery affair cheating extramarital relations lewdness two-timing
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