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Keith Lemon hijacks a Pixie Lott live interview at the BRIT Awards 2014

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The hilarious moment that Keith Lemon had to get involved and have a flirt with the beautiful Pixie Lott. The BRIT Awards at London's O2 Arena with ...


Brit Awards (Award) Pixie Lott (Musical Artist) Keith Lemon: The Film (Film) Keith Lemon Keith Lemon's LemonAid (TV Program) Keith Lemon's Very Brilliant World Tour (TV Program) New Album (Musical Album) comedy Keith keith keith's Keith's Lemon lemon lemons steal kidnap carjack skyjack annex borrow clap confiscate cop embezzle filch get fingers on get hands on glom on to grab grab hold of hijack liberate lift misappropriate moonlight requisition pilfer pocket secure snatch swipe take over usurp appropriate arrogate clap hands on commandeer expropriate glom onto kipe preempt seize accroach activate assume conscript draft enslave requisition sequester sequestrate take confisticate impound possess oneself of ambush arrest block catch check curb cut in cut off deflect head off at pass hinder interlope interpose make off with obstruct prevent shortstop stop take away body snatch bundle off capture carry away carry off coax decoy entice impress inveigh lay hands on lure pirate remove run 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