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Kelly Leitch's Conservative on Canadian values

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Conservative candidate Kelly Leitch's on Canadian values: proposal to screen all immigrants, refugees, and visitors for Canadian values with a face to face interview with a trained immigration officer.


Kelly Leitch Leitch Conservative Canadian values immigrants refugees visitors values Kelly Leitch's blue-green olive apple aquamarine beryl chartreuse fir forest grass jade lime malachite moss pea peacock pine sage sap sea spinach verdigris willow bice greenish-blue vert viridian experienced expert old skilled withered kelly green emerald Kelly beautiful strong-willed sexy smart funny spunky courageous and then some cute adorable middle-of-the-road reactionary timid traditional Tory bourgeois constant firm fuddy-duddy quiet redneck right stable steady controlled conventional die-hard fearful fogyish guarded hard hat hidebound holding to illiberal in a rut inflexible not extreme obstinate old guard old line orthodox right of center right-wing sober traditionalistic unchangeable unchanging uncreative undaring unimaginative unprogressive white bread changeable inconstant unfixed unstable unsteady untrustworthy wavering weak wobbly exaggerated incautious left-wing liberal progressive radical conservative demure genteel priggish prim prissy proper puritanical respectable rigid smug square starchy stiff straitlaced stuffy uptight Victorian common materialistic middle-class old-line philistine boring buttoned-down conformist old-fashioned strait-laced accurate alert apprehensive assiduous attentive chary choosy circumspect concerned conscientious cool deliberate discreet exacting fastidious finicky fussy going to great lengths heedful judicious leery meticulous mindful observant particular playing safe precise protective provident prudent punctilious regardful religious rigorous scrupulous selfdisciplined shy solicitous solid thorough thoughtful vigilant wary bigoted commonplace conforming doctrinal dogmatic drippy hackneyed humdrum in rut insular isolationist lame literal moderate moral narrow narrow-minded not heretical parochial pedestrian prosaic routine rube run-of-the-mill solemn stereotyped straight straight-laced strict arresting balking checking coping with 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Canadians oh canada northern united states loves the british lives in igloos piss beer cindy crosby. resident of canada healthcare unarmed awesome canada canadan misunderstood people northerners canadian canadianspitroast maple syrup lovely great white north attitude beliefs character code conduct conscience ethics ideals integrity morals mores scruples standards sense of duty sense of honor immorality culture habits ideology mentality mind mindset principles psyche psychology spirit traits values goals code of conduct ethicalness good morals moral philosophy morality aesthetics axiom conception convictions doctrine idea logic metaphysics ontology outlook rationalism reason reasoning system tenet theory thinking thought truth view viewpoint wisdom ethos body physicality ethoses moral code philosophies philosophy value Value Values client work product yed valu quality sentiment cred crotch delight maximum goes off banter doggin campaign promises core values belief systems republicans democrats leitch Leitch donger hot great babe magnet legend buffoon goon twit muppet imbocile alien foreigner migrant newcomer settler colonist outsider pioneer adoptive citizen documented alien incomer naturalized citizen undocumented alien citizen national native local immigrant immigrants emigrant foreign migration immigration emigration ex-pat expat abroad overseas norwegians germans usa englishmen get the job done zepellin song rock alien displaced person emigrant evacuee exile expatriate foreigner castaway defector derelict deserter escapee foundling fugitive leper maroon outcast outlaw prodigal renegade runaway boat person expellee homeless person stateless person émigré citizen national native Refugees Refugee refugee refugees war flee fled katrina new orleans refuge 2005 jesse hijackson jesse jackson naacp liberals crime lebanon camps escape run caller company foreigner guest inspector invitee transient visitant habitué out-of-towner host visitor visitors the curse period cock-block ooops oh-well dang blue balls abt hts blue man group arrive
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