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Kobe Bryant Unsure Of How Celtics Fans Will React

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Kobe Bryant explains how he's unsure of the reaction Boston Celtics fans will give to him in his final game in Boston.


Kobe! Big Mad Kobe KOBE! kobe Bryant bryant distrustful dubious hesitant indecisive mistrustful shaky skeptical suspicious uncertain unclear unconvinced undecided betwixt and between borderline fluctuant fly-by-night iffy in a quandary indeterminate irresolute lacking open problematic rootless touch and go unassured unconfident undependable unreliable unstable untrustworthy untrusty up for grabs vacillating wavering weak wimpy wobbly believing certain clear definite determined sure trustworthy trusty undoubted unwavering secure ambivalent clashing contradictory debatable doubtful equivocal fluctuating inconclusive mixed opposed unresolved unsure warring resolved decided unequivocal settled unquestionable arguable contentious controversial disputable moot open to question questionable sub judice untenable clouded chancy concerned dubitable in doubt in question troubled unknown vague untroubled diffident backward bashful chary constrained coy demure humble insecure meek modest mousy rabbity reluctant reserved retiring self-conscious self-effacing sheepish shrinking shy timid timorous unassertive unassuming unobtrusive unpoised withdrawn bold aggressive confident brave extroverted agnostic baffled confused disconcerted distracted disturbed doubting faithless faltering flustered hesitating in clouds in dilemma like doubting Thomas lost not following of two minds perplexed puzzled questioning tentative theoretical unsettled without belief exact trusting convinced confirmed decisive far-fetched fishy improbable mootable shady suspect trustless unlikely undoubtful positive doubtless unambiguous reliable honest aboveboard probable likely believable Unsure Big Mad according to what after what precedent by means of by virtue of what by what means by what method by whose help from what source through what agency through what medium to what degree whence whereby wherewith by which how through which wherein at which point in what respect where why cause motive mystery proof Big Mad H.O.W. 'how' How Celtic Big Mad celtic celtics blade draft leaf propeller vane ventilator windmill air conditioner flabellum palm leaf thermantidote devotee lover follower admirer supporter buff adherent freak aficionado votary zealot addict amateur hound groupie habitué rooter opponent enemy adversary ventilate ruffle aerate winnow refresh spread wind cool air-condition air-cool close whip up arouse excite rouse extend agitate increase enkindle stimulate expand work up impassion add fuel stir up shrink lower contract bore shorten lessen decrease abridge quiet lull calm audience admirers assemblage assembly congregation crowd devotees fans following gallery gathering hearers house listeners market moviegoers onlookers patrons playgoers public showgoers spectators theatergoers turnout viewers witnesses audiences circle clientage clientele cortege coterie dependents entourage group patronage retinue rout suite support supporters train disbelievers opposition FAN Big Mad Fan F.A.N. Fan! attitude character decision desire determination discipline feeling inclination intention mind passion power resolution resolve wish aim appetite conviction craving decisiveness decree design discretion disposition fancy hankering liking longing option pining pleasure preference prerogative purpose self-control self-discipline self-restraint temperament urge velleity volition willfulness willpower wishes yearning dislike hate hatred indecision question wavering weakness distaste indifference thoughtlessness insistence legacy estate inheritance heritage bestowal device declaration testament dispensation property bequest order directions instructions denial authorize intend exert bid enjoin request ordain insist effect direct command determine demand bring about decide on receive keep pass overlook neglect forget reply waver disallow opt elect like prefer crave please want incline be inclined have a mind to see fit spurn despise ignore devise transfer confer leave legate disinherit cut off probate disherit pass on hold backbone courage firmness fortitude grit guts hardihood heart intestinal fortitude mettle moral fiber nerve pluck spunk stamina steadfastness tenacity toughness will spinelessness powerlessness ineptness timidity irresolution fear cowardice bequeath bestow commit endow entrust grant hand down hand on impart leave to transmit take bequeathed bequeathing choose accept adopt appoint call for cast co-opt commit oneself cull designate discriminate between draw lots embrace espouse excerpt extract favor feel disposed to finger fix on glean judge love make choice make decision name opt for predestine separate set aside settle upon sift out single out slot sort tab tag take up tap weigh winnow wish for repulse insert abstain repudiate reject refuse chooses Will Big Mad acknowledge act answer behave counter feel perform proceed reply revert backfire boomerang echo function operate rebound reciprocate recoil recur return take work answer back be affected bounce back get back at give a snappy comeback give back have a funny feeling have vibes talk back turn back cease halt question stop idle keep refuse address greet hail notice react remark respond salute thank overlook ask disregard disavow contradict abjure repudiate renounce forswear slight ignore request acknowledges acknowledging appear carry carry oneself carry out comport conduct enact execute exert give the appearance go about impress as play part represent oneself seem serve strike take on give up lose leave neglect miss fail refrain hesitate discontinue abstain prevent acted run misbehave act up Big Mad React
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