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http://www.greenpeace.org/cocoa Cocoa farmers in Konye (Cameroon) are producing their cocoa in harmony with the natural forest. By adopting a sustainable ...


Konye Cameroon cocoa sustainable agroforestry forest rainforest Africa Congo Basin Greenpeace deforestation oil palm plantations palm oil plantation farming organic organic farming pesticides trees agriculture fawn ginger tan toast amber brick nut buff coffee drab dust bronze bay ecru beige rust auburn tawny copper russet puce sepia sorrel umber henna bister khaki hazel ochre burnt sienna chestnut chocolate cinnamon cocoa mahogany snuff-colored terra-cotta brown Cocoa English english version Cameroon cameroon fawn ginger tan toast amber brick nut buff coffee drab dust bronze bay ecru beige rust auburn tawny copper russet puce sepia sorrel umber henna bister khaki hazel ochre burnt sienna chestnut chocolate cinnamon cocoa mahogany snuff-colored terra-cotta brown Cocoa viable livable green tiring brief able to hold water assertable believable conceivable credible defendable defensible feasible imaginable maintainable rational reasonable supportable sustainable workable acceptable admissible allowable manageable passable satisfactory sufferable tolerable bearable comfortable cozy endurable fit habitable homey inhabitable lodgeable snug tenantable worthwhile adequate all right average better than nothing common decent fair fair to middling fairly good goodish indifferent mediocre middling not bad okay ordinary presentable respectable run-of-the-mill so-so sufficient tidy unexceptionable unexceptional unimpeachable arguable Sustainable sustainability sustain recycle cycle sustainible trendy fad environmentalist hippy liberal bullshit capitalism corporation park wood jungle timber grove covert cover woods growth stand brake chase clump copse weald backcountry backwoods boscage bramble briar brush chaparral creeper forest hedge hinterland outback plant scrub scrubland shrubbery the wild thicket vine wilderness apple aquamarine beryl bice blue-green chartreuse fir grass greenish-blue jade kelly lime malachite moss olive pea peacock pine sage sap sea spinach verdigris vert viridian willow coppice orchard plantation spinney woodland bush labyrinth maze morass primeval forest tangle undergrowth wasteland web zoo cosmos country countryside environment generation landscape macrocosm megacosm natural history outdoors scenery seascape setting universe view world esplanade estate garden green grounds lawn lot meadow parkland place playground plaza pleasure garden recreation area square tract village green nature Forest nice kind lots of friends doesn&39;t hurt feelings sophisticated tree moose rainforest group strength companion dad roots seed pillar hot hunk zip zone trees jar lid super hulk king kong superman mike tyson godzilla happy hyper pretty leader Rain Forest Rainforest rain forest rainforest swetty fishy stinky rotten hairy bushy sticky putrid bad-smelling crabs infected infested vagina pussy poontang cunt forest rain shower shave squirt orgasm tinder date asian necron phantacunt weffy monkeys urban watermellons tree house snakes blackboard jungle land of the Sahara Africa Congo congo pot bowl pan pool gulf bay sag ewer sink hole dip tub rise solid anchorage arm basin bayou bight cove estuary fiord firth harbor inlet lagoon loch mouth narrows sound strait boat casserole crock deep dish dish porringer saucer tureen urn vessel armpit atrium bursa caries chamber crater decay dent depression gap hollow pit pocket sinus socket vacuity void dimple excavation impression indentation scoop sinkage sinkhole vacuum valley concavity declivity descent downslide downswing downtrend drop fall fall-off inclination incline lowering pitch slip slope slump slough whirlpool cavity Basin Basin' Greenpeace greenpeace erosion logging denuding deforestation De-forestation Deforestation coat lard lube dry ale amber brew barley pop brew brewski brown bottle chill cold coffee cold one hops lager malt malt liquor oil stout suds a line adulation baloney blandishment cajolery coaxing compliments exaggeration eyewash fawning honey incense ingratiation 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trophy palms apperceive explore grapple manipulate palm perceive run hands over squeeze twiddle chaplet coronal festoon honors laurel wreath including fingers duke metacarpus bottle up cherish confine contain cork up embrace enclose freeze to hang on imprison keep close keep out lock up maintain not let go nourish possess put a lock on restrain stay put trammel make a pretense of send forth appropriate liberate moonlight purloin requisition rip off scrounge walk off with garland hand pass off pilfer Palm ranch estate acreage area country home country place demesne domain dominion farm finca freehold grounds holdings lands parcel plantation quinta residence rural seat territory villa acres arboretum claim demense enclosure farmstead field garden grange grassland holding homestead lawn meadow nursery orchard pasture patch soil vineyard association charity company corporation endowment establishment guild inauguration institute organization set-up settlement society trusteeship hacienda 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sinker imperforate intact integral integrated lock stock and barrel outright plenary replete the works thorough thoroughgoing unabbreviated unabridged unbroken uncondensed uncut undiminished undivided undocked unexpurgated unimpaired unitary unreduced whole whole enchilada whole nine yards whole-hog whole-length built-in congenital deep-seated essential inborn inbred ingrained intrinsic admirable batting a thousand believeable commendable decent deserving estimable excellent exemplary honest honorable laudable meritorious nasty not too shabby palmary reputable reputed respectable salt of the earth satisfactory suitable well-thought-of worthy axiological axiomatic bottom bottom-line cardinal central constitutional constitutive crucial elemental elementary first foundational grass-roots indispensable key major meat-and-potatoes necessary original paramount primitive primordial principal radical requisite rudimentary significant structural substratal substrative supporting sustaining theoretical underived underlying inherent native primal profound bodily complete creditable fundamental Organic natural farming DDT defoliant fungicide insecticide paraquat pesticide weedkiller herbicide shrub wood woods pulp stock copse grove lumber thicket timber timberland trees weald woodland crops flora flowers grasses greenery herbage herbs plants saplings shrubs vegetables verdure abduct appropriate arrest bag capture catch cop corner get grab hook lay hands on nab nail prehend secure seize take tree bottle bring to bay collar fool get on ropes have up a tree mousetrap put out trick trouble ancestral tree ancestry bloodline descent family history genealogical chart genealogical tree genealogy heredity line lineage pedigree stemma vegetation family tree Trees Tree culture agronomy tillage agriculture agrology agronomics cultivation farming gardening raising tending breeding crop-raising feeding fertilizing geoponics gleaning grazing growing harvesting homesteading hydroponics landscaping operating production ranching reaping seeding share-cropping soil culture threshing arboriculture floriculture groundskeeping viniculture viticulture land management horticulture husbandry Agriculture
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