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Kristen Stewart and girlfriend Stella Maxwell flaunt their toned mid riffs and legs in co ordinated

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Kristen Stewart and girlfriend Stella Maxwell flaunt their toned mid-riffs and legs in co-ordinated ensemblesThe couple rocked eye-grabbing outfits as they celebrated the Twilight star's 27th birthdayThey're rumoured to have started their romance back in December.And it seems that their relationship is taking leaps and bounds, as Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell stepped out in co-ordinated outfits as they celebrated the Twilight actress' birthday in New Orleans.Taking a break from her latest project, Underwater, on Sunday, Hollywood star and her model girlfriend flaunted their enviable figures as they made the most of the city's sunny weather.Kristen - who first shot to fame beside ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson in teen horror hit Twilight - has been filming her latest flick in the famous Southern City.And as she took a day off to celebrate her birthday, she appeared more than content to spend some quality time taking in the sights and sounds of the Big East with her stunning girlfriend.Showing that they've already reached an in-sync stage in their relationship, the couple rocked strikingly similar and eye-catching outfits.Kristen teamed a cropped white vest and a pair of geometric print short shorts, which allowed the A-Lister to flaunt her flat tummy and gym-honed legs.Choosing to go braless, the Personal Shopper star rocked a confident look; she rounded off her ensemble with a hoodie, gym socks and a pair of Vans skate trainers.The star continued to rock her new punky peroxide 'do', which only served to accentuate her striking features.Kristen rounded thing off with a summer staple, a pair of honey coloured aviator frames.Stella, 26 - a Victoria's Secret Angel - rocked a strikingly similar look, which allowed the catwalk queen to showcase her model physique.Paring gym shorts with a cropped grey tee, pop sock and matching Vans, the blonde beauty also chose to flaunt her endless legs and toned tummy.She rounded things off with a black leather biker jacket, with Stella choosing to accessorise her look with a pair of sunglasses.The model allowed her blonde locks to blow free in the breeze, letting her mane fall around her shoulders.Subscribe!Breaking News Daily -- https://goo.gl/lF4A1HSubscribe! Hollywood news — goo.gl/9vgLIMLike us on! Facebook -- http://goo.gl/iGqDR4


Kristen Stewart Stella Maxwell Kristen Stewart and girlfriend Stella Maxwell Kristen Stewart legs in co-ordinated ensembles Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell stepped out in co-ordinated outfits Kristen teamed a cropped white vest The Hollywood star celebrity celebrity news kristen stewart 2017 kristen stewart fashion kristen stewart news girlfriend kristen stewart news Kristen solarpunk Stewart solarpunk along with also as a consequence as well as furthermore including moreover together with additionally and plus again along as well besides conjointly further in conjunction with in like manner likewise more more than that on top of over and above still to boot too withal added aggrandized amassed another augmented bounteous deeper else enhanced exceeding expanded extended extra farther fresh heavier higher in addition increased innumerable larger major massed new numerous other spare supplementary too many wider fewer less solarpunk And? 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