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LG's best LCD TVs boast improved picture, lots of HDR support

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This Super UHD LCD costs less than LG's OLED sets and can't match their picture quality, but LG says they're much improved over last year. All things CES ...


LG TVs CES 2017 First Look David Katzmaier finest tough bad first prime ace boss chief cool super primo tops A-1 last worst least minor extra poor low apt golden fewest largest biggest extremely greatly honorably sincerely creditably gloriously most fully choice flower prize top paragon fat select pick model cream elite gem utmost best shot hardest beat trounce conquer surpass blank outdo exceed lick deck tan total prevail whip floor excel better master wax trash wallop blast wipe zap waste drub clobber thrash triumph beat up whop flax whomp praise uphold relent lose fail yield build best champion enduring everlasting perpetual be victorious outplay outrival outrun outshine outstrip overcome overtake overwhelm shoot ahead of subdue transcend vanquish advance ameliorate amend cap correct enhance forward further help meliorate mend promote raise rectify refine reform revamp button down button up can clinch cob complete cover crest crown do to a T eclipse finish pass put the lid on surmount top it off trump wrap up crack dandy delightful deluxe excellent famous fine first-class first-rate five-star fly great splendid superb top-notch world-class achieve acquire annex occupy overrun seize succeed all-time capital Best B.E.S.T LCD L.C.D. box eye tube video TV set telly audio vid baby-sitter boob tube idiot box receiver small screen station broadcast canned music video prerecorded program promotional film recorded taped telegenic television the box the tube television receiver television set T.V.S. TVs bluster swank joy bravado bombast avowal pride vaunt heroics humility modesty advertise shovel crow gasconade flaunt fake bully blow swagger prate exult sling strut grandstand gloat flourish shuck shoot glory exaggerate preen triumph puff vapor aggrandize con show off jive showboat blow smoke hug oneself lay on thick psych sound off talk big hide fail exhibit claim own possess deny lose badger boast brag brazen browbeat bulldoze cow domineer hector rant rave ride the high horse roar roister shoot off one's mouth storm swell yap blow one's own horn hotdog mouth pat oneself on the back rodomontade babble cackle caw cock-a-doodle-doo cry gas glory in gurgle jubilate squawk whoop arrange bare betray brandish bring to view demonstrate disclose emblazon evidence evince expand expose extend feature flash glaze illustrate impart lay bare lay out make clear make known manifest model open open out parade perform present promote promulgate publish represent reveal set out showcase sport spread out stretch out trot out uncover unfold unfurl unmask unroll unveil vamp be blessed be favored command experience have hold maintain occupy process reap the benefits retain use amplify blow out of proportion boost build up caricature color cook up corrupt distort embroider emphasize enlarge exalt fabricate falsify fudge go to extremes heighten hike hyperbolize inflate intensify lay it on thick lie loud talk magnify make too much of misquote misreport misrepresent overdo overdraw overemphasize overestimate pad pretty up put on pyramid romance romanticize scam stretch display enjoy Boast revised mended enriched refined repaired reformed upgraded enhanced amended bettered fixed up damaged injured well ill bigger choice exceeding exceptional finer fitter greater higher quality improved larger more appropriate more desirable more fitting more select more suitable more useful more valuable preferable preferred prominent sharpened sophisticated souped up superior surpassing worthier altered changed redesigned refreshed regenerated renewed revived abated ameliorated corrected cured doctored fixed helped lessened patched up rebuilt rectified refurbished regulated rejuvenated relieved remedied remodeled renovated reorganized better convalescent improving mending on the mend recuperating reconstituted reconstructed reestablished reset revolutionized reworked transformed born-again converted gone straight reborn redeemed rehabilitated righteous turned over a new leaf new recovering copy art figure image sketch report statue print piece icon canvas double effigy twin ringer draft doodle photo original idea epitome essence movie cartoon show flick cinema paint draw render limn conceal portray visualize envision daydream create fancy see fantasize imagine dream adventures autobiography bio biog close-up confessions diary experiences journal letters life life history life story memoir personal account personal anecdote personal narrative personal record picture profile résumé saga vita artwork oil portrait still life watercolor apperception appreciation apprehension clue cogitating cognition communing comprehension conceit concentrating concept consideration considering deliberating design dreaming envisaging explanation exposition fancying imagining impression inkling intellection interpretation meditating meditation mental grasp musing notion perception philosophizing plan realization representation speculating speculation thought version Photostat Xerox carbon clone counterfeit delineate depict ditto dupe engrave engross fake forge imitate knock off manifold mimeo mirror mold paraphrase photocopy plagiarize reduplicate reflect repeat replicate represent reproduce rewrite sculpture simulate stat trace transcribe abstracts brass tacks chapter and verse circumstances compilations conclusions details documents dope dossier evidence experiments facts figures goods info input knowledge materials measurements memorandums notes proof reports results scoop score statistics testimony whole story characterize detail illustrate interpret narrate outline relate sculpt state biography conception data Picture pictures wad slew many tons gobs little a lot abundance all kinds of amplitude appreciable amount barrel breadth completeness copiousness excess exuberance fullness great quantity heaps loads lots lump mass mess mountain multiplicity oodles overage oversupply pack peck pile plentifulness plenty plethora profuseness riches scads sufficiency superabundance superfluity thousands very much volume wealth billions large number masses millions piles zillions affluence avalanche capacity cornucopia deluge enough flood fruitfulness full house fund good deal great deal luxury mine mountains opulence profusion prosperity quantity stacks store torrent bet betting disposition draw drawing flier gambling game of chance gaming long odds numbers numbers game pool random shot speculation stake sweep sweepstake tossup wager wagering bags barrels bunches bundles jillion many and then some scores bounteousness bountifulness plenteousness much raffle plenitude LOT lot HDR hdr rod back rest pole bed rib timber lining stake stave prop brace medium means stay device post hold collar column pillar agency shore base guide block stilt stop relief aid lift hand succor assist hurt injury subsidy payment care alimony living upkeep stock keep stores fun bolster uphold buttress carry ground bottom cradle sustain mainstay poise bear strut shoulder crutch stand found embed keep up shore up upbear weaken refuse reject let go drop fall oppose subsidize finance strengthen set up fund encourage maintain sponsor raise feed underwrite nourish angel chaperon stiffen guard stroke foster bankroll cherish fortify nurse bring up attend to buoy up care for look after pay for ignore take finish starve help boost establish endorse promote approve justify advance abet champion second comfort cheer forward verify bear out side with plead for pull for stick by hinder desert injure impede halt abide submit brook handle suffer fight advocate condone egg on goad incite instigate prod provoke sanction spur support urge arch end bridge end end piece jutting piece vault end afford arrange avail benefit bow convenience defer favor furnish gratify humor indulge oblige pamper please provide serve settle suit supply yield accede accept acquiesce agree allow attest to certify defend defer to grant own ratify recognize subscribe to take an oath acclamation addressing answer apology applause appreciation bestowal card confession contract credit gift gratitude greeting guarantee hail hailing letter nod notice reaction receipt reply response return salutation salute signature statement thanks token abide by be attached be constant be devoted be devoted to be faithful be loyal be true cleave to comply follow fulfill heed mind obey observe practice respect stand by abutment accommodate acknowledge acknowledgment adhere Support CES C.E.S. ces 2017 early prime head premier opening leading initial primary least pioneer key basic front ahead trivial minor extra last final ending dominant champion foremost chief ruling main arch advanced eminent supreme ranking primo greatest initially originally beforehand ancient earliest endemic first indigenous native original primeval primitive primordial earlier forward in front in the forefront in the lead previously prior avant-garde breakthrough cutting-edge excellent exceptional extreme higher late leading-edge liberal precocious progressive radical state-of-the-art unconventional advancing along ante antecedently at an advantage at the head before fore forwards in the foreground onward onwards precedent precedently preceding previous progressing to the fore accomplished consummate expert finished highest major master preeminent top A-1 ace bad beyond compare boss capital choicest cool culminating finest first-class first-rate incomparable inimitable matchless nonpareil number 1 optimum out-of-sight outstanding paramount peerless perfect premium principal sans pareil second to none super superlative terrific tops tough transcendent unequaled unparalleled unrivaled unsurpassed aboriginal advance best First! First FIRST!! FIRST stare peek eye review glance view sight leer flash gaze swivel regard slant case cast survey gander squint gun neglect face mien air guise mug disregard ignorance notice consider read study watch see peer gape scan beware goggle mind focus ogle mark tend note behold attend inspect spot gawk observe peep spy glower admire scout heed scorn avoid dodge miss sound show hide ignore cover seek hope hunt await find front address affectation ambience appearance atmosphere aura bearing comportment demeanor deportment effect feel feeling flavor impression look manner mannerism mood pose presence property quality semblance tone attitude blind carriage character condition countenance dress expression fashion feature figure form image looks mode outline presentation screen shape stamp facet aspect behavior display poise port set stand conduct gait pace positure stance step complexion embodiment hue style tinge tint turn visage Look Look... LOOK look! David
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