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Late Stage Marxism, "Disallows the proletarian to leave the country nor refer to himself as an individual."

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last-minute slow backward behind behind time behindhand belated blown delayed dilatory eleventh-hour gone held up hung up in a bind in the lurch jammed lagging missed the boat out of luck overdue postponed put off remiss stayed strapped tardy too late unpunctual antique early live old old-fashioned on time prompt punctual fresh recent advanced modern just out previous past sometime once asleep bygone cold deceased defunct departed erstwhile extinct former inanimate lifeless onetime preceding quondam ex- exanimate present future current slowly tardily belatedly dilatorily punctually avant-garde breakthrough cutting-edge excellent exceptional extreme first foremost forward higher late leading leading-edge liberal precocious progressive radical state-of-the-art unconventional after afterward afterwards another time ensuingly eventually intra later latterly next post hoc soon subsequently then thereafter thereon ultimately earlier previously beforehand afterward\u002Fafterwards a while later at a later time by and by in a while on the next day arrested checked dense dull feeble-minded imbecile moronic stupid subnormal underdeveloped underprivileged undeveloped smart fast developing aggressive ahead intelligent developed ancient antiquated archaic dated dead down memory lane forgotten gone by in oblivion lost of old of yore old-time olden oldfangled one-time out-of-date vanished water over the dam water under the bridge new existent alive living existing bereft of life bloodless bought the farm breathless buried cadaverous checked out cut off done for erased expired gone to meet maker gone to reward inert mortified no more not existing offed out of one's misery passed away perished pushing up daisies reposing resting in peace spiritless stiff unanimated wasted animate warm active subsisting being unfinished incomplete enduring continuing working operative spirited responsive interested animated lively cheesecake lates Late Lates lap leg moment phase point standing step degree division footing grade juncture length node notch plane rung status point in time system date arena set theater scene spotlight scenery limelight play scaffold drama setting frame dais scaffolding show business legit staging footlights Broadway off-Broadway show biz stage set mise en scène organize perform put on mount execute open present orchestrate engineer give show bring out close direct neglect miss fail conceal ignore disorganize destroy amphitheatre bowl circus coliseum course diamond field gridiron ground gym gymnasium hippodrome ice park pit platform ring rink square stadium stage chapter affiliate branch clause episode member offshoot part period topic unit wing whole coach bus car chaise charabanc fourwheeler gocart perambulator tallyho train vehicle victoria player student pupil coaches drill instructors educators mentors skippers teachers trainers tutors players students pupils bench podium rostrum seat table terrace date age century day duration epoch era generation hour quarter reign span spell term time while year cheesecake Stage stages communism Bolshevism Fabianism Leninism Maoism collectivism collective ownership state ownerhsip socialism totalitarianism rule of the proletariat state ownership democracy capitalism Marxism marxism cheesecake affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense histrionical the cheesecake The humble average base baseborn cast down common commonplace docile dutiful everyday gentle ignoble low lowborn mean meek menial mild modest mundane obscure obsequious ordinary plebeian poor prosaic retiring reverential servile simple submissive subordinate unassuming unpretentious withdrawing higher lofty noble pretentious superior lowly miserable vulgar petty limited hack narrow inferior beggarly contemptible ineffectual insignificant mediocre paltry pitiful run-down scruffy second-rate seedy shabby sordid squalid tawdry undistinguished wretched déclassé second-class unwashed down-at-heel extreme sympathetic nice generous uncommon high elevated rich polite compassionate unselfish kind extraordinary abnormal moral honest aristocratic unrestricted pedestrian banal coarse conventional popular traditional uncultivated unrefined unsophisticated working-class upper-class different wealthy accessible ubiquitous prevalent familiar universal rampant public accepted approved current general prevailing regnant rife ruling stock widespread adopted demanded embraced in demand in use disliked particular unusual unpopular unknown middle-class proletariat working class factory-working lower-class wage-earning white-collar blue-collar declassed rough unfit humdrum inglorious little meager measly puny seemly severe small trivial uncouth underprivileged unimportant scrubby low-born low-ranking proud boasting bold luxurious showy insolent egotistical conceited assertive presumptuous brave commoner peasant pleb commonalty common people rank and file plebe person in the street patrician aristocrat lower class hoi polloi commoners bourgeoisie plebians working stiff employee trader laborer slave help stiff toiler breadwinner hand serf artisan operative craftsperson wage earner blue collar company person nine-to-fiver tradesperson white collar working person unemployed check obstruction hindrance worker common laborer factory worker industrial worker lunch-bucket worker nonoffice worker workingman workingwoman blue-collar worker proletarian humblest Proletarian allowance authorization assent concession consent dispensation freedom go-ahead liberty okay permit sanction sufferance tolerance green light denial difference disagreement disapproval imprisonment incarceration protest refusal restraint veto limitation prohibition restriction workday retirement furlough leave of absence sabbatical vacation adieu departure farewell goodbye withdrawal parting leave-taking stay hello greeting fly quit take off move retire start withdraw escape flee disappear relinquish vamoose emigrate vanish elope abscond migrate sally defect flit embark part exit split scram vacate decamp ditch issue desert forsake beat it break away clear out cut out pull out push off step down come away give the slip go away go forth head out move out remove oneself ride off run along say goodbye set out slip out take a hike take leave walk out maintain care continue join keep hold stop arrive finish come face come in complete remain drop evacuate surrender forbear maroon cede waive terminate yield resign desist cease refrain back out drop out hand over knock off give up give notice keep on initiate begin help allow have omit mislay suffer let leave behind lay down let be let continue let go let stay reject refuse disallow apportion legate devise confide will transmit bequeath allot consign commit entrust refer bequest assign demise hand down give over retain take receive withhold acceptance acknowledgment acquiescence admission agreement approbation approval avowal canonization carte blanche concurrence condonance condonation empowerment endorsement imprimatur indulgence leave letting license privilege promise recognition rubber stamp sanctification stamp of approval toleration verification warrant repudiation break opposition rejection dissent abet accede accept acquiesce admit agree approbate approve authorize bless blink at boost buy charter concede concur condone empower enable endorse endure franchise give leave give permission go for grant humor indulge let pass pass sanctify say yes shake on sign sign off on take kindly to thumbs up tolerate wink at disagree hinder prevent disapprove deny sell OK'd abandon disown jilt renounce throw over walk out on favor adopt support pursue defend uphold assert cherish abandoning abdicating bailing out bowing out chickening out copping out cutting loose deserting discarding discontinuing ditching dropping dropping out ducking dumping dusting flaking out flying the coop giving up the ship kissing goodbye leaving legging it let going opting out pulling out quitting running out on screwing shipping out stopping storming out surrendering taking a powder taking a walk throwing over vacating walking out on washing hands of withdrawing yielding favoring adopting supporting retaining pursuing defending allowing going advancing maintaining keeping holding starting beginning continuing staying coming upholding asserting cherishing persevering remaining abdicate abjure abnegate bag it bail out demit forgo leave high and dry leave holding the bag leave in the lurch opt out quitclaim sell out assume win fight usurp treasure defy claim challenge cheesecake L.E.A.V.E agrarian bucolic homey provincial rustic arcadian agrestic campestral countrified georgic out-country outland uncultured unpolished unrefined unsophisticated metropolitan city urban land people region community society state public commonwealth kingdom realm populace soil terrain polity homeland grass roots native land voters citizenry inhabitants citizens constituents patria sovereign state urbanity metropolis province woods boondocks wilderness countryside outdoors outback backwoods bush hinterland back country wilds forests woodlands farmland boonies cow country green belt middle of nowhere up country wide open space country idyllic innocent peaceful rural simple sophisticated body politic constituency electorate nation res publica the people agricultural pastoral bumpkin boor clod clodhopper clodpoll hayseed hick hind lout lummox oaf rube yahoo yokel sophisticate confines borders circumference compass dimension edge end environs extent limits orbit periphery precinct proportions purview radius range reach scope sweep term territory open center middle interior inside countries Country neither nor yet not any not either not one nor cheesecake NoR Nor NORs assign attribute cite hint indicate introduce invoke point out specify accredit adduce advert allude ascribe associate charge credit designate excerpt exemplify extract glance impute insert instance interpolate lay name notice point quote bring up direct attention give as example make allusion make mention of make reference put down to speak about speak of touch on ignore neglect remove hold back hand over transfer deliver send turn over submit recommend commit consign relegate pass on hand in put in touch end receive retain keep hold dissuade answer relate involve connect incorporate pertain regard cover appertain touch encompass include belong take in deal with be a matter of be about be directed to be relevant bear upon correspond with have a bearing on have reference have relation have to do with abandon drop disregard disbelieve exclude apply advise repair run recur resort confer turn commune consult look up have recourse turn to stop halt refer reject disapprove deny imply insinuate intimate suggest appeal address adjure advance ask beg beseech bid call call upon claim contest crave demand entreat hit on implore importune petition plead pray propose proposition question require resort to solicit strike sue supplicate urge turn off turn away recall give disgust revoke retract renounce refuse disclaim conceal reply appealed addressed adjured advanced applied asked bade begged besought called called upon claimed contested craved demanded entreated implored importuned petitioned pleaded prayed proposed propositioned questioned referred required resorted to solicited struck submitted sued supplicated urged turned off turned away recalled gave answered disgusted revoked retracted renounced refused disclaimed ignored concealed replied denied dissuaded appeals addresses adjures advances applies asks begs beseeches bids calls calls upon claims contests craves demands entreats hits on implores importunes petitions pleads prays proposes propositions questions refers requires resorts to solicits strikes submits sues supplicates urges turns off turns away recalls gives answers disgusts revokes retracts renounces refuses disclaims ignores conceals replies denies dissuades be characteristic of be part of be pertinent be proper bear touch upon vest himself cheesecake
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