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'Latin American Revolutionaries Are Fascists, Unlike the US Founding Fathers...' - INSANE VAUSH TAKE

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agitator arsonist criminal demagogue demonstrator firebrand insurgent pyromaniac rabble-rouser rebel revolutionary rioter incendiary mutineer radical anarchist insurrectionist malcontent resister revolutionist anarch frondeur revolter extremist fanatic leftist militant progressive reformer renegade subversive avant-garde freethinker iconoclast left-winger nihilist nonconformist objector pacifist secessionist ultraist conservative moderate guerrilla opponent separatist antagonist apostate deserter dissenter experimenter heretic independent individualist innovator recreant resistance subverter traitor turncoat disectarian experientialist insurrectionary overthrower schismatic seditionist adherent loyalist bigot cohort disciple dissident dogmatist maverick misbeliever partisan satellite supporter zealot true believer liberal nonsectarian sectarian crime mutiny sedition subversion treachery deceit deceitfulness deception disaffection dishonesty duplicity faithlessness perfidy revolt traitorousness breach of faith lèse majesté seditious act seditiousness frankness harmony honesty openness trustworthiness truth truthfulness uprightness allegiance devotion faithfulness fidelity loyalty treason cynic assassin bomber gunman hijacker sniper goon thug terrorist advocate agent champion fighter fomenter instigator mover propagandist provocateur pusher reactionary revisionist ringleader troublemaker disrupter sparkplug wave maker peacemaker inciter ally die-hard ultra constancy hothead politician haranger inflamer soapbox orator marcher striker obstructionist boycotter picketer protestor activist abolitionist adversary attacker bandit competitor detractor foe invader murderer opposition prosecutor rival spy villain assailant backbiter betrayer contender defamer defiler disputant emulator falsifier informer inquisitor saboteur slanderer traducer vilifier archenemy asperser bad person calumniator fifth column other side associate friend helper law police aide assistant confidante enemy supremacist abide act breathe continue endure hold inhabit last live move obtain persist prevail remain rest stand stay subsist survive be alive go on have being have place cease depart die discontinue forsake give up halt idle leave lose pass quit refuse reject stop transpire befall occur come about come to pass take place Blackshirt National Socialist Nazi brownshirt authoritarian autocrat totalitarian tyrant anti-Semite jingoist racist xenophobe democrat republican socialist Hitler caesar despot fascist overlord dictator absolutist adviser boss chief commander disciplinarian leader magnate mogul oligarch oppressor ringleader slavedriver tycoon usurper employee follower worker dictators Hitlers absolutists advisers authoritarians autocrats bosses chiefs commanders despots disciplinarians fascists leaders magnates moguls oligarchs oppressors ringleaders slavedrivers totalitarians tycoons tyrants usurpers workers employees followers strongman Big Brother fuhrer man on horseback dissimilar apples and oranges clashing conflicting contradictory contrary contrasted discordant disharmonious disparate dissonant distant distinct divergent diverse far cry from heterogeneous hostile incompatible incongruous inconsistent mismatched not alike offbeat opposed opposite poles apart separate unalike unequal unrelated variant various weird alike like related same similar at variance contrasting discrepant far cry incommensurate inconsonant like night and day unequivalent uneven unlike unsimilar agreeing uniform equal antithetical antonymous different individual mismated not similar unique compatible matched aberrant abnormal anomalous atypical deviating disagreeing diverging factional factious irregular off-key unnatural untypical conforming correspondent harmonious homogeneous normal standard convergent assorted contrastive differing discrete diversified diversiform incommensurable manifold miscellaneous mixed bag multifarious several sundry varied varying identical parallel amalgamate composite confused conglomerate independent inharmonious jumbled mingled mixed mongrel mosaic motley multiplex odd unallied variegated pure single unchanging more diverse every the authorizing colonizing endowing instituting originating planting setting up colonization clearing establishment expanding expansion founding immigration migration opening up peopling pioneering populating settlement settling squatting transplanting establishing beginning building chartering constituting fixing implementing initiating organizing regulating stabilizing starting subsidizing dissolving ending tearing down enactment endowment formation formulation foundation inauguration installation institution abolition closing closure disbanding dissolution batty bizarre crazy deranged idiotic irrational irresponsible mad nuts paranoid preposterous psychotic senseless cracked crazed cuckoo daft demented derailed fatuous frenzied impractical loony lunatic maniacal mental moonstruck nutty of unsound mind off one's rocker out of one's mind psychopathic rabid raging raving schizophrenic screwy touched unhinged unsettled wild balanced calm intelligent rational reasonable responsible sane sensible smart sound healthy well foolish insane loco silly wacky berserk manic violent beside oneself agitated anxious bothered carried away delirious distraught distressed frantic frenetic hysterical out of one's wit overwrought rattled shook-up unbalanced upset very upset worked-up crazier absurd balmy beyond all reason cockeyed derisory eccentric foolhardy goofy half-baked harebrained ill-conceived impracticable imprudent inane inappropriate ludicrous nonsensical odd out of all reason outrageous peculiar puerile quixotic ridiculous short-sighted strange unworkable weird hate dislike believeable realistic regular normal serious wise usual logical careful craziest booty catch catching cut gate haul holding part proceeds receipts return returns revenue share takings yield debt loss payment whole accept arrest capture collect earn grab have hold pick up reach receive seize win abduct acquire attain clasp clutch collar ensnare entrap grasp grip handle obtain overtake prehend reap secure snag snatch strike carry off carve out gain possession gather up get hold of haul in lay hold of pull in take hold of take in drop fail free give let go liberate lose offer release spend throw away forfeit give up loose miss misunderstand surrender unfasten abstain add avoid disallow discontinue disenchant dodge keep maintain misconceive refuse reject repulse stop lift abstract annex appropriate arrogate borrow commandeer confiscate expropriate filch misappropriate nab nail nip pinch pluck pocket preempt purloin salvage sequester snare snitch swipe accroach rip off run off with lower weaken insert choose draw get pick select book charter cull derive elect engage gain hire lease mark prefer procure purchase rent decide on optate opt for pay for single out cancel discharge fire sell stand welcome abide accommodate bear brave brook contain experience hack stomach suffer swallow tolerate undergo weather withstand bear with give access go through grin and bear it hang in hang on hang tough let in live with put up with ride out stand for stick it out submit to take it take it lying down take it on the chin disagree turn away shun devour down drink eat feed imbibe ingest inhale meal feed on partake of bring enjoy include like make perform play serve work admit assume behave effect execute exercise exert function observe operate practice react relish sense treat undertake utilize be aware of deal with delight in enter upon luxuriate in put in practice destroy direct dislike exclude halt hate idle lack need neglect prevent want forget ignore leave overlook consider expect feel follow know see think apprehend believe compass comprehend deem gather imagine perceive presume reckon regard suppose suspect interpret as look upon see as think of as abandon disbelieve discard disregard misinterpret beat prevail succeed triumph be efficacious do the trick have effect back conduct drive lead move attend buck cart convey convoy escort ferry fetch guide gun heel jag journey lug pack piggyback pilot ride shoulder steer tote tour trek truck usher go with schlepp discourage dissuade stay allure attract bewitch charm delight entertain fascinate magnetize overwhelm please wile become popular win favor bore depress displease repel tire turn off ask crave demand necessitate call for remove deduct discount eliminate draw back knock off take away take off take out increase raise bamboozle bilk con cozen defraud dupe fiddle flimflam gull hoodwink swindle trick pull a fast one take for a ride be seized come down with sicken with take sick with acknowledge be big about concede consent defer endure hang in there sit tight take contradict dissent fight repudiate carry on continue depart despise dispute migrate pass quit resist acquiesce agree assent bow capitulate defer to don't make waves don't rock the boat fit in go along with play the game recognize respect sit still for yield to disapprove defend blackball decline demur deny renounce account ABCs annal blow-by-blow bulletin chronicle detail explanation history lowdown narration narrative play by play recital report run down score story tab tale the picture the whole picture version access achieve amass bring in buy cop corral get hands on land latch onto lock up promote rack up scare up take possession of wangle disperse divide scatter forgo relinquish be big on bless enter give a thumbs-up give the nod grant harbor house initiate introduce let lodge okay permit shelter sign sign off on erase veto confute debar dismiss eject expel gainsay oust shut admits accepts blesses buys concedes enters entertains gives access gives the nod gives thumbs up grants harbors houses initiates introduces is big on lets lets in lodges o.k.'s permits receives shelters signs signs off on suffers takes takes in repels expels dismisses turns away stops disagrees offers gives gainsays dissents confutes shuts ousts excludes ejects debars ignores disregards vetoes sells abstains repudiates disputes erases rejects disallows refuses denies
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