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Lava flow at Kilauea volcano Hawaii Volcanoes National Park [Nature][Popping sounds][17:13]

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basalt magma slag ashes obsidian scoria coulee rock bedrock boulder cobblestone crag crust earth gravel lava lodge mass metal mineral ore pebble promontory quarry reef rubble shelf slab cinders dross recrement refuse residue discharge flood leakage movement outflow progress stream tide wind breeze continuance continuation continuity course current deluge draft draw dribble drift ebb effusion electricity emanation flux gush juice oozing outpouring plenty plethora progression river run sequence series spate spout spurt succession train end few finish lack little need scarcity stop stoppage want trickle cascade circulate continue glide leak overflow percolate pour proceed rush slide spill splash sweep swell swirl tumble abound arise brim emanate emerge emit exudate exude gurgle inundate jet move ooze pass pullulate regurgitate result ripple roll sluice spew spring sputter squirt teem void disembogue smooth along well forth cease halt conceal fail take be alive with be all over the place be knee deep in be no end to be plentiful be thick with be up to one's ears in crawl with crowd flourish flow have a full plate infest proliferate swarm thrive decline languish retreat deficient short abounded crowded flourished flowed had a full plate infested overflowed proliferated swarmed swelled teemed thrived was alive with was all over the place was knee deep in was no end to was plentiful was thick with was up to one's ears in wanted shorted deficiented failed declined needed lacked retreated languished abounds crowds flourishes flows has a full plate infests is alive with is all over the place is knee deep in is no end to is plentiful is thick with is up to one's ears in overflows proliferates swarms swells teems thrives wants shorts deficients fails declines needs lacks retreats languishes accrue accumulate amass build up collect enlarge gather grow increase disperse dissipate spend decrease diminish distribute divide lessen reduce scatter lose appear begin come to light commence crop up derive ensue follow happen head issue occur originate rise set in start stem cause disappear complete lay lie sit arisen appeared begun commenced derived emanated emerged ensued followed happened headed issued occurred originated resulted risen sprung started stemmed sat lied stopped finished ended completed caused disappeared alp bluff butte cliff crag elevation eminence height mesa mount palisade peak pike precipice range ridge sierra tor abundance drift glob heap hump mass mound pile stack ton depression crevasse valley mountain volcano alp bluff butte cliff crag elevation eminence height mesa mount palisade peak pike precipice range ridge sierra tor abundance drift glob heap hump mass mound pile stack ton depression crevasse valley mountain volcano civil communal domestic ethnic governmental internal interstate nationwide public social federal general home imperial native royal sovereign state sweeping vernacular countrywide government civic inland politic political societal widespread private local citizen John\u002FJane Q. Public aborigine autochthon burgess burgher civilian commoner cosmopolite denizen dweller freeman\u002Fwoman householder inhabitant member of body politic member of community national naturalized person occupant resident settler subject taxpayer townsman townsperson townswoman urbanite villager voter alien foreigner civic borough metropolitan municipal urban interior foreign ill-mannered impolite rude unkind compatriot fellow citizen compatriots fellow citizens nationals countryman landsman estate forest garden lawn place playground plaza square esplanade grass green grounds lot meadow parkland tract woodland pleasure garden recreation area village green line up maneuver stand deposit leave order position put seat station store displace move remove back out depart arena amphitheatre boards bowl circus coliseum course diamond field gridiron ground gym gymnasium hippodrome ice park pit platform ring rink stadium stage ball park ball field baseball field baseball stadium cache accumulate bury conceal cover ditch duck ensconce lay away maintain plant put away put in the hole save screen secrete squirrel squirrel away stash stash away forget ignore lay bare open reveal squander tell uncover waste amass bank collect commit deliver drop entrust garner give in trust hoard install invest keep lay plop plunk plunk down precipitate put aside put by repose rest salt away settle sit down sock away stock up stow transfer treasure disperse dissipate divide hold scatter spend throw away disorder energize neglect unsettle upset use wait take away take out dwell abide bide bunk continue crash establish oneself exist flop hang one's hat hang out hole up inhabit keep house locate lodge make one's home nest occupy perch pitch tent quarter remain rent reside room roost sojourn squat stay stop tarry tenant advance dwelt abided boded bunked continued crashed established oneself existed flopped holed up hung one's hat hung out inhabited kept house located lodged made one's home nested occupied parked perched quartered remained rented resided rested roomed roosted settled sojourned squatted stayed stopped tarried tenanted tented advanced left went finished carried on departed moved completed
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